December 13, 2015


It appears that there is no end to what Obama’s Veterans Administration will do to hurt our military veterans. VA employees falsified and destroyed records to cover the failure of facilities to provide treatment to hundreds, and perhaps thousands of veterans. This led to many unnecessary deaths of America’s heroes. At the same time the VA has been taking away the Constitutional rights of veterans, declaring them incompetent to handle their own financial affairs, and then denying them the right to own firearms.

          Not satisfied with these outrages, the VA is now forcing the cancellation of the celebration of Christmas in VA hospitals around the country. This has actually been going on for several years and has been accelerating. I am currently mobilizing the resources of the United States Justice Foundation to fight what is happening. I am particularly familiar with what has transpired at four VA facilities in Texas.

          I have been proud to support and work with a group in Dallas, Texas called Vet to Vet. It was formed 21 years ago by a good friend and fellow veteran named Jess Johnson and his wife Peggy to assist veterans in the VA hospitals in the area. It started out small with the taking of hamburgers and coffee to patients, but over the years grew into a major effort, covering four major facilities in Texas and Vet to Vet chapters being formed throughout the country.

          The program in Dallas and the VA facilities in Bonham, Waco, and Temple, Texas has parties, bingo games, and barbeques throughout the year, but their major effort occurs on Christmas each year when they provide 4,000 gifts to over 1,600 patients. They also collected food donations and cooked and delivered Christmas dinners to hundreds of patients. Spiritual comfort is also provided and if patients request a bible one will be given to them.

           For many veterans who have no family, this was the only Christmas they would get. Now, all of that is coming to an end. Several years ago VA officials began telling Jess and his organization that they could no longer give bibles to patients, wish them a Merry Christmas, or even use the word Christmas in the facilities, or mention Jesus Christ. Then a year later they told the group that they could no longer bring Christmas dinners to the facilities.

          This is more than political correctness run amok. This is the unconstitutional denial of the freedom of religion to the very men and women who put their lives on the line to defend that freedom, as well as the rest of the Constitution. This is not just happening in Texas, it is nationwide. VA hospitals are banning Christmas trees, Christmas cards, and national military cemeteries in places like Houston, Texas have attempted to ban Christian prayers at the funerals of veterans, and even any mention of God or religion.  

          Jess Johnson will be the guest on my radio show “Our Constitution” this Wednesday, Dec. 16th. We broadcast live at 3:00 pm Central time, but the show is archived so you can download it anytime. You can access the show at:

          While investigating this outrage we are also hearing from veterans around the country about how the VA has turned the “Veterans Choice Program” into another VA scam defrauding veterans and risking their health and their lives. The law was passed by Congress in response to numerous verified reports of veterans dying because they could not get treatment at VA hospitals.

          The law is supposed to allow veterans who live over 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic to get health care locally and have it paid for by the VA. However, the program is helping few veterans, particularly if they have serious health problems. For example, veterans who have cancer or serious heart conditions and live over 40 miles from a VA hospital are being denied local treatment because the VA will claim that there is a VA “facility” within 40 miles of the veteran’s home. These may include VA dental clinics, or VA clinics that have the primary responsibility of making appointments at VA hospitals.

          In neither case can a veteran get actual treatment for cancer, heart problems or other serious illnesses. These veterans are back where they started, having to travel long distances to VA hospitals where they still have problems even getting an appointment, much less actual treatment. Our government is not only dishonoring our veterans, but in some cases still killing them.

Michael Connelly,
Constitutional Lawyer
Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation. (
Personal website and blog: Michael Connelly blog

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HELL NO : My 6 years old grand son Recites THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE here at my house and at school ; yes at a Public School here in Texas . I teach him about Jesus and " Thank you Jesus for the food on this table . It starts at home , by the parents ; of course IF the Parents have an I CARE ATTITUDE . 

The same organization that was contracting to the VA for outside VA appointments BEFORE the choice program is running the choice program-TriWest under a different branch of their same company(different name)-no better than before. Nothing ever changes at the VA except the names of the players screwing we veterans.

THIS is an outrage.. Are we talking about a country like China, Russia, North Korea ???? I am so upset... , and more upset that no one does " anything" ! We need to go in there... with the biggest christmas tree and gifts for everyone and bibles.... ! Let them arrest us... let it become the media spot light... ! I am a 70 year old woman,, never an activist... I love my country... and my freedoms., And I just cannot believe, people just lay down like a bunch of gutless.. spineless. people... and allow this to happen..?????. ! Where are our generals...?????????? Where are green berets , Where is our Justice dept... ohh yaaa Loretta Lynch / she has ties to activism.. and much more..... yaa who's best friends with Eric Holders daughter.... ohh yes its a tight knit group... and muslim brother hood. Why didn't congress investigate Loretta Lynch's ties ?? Ohh we can't do that she is black,, and we may be racist. It has nothing to do with race... It has to do with policies and what you have achieved,,, who you really are... who you pal with.. what are your attachments .? This is why Donaald Trump is rising.. .. because he talks of the corruption going on... NAME ONE OTHER THAT DOES.?? Makes me just sick , No one doing anything.!!!!!!!!!!

" i feel your angst " , disgust / disappointment..

even alternative media with all its posturing / revelations  are Afraid to communicate the only solution


it is most amazing that even a West Point Grad would become a snake , a traitor to the OATH.

Just whotthe fk does oblama and his administration think they are? They are in position to serve US, not to DICTATE to us. We  WILL REVOLT

they are agents of the global elite...

So , SOS, not surprising..the global elites introduce open queer behavior into the military in 2009,

then removing God from the military , from funerals , etc.

NOT anymore , Woody..

This corrupt administration MUST be educated to the difference of freedom of religion from freedom from religion

I hear you Nancy Hayes............

Where is the “sold-out” establishment Florida Congressman, Jeff Miller?   He is the Chair of the House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee and he is neutered.......absolutely nothing short of a coward, incompetent roach.  
And the republican/democrat establishment wonder why Donald Trump has such a following........DUH........they know their money trough is in jeopardy and like a rabid animal cornered, they attack Trump to save their own skin and incestuous power structure.
Why wasn’t revolution started yesterday?  Where are our national leaders to step up and commit to protecting Donald Trump as he pursues his intended purpose.........rooting out corruption and prosecution of God only knows how many politicians...............Trump’s life is in danger and I’m sure he knows it.

Because they ALL have been Bought and Paid in full ; the entire Congress is Corrupt ; Their Pockets and Interests are First ; America , hell no , THEY don`t care .


Paul Ryan equals John Boehner
Speaker Paul Ryan Set to Fund Obama’s Muslim Invasion
By George Rasley CHQ Editor
Speaker Ryan perversely and dangerously continues to work to get funding into the budget for the existential threat to constitutional liberty of Obama's Muslim refugee resettlement program. And many alleged conservatives in the House appear ready to go along with him. Please join us in demanding an end to this dangerous folly by signing our open letter to House and Senate Republican leaders.

America seems intent upon  forcing every institution to be as secular as the State.  They are moving their  charges  ever distant to the Founding. Those of us who honor the Code taken-- Those who defend our Constitution and our way of life--and our foundations  are increasing a small and  HAted minority. I say No wonder the Muslim HATE us So -- we have  been turned from our faith.We have forgotten God.



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