Constitutional Emergency

Can anyone tell me how many have been relieved now? How many did Hilter remove? How many did Stalin remove? What are the similarities?



Press TV

Army Col. Eric Tilley

Army Col. Eric Tilley
Fri Nov 1, 2013 10:27PM GMT
The Army has relieved the commander of its largest base in Japan after an investigation into alleged misconduct, according to a US Army Japan press statement sent late Friday.

The investigation had been ongoing since June 7, when Col. Eric Tilley was suspended from his job as commander of US Army Garrison Japan.

Maj. Gen. James C. Boozer, Sr., commander of US Army Japan and I Corps (Forward), officially relieved Tilley on Friday for “lack of confidence” based on the results of the inquiry, according to the press statement.

The statement provided no other details. Reached via email, US Army Japan spokesman Maj. Kevin Toner said, "…it would be inappropriate to make public the allegations because the investigation did not lead to findings of criminal misconduct."

The Tilley inquiry was not related to Boozer’s predecessor, Maj. Gen. Michael T. Harrison, Toner said. Harrison was also suspended in June while officials looked into whether he may have failed to report or properly investigate a sexual assault claim.

Toner would not address rumors that other officials have been relieved of their duties from Camp Zama as a result of alleged misconduct, nor did he elaborate on what had happened to Tilley’s civilian deputy, Jeffrey Wertz, who was temporarily detailed to other duties in June during a misconduct investigation.

Col. Joy Curriera has been appointed US Army Japan commander, according to the US Army Japan news release. Stars and Stripes


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Well, at least, they aren't taking them out and summarily executing them...


We need to investigate Obama and  fire his sorry ass for misconduct. This has to be stopped.

How many more will it take to be relieved before the Military gets the message...You are being systematically relieved of all your Combat Leadership.....when will you finally do what is necessary and relieve the traitors that are doing this?

This is what Adolf Hitler did in Germany on his way to the top. Obama is following Adolf's steps 100%. When are we going to do something? Where is the US  Congress?

If you are waiting on congress to do something hell will freeze over before they do anything

Well, let me see, this must be # 196? Gen Harrison was probably relieved of duties because he didn't agree with the Muslim-In-Chief, and Col Tilley agreed with him.

Lord help us JESUS!

how many more lives will obama destroy before he is taken from authority?

he's evil evil evil!

Just saw an article on The Blaze about West Point holding a "Same Sex All Male Wedding" recently. So as you can see they are trying to destroy our Military any way they can WHEW!

We will need them when the war begins.

I sure hope there are Patriots that are contacting these guys after dismisal!

The part tht really gets me angry, is that the POTUS has done more crap than anyone that he has relieved and the Felon is still in office.

One more thing, the ones that are retained are the Non-leaders, the ones that could not lead a squad across the street. This is the same group that has some college training and have succumbed to the crap line of the Marxist ideology. They

think that they can become anothr Putin.  No physical fortitude, they had them sheared off.



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