UPDATE..........UP[DATE...........UPDATE..............November 23, 2016


Terry Trussells bond hearing was held November 21, 2016.  Following is a report from Terry's wife:

The judge granted the bond, but the bond amount was for $250k in collateral, plus 10% or $25k payable to the bondsman.  We certainly can not pay for the bond, nor do we have the collateral.

Action is pending before the Appelate Court...........we're all trusting God for relief at the higher court as well as reduced or no bond.

Anyone that wishes to help the Trussells may do so at https://www.gofundme.com/justiceforTerry   You may also send a check directly to

Marie Trussell at PO Box 1551, Cross City, FL 32628
Thanks to all..........
Harry Riley



The objective of this letter writing campaign is an effort to bring to the attention of this state's chief executive, an egregious wrong perpetrated against one of its citizens, and asking him to exercise his lawful duty to correct it, where the courts have failed.

This campaign incorporates three letters, each focused on different aspects of this case, any one of which should have resulted in Trussell's exoneration.

The letters below should be sent with the signature of a legitimate Florida Voter's signature, name and address, about three to four days apart. The examples may be used as written or you may individualize as desire. Husband, wives, voting age children, friends, all should send a letter.

The letters are written according to the Biblical teachings and contain references to facts verifiable from official court and public records.

Please share liberally with other qualified signatories. In this effort, numbers are critical. The governor's mailing address is: 

          Governor Rick Scott
          PL 05  The Capital
          400 South Monroe
          Tallahassee, FL. 32399-0001 

also send to:

Office of FL Attorney General Pam Bondi

P101  The Capitol

400 South Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399

The governor's USPS email address is: Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com  If you use email, Florida voters should add Florida address. 

Thank you for your help. The Trussell's are forever in your debt.

PS: To learn more about this case, and why it is important to fight for its just resolution, log onto www.Jasonwhoyt.com. There is the story of Terry's case, many case related documents, and the bestselling book based largely on the case against the "Dixie County Whistleblower".

LETTER ONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

November 7, 2016



Office of Governor Rick Scott
PL 05 The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Honorable Governor Scott, 

This letter is an appeal to you, as Florida's Chief Executive Officer and as the state's highest official, vested with the responsibility to "faithfully enforce the laws" of this state, to be advised of a grave injustice: the conviction and imprisonment of a loyal Florida citizen, Terry George Trussell, to what is essentially a life sentence for a non-violent "crime" with no victim.


  • Mr. Trussell is a man of integrity with a lifetime free of any arrests, filled with honorable service to his county and his community.
  • Mr. Trussell served with distinction and honor in the US Army, which included a year as a soldier in the Vietnam war (1968-1969).
  • Mr. Trussell and his wife, Marie, have been married more than 49 years. Marie served with distinction as a teacher with over 41 years in Florida's Public Schools.
  • Currently 73 years old, Mr. Trussell, although retired, actively served his community as a volunteer in the Dixie County Sheriff's C.O.P. program, Dixie County CERT program, the Dixie County Anti-Drug Coalition, Dixie County Tourism Board, and as chairman of the Dixie County Tea Party, which actively supported your first gubernatorial bid.  (Note: The county Tea Party disbanded after Mr. Trussell's arrest out of fear of further political retribution against its members by the same public officials that persecuted Mr. Trussell).
  • Mr. and Mrs. Trussell are devout Christians and support their local church family with money and service. They were regular attendees of the Dixie County Commission meetings, and actively involved in community activities.

From my perspective, Mr. Trussell was arrested and prosecuted for purely political reasons - not one victim filed a complaint that Mr. Trussell did anything wrong. In fact, from evidence presented in court, Mr. Trussell did just as he was instructed by the Supreme Court's Grand Jury Instructions. Further evidence of Mr. Trussell's innocence is the widespread and growing support by thousands of Florida's citizens.

