USSA Preparing Aid Package (OUR $$$) For Egyptian (JIHAD) Opposition

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If the real PATRIOTS don't take this country back with in 90 days, we as a nation are done.

Last year,OB gave a billion to hamas,a terrorist organization.

This is in direct violation of US law.I will not march on DC again,

not without pack,rifle,and capable commanders.Tried it 3 times already

to no effect.

Let the lefties crying"revolution" start this fight,Me and millions of others

will damn well finish it,once and for all.





Print more money that will fix it and while were at it print some for the Egyptians. It is so great that Obama has decided what to do with all this extra money lying around.

Obama and his far left handlers are traitors and enemys of this country. We need to declare war on them. March on Washington locked and loaded and throw them out of office. They are cowards and believe me they will fire the first shot. They wont listen to the people and are determionded to destroy our country. How long do we stand by and let them steal our, our childrens and our grandchildrens money. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It appears the government prints money to put us into debt, paying for their about printing more money to get the American citizens out of debt?  


The best slaves are those that THINK they are free....Goethe    


We are as slaves to the One World Order, and Satan's seedline.

You said it, Gene.

They want 'revolution' so damned bad, dont you all think it is TIME for all good MEN to come to the aid of their country??


Just heard on Fox News that some in congress are calling for us to STOP all money going to foreign countries! I know it probably won't get anywhere BUT it shows that atleast SOME are getting it
Aiding the enemy is impeachable.  Tell your congress.
Didn't anyone expect this?  Hussain again shows his contempt for Americans and his love for terrorists.  Did you all hear about the investment group started by george soros and hussain to give money for investment to palestine?  Hussain should worry about American investiment instead of his terrorist buddies!  Soros is running America and hussain is his willing accomplice!



Give us a "follow the money" trace document for reference (or a copy).  We then take that document and demand his impeachment for aiding our enemy.

The Islamic Brotherhood and George Soros, along

with many others are, and should be considered




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