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WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, AT 5:30 p.m


Thousands of Americans Rally to Demand Congress Vote Down Iran Nuke Deal

July 22, 2015 – New York City – The “STOP IRAN RALLY,” the largest, grassroots bipartisan American protest against the deal granting Iran a fast track to a nuclear bomb, will be held in Times Square on Wednesday, July 22, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thousands of Americans from all faith traditions, political interests and communities, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, registered Democrats and Republicans, LGBT, Iranian-Americans, and others will demand that Congress vote down the Iran deal.

Under the umbrella of the STOP IRAN RALLY COALITION, more than 100 organizations spanning the nation’s political, religious and social spectrum will participate. A roster of preeminent experts from senior levels of the military, government, academic, and media establishments will speak at the rally.

“Strip away the administration’s rhetoric and it’s clear this deal gives the Mullahs – the world’s foremost sponsors of terrorism, $150 billion in return for effectively nothing: no dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear program; no anytime or anywhere inspections; no eradication of Iran’s ballistic missile program; no maintenance of the arms embargo; and no halt to Iran’s sponsorship of terror,” said Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, STOP IRAN RALLY’s co-organizer.

Wiesenfeld added, “Washington is prepared to give Iran virtually all that it needs to get to the bomb. To release $150 billion to Iran will result in the expansion of worldwide terror. New York Senator Charles Schumer has the votes as presumptive leader to override this deal if he wants. To do anything less is cynical and disgraceful, and the public will not be fooled this time. Americans will not stand for another North Korea. If this deal is not stopped, New York voters will know whom to blame.”

“The Administration uses scare tactics in falsely claiming that the alternative to this deal is war,” said Steve Emerson, Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism and a speaker at the STOP IRAN RALLY. “This deal would actually lead to more war, many more deaths of Americans and our allies and much more international terrorism.”

“This is a bipartisan issue, not a political one,” said Richard Allen, a local activist leading the STOP IRAN RALLY volunteers. “Now, Congress must rise to the occasion and expose evisceration of U.S. national security and pass a resolution of disapproval. Congress must also override President Obama’s threatened veto, and return America’s Iran policy to dealing from a position of strength rather than appeasement. We are mobilizing nationwide to let our lawmakers know we will hold each and every one of them to account for the consequences of this dangerous deal being foisted on the American people.”


James Woolsey, Former Director of the CIA and Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Gov. George Pataki, Former Three-Term Governor of New York
Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan District Attorney from 1975 to 2009, and Of Counsel, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Allen West, Former Congressman and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel
Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Attorney and Professor at the Harvard School of Law
Pete Hoekstra, Former U.S. Congressman and Chair of the House Intelligence Committee
U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, Former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations
General Paul E. Vallely, Former U.S. Army Major General and Chairman of Stand Up America
Mortimer Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report and the publisher of the New York Daily News and former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
John Batchelor, Radio Talk Host, WABC-AM
Steven Emerson, Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism
David Brog, Executive Director, Christians United for Israel
Frank Gaffney, Founder of the Center for Security Policy
Caroline Glick, Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post
Kasim Hafeez, Founder of “The Israel Campaign” and Christians United for Israel’s Outreach Coordinator
Tony LoBianco, Actor and Activist
Clare M. Lopez, Former CIA officer, Terrorism and Iran Expert at Center for Security Policy
Herbert I. London, President Emeritus of Hudson Institute and former Dean of New York University
Colonel Richard Kemp, Former Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan
Genevieve Wood, Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation


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This just might be the start of something good.

I sure hope so! I heard about it while listening to WABC radio.  

Is Chuck Schumer the one we have to contact to tell to stop this? 

Stay in peace; protest from home on your computer where no infiltrators can create disorder or violence and bring police or military action against you.  Use social media often.  By joining a group like this you may end up supporting some things you would not otherwise support.

The God of Israel is only their God when they do what He says, including, FEAR NOT.

Israel's Messiah said, "Love your enemies and do good to them that persecute you."

That gives them no support or authority to continue aggression against you. Israel's real enemies are Israel's friends, the USA and Western style nations. Israel is supposed to be a holy land. Those wanting to make Israel a holy land are called their enemy; but that is fundamentally not true.

God has prepared the way to end the conflicts by lifting up the Torah and Gospel and Prophets for all to decide whether they really want God or man. Each side would only give up what is clearly not of God. The desire of all nations is close at hand, but so is total destruction if we refuse it.

God is against nations joining together for protection and control etc.;

He frustrates, confuses and destroys their plans

(USA, G-8, G-20, UN, EU, NATO, Quartet, and all)

(II Chronicles 16:7-12; 19:2, 20:35-37; Leviticus 26, Isaiah 8:9-14;30:1-7;

Psalm 1 and 2)

We better stop this idiotic notion that Iran will ever be our friends. John Kerry is a weak kneed clown just a follower of Obama because he wanted a major role in government and just a rubber stamp boy.

Obama studied Islam and still must have major ties to that in some way. He cannot be a Christian and allow partial birth abortions and support same sex unity.

....It's about time we start letting our "government" know that we

are not asleep out here, and that we care very much about what

is happening.  to our country..


"Boots on the Ground" or

"Prayer in the Air"  Open Prayer line  1-712-432-1690 access code 399430


Has Fox News been notified, WILL THEY COVER IT?  Hope so

Emailed and FaceBooked to all I know.  I will be there in Spirit. 

I hope there is tight security this will no doubt be a target from many organizations like the Iranians, ISIS, or even Obamas C.I.A looking for another False Flag opportunity. I pray this doesn't happen.GOD BLESS AMERICAN PATRIOTS

Please take note and be there if possible. Please spread the word on this important issue.




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