URGENT........URGENT.........IMMEDIATE ACTION/HELP REQURED FOR TERRY TRUSSELL.....URGENT.......................Terry Trussell Sentenced to 105 Months in Prison....There will be an Appeal.....


I send special needs only when there is an absolute critical need for action.........Terry Trussell is jeopardy of prison time and needs any help we can provide.  I really do not know the details of Terry's case, but I am without doubt, Terry has/had no intention to violate any law.

I will be traveling to his location, God willing,  for the court date and testify as best I can on Terry's behalf.

I have known Terry for over two years and hold him in extremely high regard, a patriot of the highest order, integrity unquestioned, still hold his constitutional oath to our US Constitution, a man of unquestioned loyalty to the United States, selflessness, always looking out for others, sacrificial as we witnessed during OAS mission...........write your own thoughts even if it's nothing more that asking the Judge for leniency, suspended sentence, probation, and mercy for a man that has never had any infractions with the law..........zero criminal background, veteran...........

Below is an email I received today from Terry's wife, Marie..........please read it and begin immediately to do whatever you can to help Terry.  There should be no reason that anyone associated with OAS cannot write a letter and send to the Judge and Terry's attorney supporting Terry based on what you know about Terry and for how long............

The request should also be sent to anyone you may know that is not part of PFA who might know Terry and can offer him support.

Terry has absolutely no criminal record prior to this event surrounding his participation as a Grand Jury foreman.

He served in Viet Nam in the Army for several years and was discharged in 1969. His is a veteran but not a military retiree.

Please note the short fuze time action:  Support Letters must be mailed NLT July 15, 2016

If PFA cannot get a few thousand letters to the Judge and Terry's attorney, PFA might as well close down.  I for one will be gone if we abandon Terry Trussell............

From Marie Trussell:

Hi Colonel Riley,

I am Terry Trussell's wife.  Terry ask that I contact you for two reasons. As you probably know by now Terry was found guilty on 5 of the 14 counts with which he was charged.
1. His sentencing is scheduled for July 22nd at 10:00 am in courtroom A in Cross City. He is asking if you would testify at his hearing to his character to the extent that you know him. I realize that this a long trip for you and would understand if you can not. In addition, he also needs written "Character Letters for Sentencing".   Basically, this letter tells the Judge that you are writing on Terry Trussell's behalf. You state your name, relationship to Terry and how long you have known him. Then discuss his positive and admiral traits, and  any support contributions to his friends, and associates. If you would like to see sample guidelines for these type of letters, you may go to wispd.org and look for "Some Guidelines for Letters at Sentencing". There are also other online sites available. Letters should be emailed to Inger Garcia, his lawyer at: attorney@ingergarcia.com by  Friday, July 15th. Please let me know if you can do either or both.

2. Terry thinks that you have access to a large contact list of people. He needs people to write to the Judge requesting that he not sentence him to prison for essentially filing a police report. I am not stating this very well, but hopefully you get the idea since you know his charges. We would really like to flood the judges office with these letters! The judges name and address is:
                                                  Judge James C. Hankinson
                                                   Leon County Courthouse
                                                   301 South Monroe St, Rm. 301-F
                                                   Tallahassee, FL 32301

The same letter should also be emailed to Inger at her email list above.

If you could improve on my letter and send this request out to your contacts, we would be so appreciative! These letters are time sensitive. (July 15 to be mailed, in order to arrive before hearing).

Thank you for your friendship and support for Terry!

Marie Trussell



Write a letter that speaks from your heart of what you think should be said. It does not have to be long.  Just a few sentences if that's all you can honestly say.

 Sample is below but don't get hung up on format.........the important thing is to get a letter of some sort to attorney Garcia without delay.  The attorney will review each letter.   A sample letter is at the bottom.

Address the letter to the Court ....but do not send to the court.........send all letters to Attorney Garcia mailed by 15 July 2016 or earlier.

Beth Rissinger 
Judicial Assistant to 
Judge James C. Hankinson

Leon County Courthouse
301 South Monroe Street
Room 301-F
Tallahassee, FL 32301

.............email a copy to Attorney Garcia  attorney@floridapotlawfirm.com and a signed letter sent to attorney Garcia at the address below via normal US mail.........

Attorney information:

Inger M. Garcia, Esq.

4839 Volunteer Road, #514

Davie, FL 33330

(954) 894-9962

Fax:  (954) 446-1635

Cell:  (954) 394-7461

SAMPLE LETTER/EXAMPLE (use what fits in your personal knowledge and judgement for Terry and family best interest and justice.) Keep in mind Terry is in his 70s age wise.........incarceration is not appropriate.

Address the letter to:

Beth Rissinger 
Judicial Assistant to 
Judge James C. Hankinson

Leon County Courthouse
301 South Monroe Street
Room 301-F
Tallahassee, FL 32301


RE: Terry Trussell

This letter is a letter of character regarding Mr. Terry Trussell.

My name is ____________________, (my status)________________________, Florida.

I know him to be an industrious, hardworking, family man who is community-minded and other-centered. He has worked hard in his community and, in fact, worked very hard in his profession.