Mr. Trussell's prosecution and trial was a sham and a travesty of justice:

  1. The judge and prosecutor worked together more than ten years in the prosecutor's office, creating a clear conflict of interest, but failed to disclose that fact to defense counsel.
  1. Incontrovertible evidence of the judge's bias was clearly presented in defense's motion for a new trial, which that same judge denied without justification.
  1. The prosecutor had expatriate communications with the jury foreman through a prosecution-associated attorney.
  1. The chief witness against Mr. Trussell (Dana Johnson, Clerk of Court) whose testimony was proven false during the trial, failed to notify the court that her first cousin, Timothy Cannon, was on the jury.
  1. Timothy Cannon, when challenged by the court to advise of any association with Defense or Prosecution witnesses (which clearly included Dana Johnson) lied to the Court.


Governor Scott, this is but a brief overview of the more egregious issues in the case, which is a shameful embarrassment to the State of Florida. Therefore, I ask you to take, at minimum, the following actions:


  1. Issue an immediate and unconditional pardon of Mr. Trussell. 
  1. Convene a Statewide Grand Jury to investigate and publish their findings and recommendations for reforming:
  1. Florida's Criminal Justice System
  1. State's Attorney's involvement in rampant prosecutorial misconduct.
  1. The systematic persecution of Florida's citizens based on political motivations.
  1. The coercive extortive use of plea bargains by overzealous prosecutors.
  1. The State's system of County Grand Juries which have come under dictatorial control of State Attorney's becoming nothing more than a prosecutor's "tool".
  1. The State's highly political operation of prisons (and County Jails) and subsequent abuse of Florida's citizens and taxpayers.


In addition, conduct a strict review of Article II, S 15 of Florida's Constitution and its vague and ambiguous wording, which has been perverted by prosecutors to give them unfettered access to the public purse in their pursuit of raw political ambitions.
In summation Governor Scott, as a taxpayer and citizen of Florida, I respectfully request your immediate and undivided attention to this urgent and critically important issue. I look forward to your response, which I pray includes your swift and merciful corrective actions.




[Please insert your name and mailing address here]

LETTER 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

November10, 2016



Office of Governor Rick Scott
PL 05 The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Honorable Governor Scott, 

Please be so kind as to consider yet another humble appeal to your sense of fairness and mercy and your power to right a grievous injustice, in the case of Terry G. Trussell's unjust conviction and persecution, using a highly questionable Florida Statute (843.0855), which clearly infringes on his first and fourteenth amendment rights, U.S. Constitution, and his rights as a Florida citizen under Article 1, section 5 in Florida's Constitution. 

Governor Scott, in addition to this gross violation of Mr. Trussell's foundational rights, especially in view of his lifetime of honorable service to his community, and as a Vietnam War veteran, to his country, this Statute was used in a circumstance for which it was not legislatively intended, in violation of its own exculpatory and exclusitory sections, and was presented to Mr. Trussell's jury, not as it is written, but so as to appear to support the prosecution's unfounded case. This injustice cannot be permitted to stand.  

Governor Scott, I beseech you to use your highest executive power to right this terrible wrong by shining the light of justice and mercy on Mr. Trussell.




[Please insert your name and mailing address here]

LETTER 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

November13, 2016



Office of Governor Rick Scott
PL 05 The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Honorable Governor Scott, 

Again, I bring to your kind attention another point to consider as you determine your course of action in resolving the terrible injustice being done to Terry G. Trussell, the injury it is causing to the image of Florida's Justice System and to your administration.

What Mr. Trussell did, by delivering the people's concerns of alleged official corruption to the office of the Dixie County Sheriff, was no more than his sworn duty to protect his fellow citizens in Dixie County. The intent and the act of reporting such allegations are under the authority of every American citizen and are fully acknowledged by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution; Article 1, Section 5 of the Florida Constitution; and fully protected from retaliation by Florida's whistleblower laws. Had Mr. Trussell received a fair trial, this fact alone would have exonerated him. Add to this, the Florida Supreme Court, our highest court of this state, protects all official acts by grand jury members from prosecution. The Florida Grand Jury Handbook states:

"Grand jurors are fully protected from actions against them by being an independent body answerable to no one except the court that empanels it. No inquiry may be made to learn what grand jurors said or how they voted. The law gives the grand juror complete immunity for official acts."


As you can clearly see, Governor Scott, Mr. Trussell did no more than make every effort to live up to his duty, under his oath, to the letter and spirit of the Florida Supreme Court's Grand Jury Instructions. Yet he is suffering vindictive retaliation instigated by one of the state public officials against whom, Mr. Trussell attempted to report to law enforcement the people's allegations of corruption, and who gave perjured testimony in court, contrived to convict Mr. Trussell.

Governor Scott, I regret to point out, Florida has gained a regrettable reputation for official corruption, especially in overzealous and malicious prosecutions and biased courts. It is my fervent prayer that God will provide the wisdom and the will to correct this grievous wrong.




[Please insert your name and mailing address here]

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 I sent  a letter  via E mail to    Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com

I sent an email also Wayne..........and followed it up with a USPS hard copy signed letter.........

There is very little justice in the US Court Systems.

There is very little justice in the US Court Systems.

Must be damned little because I haven't found it and I've been looking for it for years.

I just received a letter from Terry, He has confirmed what Col. Riley here is asking us to do.
(I never doubted that anyway Col.)
Terry Writes:
"The State has succeeded in blocking my motion for mistrial using procedural trickery, but we have another shot at it by the Contempt motion, currently filed and scheduled to be heard 12/09/16."

"I know with your internet connections you can get this into many hands"

(End quote)

My friends here at this PFA, we all know the story of Terry Trussell. You all know that Terry is one of us. He was with us in D.C. in May 2014. We've all spent a lot of time on these computers fighting this tyrannical federal Government and it's corruption and over-reach. Each and every one of us knows we are in a war. And just as in any other war the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is the written word. I believe it was Ben Franklin who said "The Pen is mightier than the sword."......
Well in this case the letters are already written out for us, we don't even have to worry about our penmanship or our grammar or spelling. All we have to do is highlight the letters above and hit print, then stuff them into an envelope and mail them to the appropriate places also shown above.
Terry Trussell is a fighter, an American Veteran and a patriot. He did NOT survive Viet Nam only to be taken out by a corrupt Judge and prosecutor operating under some Unconstitutional De-Facto bogus system of injustice administered at the hands of that very same government which he fought to defend for so many years, (Including Viet Nam).

Please copy and paste and print those letter out and mail them according to Col. Riley's (and Terry's ) request.


ps; Email, USPS snail mail, and FAX if you can.

I'll be right back with that fax number.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,That's interesting, unable to find a fax number, !!! I know they've got one some place.

Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott
400 S Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 488-7146, (Telephone)

My letter #1 is in the envelope and will be at the post office in the morning.,,,, That's #1,,,,,,

Write from ANY state???

Why not ?? I know that the Governor is more interested in his constituents (and their votes & money), but why not let them know that Terry Trussell has thousands of friends out here from all over the country. If he ever has aspirations for a political position at a National level he may want to pay attention to that potential impact ahead of when he needs that support.

Yes.........any letter will have a impact...........Florida voters impact a Florida Governor more..........but the more letters the better........

Folks, I'm adding this post reply here today so that this thread will remain front and center and on top of the list of topics.

Please help us keep Terry Trussel right up front, and please remember to do your part by copying and pasting these letters out and mailing them to the appropriate places. It will only take a minute of your time, cost you one piece of paper an envelope and a stamp. That's not a high price to pay to help a man that is fighting for his life and his Country.

Print those letters out and mail them today.,,,,,,,,,,,, PLEASE.

Help free Terry Trussell.

Have you started sending your letters to Governor Rick Scott of Florida yet?   Don't lose track of reality?   Terry Trussell is a real person battling for his life and against tyranny in the United States judicial system......

Don't let b.s. get in the way of taking a few minutes to support a man who is giving his freedom for all of us........

Florida voters are a must and all others are supportive and will also make an impact on the Governor Scott's staff who will make recommendations to him.

Get the letters started individually, family members, and friends. 

All the details are above..............

Please note that we have added Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's address to the list to received the letters.  Send them to the address I have added in the basic post...........

Office of FL Attorney General Pam Bondi

P101  The Capitol

400 South Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399



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