I am aware of the events regarding ___________’s conviction, . I truly believe that _________ has already suffered extensively for his actions.

I believe that an extended prison term will serve as a tremendous hardship for his wife, who will bear the responsibility of trying to repay the costs of the court case and restitution. I believe that ________’s daughters, one of whom has assumed a large portion of the restitution cost, will be tremendously adversely affected if he is required to go to prison.

Because of the significant difficulties that will be faced by his family, who themselves were blameless in this action, I would ask for you, the judge, to grant __________ a sentence of probation or at least the lowest possible sentence. I believe that the loss of his credentials, his loss of accreditation for his vocation, and the loss of respect in the community, as well as those freedoms that he was afforded prior to his felony conviction, may have taken a bigger effect than keeping him out of the work force. He certainly will not be in a position to be able to repeat his offense and, quite frankly, I cannot imagine that he will ever repeat any illegal activity.

I am also aware of ____________’s health issues and, as a doctor, I believe that sending him to prison could amount to a death sentence. Because of his age, ___________. I believe that his care can only be managed by his current physicians, outside the prison.

Thank you for your consideration.



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This is the letter I just sent c/o Terry's attorney as instructed. I had to hand write it because my printer ran out of ink:

It has come to my attention that an upstanding veteran by the name of Terry Trussell is due to be sentenced soon, and that sentence may be up to 70 years in prison.  He was asked to serve as a foreman on a common law grand jury.   He  was arrested on unfounded charges, since our Constitution allows for a common law grand jury.  He therefore did not impersonate an officer or simulate a legal process. 

Considering his service to our country, and previously has been an exemplary citizen, I ask that you treat Mr. Trussell with lenience and do not  give him a jail sentence. He is 70 years old, and as I understand, is not in good health.  He was trying to do his duty by the citizens of Dixie County. He has undergone this unfair treatment because he discovered corruption which would have unlawfully cause the taxpayers thousands of dollars, to have to pay.

It would be a miscarriage of justice to put him in prison.


Thank you for your time and attention.


Louise Barnes

OK, Heads up folks, I just called to confirm the location of the sentencing hearing.

I called the Dixie County Clerk, Dana Johnson.

The hearing will be held in Cross City, Dixie County,

The mention of Leon County here is only Judge Hankinson's home office.

The hearing WILL be in Dixie county Florida......... Court room #8.

With that verified, here is some info that may be helpful:

Dixie County Clerk; Dana Johnson;

FAX number: 1-352-498-1201

Don't have access to a fax machine?? Then use your email.......

There are plenty of email- to- fax services on the Internet.

Try one of these.




Write your letters in what ever word processor you use, then get onto one of these email to fax services, copy and paste your letter into the appropriate box on the system and type in the fax number above,,,,,,,,

That's all there is to it.

I apologize, but I have been out of the loop for a while.  I was watching Fox News' coverage of the RNC Convention last night and noticed the FL Attorney General speaking with a Fox host. Has ANYONE thought to reach out to her about Terry's plight? I will tweet Donald Trump and others on this as well as the Bundy situation.

Terry Trussell was sentenced to 105 months in prison today....for serving as Grand Jury Foreman and uncovering truth...........the corrupt judicial system strikes again.

Terry's attorney will appeal.........if there are legal minds that want to help in this appeals process and would be committed as a pro bono servant.  Give the names.

Many of us tried to help but the Judge is establishment and ignored our pleas.

Thanks Harry, I read it. But I'll just keep my big mouth shut.

This is a total travasty of justice! I'm so mad I'm shaking. How could this happen? Rodger Dowdell and Hagen Smith said they had this under control but they didnt even send a letter like we did. That's awful, where are they?

Florida don't have parole no more so Terry will have to serve 85%, it's outrageous!!  Can anybody get to Trump? Maybe he could do somethin now but for sure when he's President he will give Terry justice. Heartbroken.

I am appauled but not surprised. This should serve as a wake up call to those who call us conspericy nuts. I'm so discussted with the whole system. I'm at a loss. There is no justice within the system. I believe Trump is aware of Terry's plight, I can only hope he becomes president and overturns his conviction. I don't know of any other recourse... And Hillary remains free and free to run for president at that! i hate seeing evil triumph, I really do... I'll shut up now.........

Are there any more peoples grand juries in Florida that have any power?  Is every judge in florida corrupt?

If I knew Terry, I would write a lengthy letter to Trump, in the event he wins the election.  Trump is totally repulsed by these kinds of injustices, and I truly believe that if he wins, he will have a list of atrocities that he will 'undo" - and there is no doubt in my mind that this would be one of those.  Trump is well aware of the usurpation of our constitution, and aware that the courts have been corrrupted.  He is already aware of the injustices by the Bureau of Land Management, and I believe he will correct those, as well.

Linda, can I ask you what Trump has said that makes you think Trump would help Mr. Trussell or the Bundys?  I'm not saying he wouldn't help - it's just that I'm not aware of anything he has said to suggest he would.

I post things frequently to Trump's FB page - he is well aware of what is going on with the Bundy's and, most likely, Terry.  He wrote the following for the Reno Gazette-Journal newspaper:




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