December 13, 2015


It appears that there is no end to what Obama’s Veterans Administration will do to hurt our military veterans. VA employees falsified and destroyed records to cover the failure of facilities to provide treatment to hundreds, and perhaps thousands of veterans. This led to many unnecessary deaths of America’s heroes. At the same time the VA has been taking away the Constitutional rights of veterans, declaring them incompetent to handle their own financial affairs, and then denying them the right to own firearms.

          Not satisfied with these outrages, the VA is now forcing the cancellation of the celebration of Christmas in VA hospitals around the country. This has actually been going on for several years and has been accelerating. I am currently mobilizing the resources of the United States Justice Foundation to fight what is happening. I am particularly familiar with what has transpired at four VA facilities in Texas.

          I have been proud to support and work with a group in Dallas, Texas called Vet to Vet. It was formed 21 years ago by a good friend and fellow veteran named Jess Johnson and his wife Peggy to assist veterans in the VA hospitals in the area. It started out small with the taking of hamburgers and coffee to patients, but over the years grew into a major effort, covering four major facilities in Texas and Vet to Vet chapters being formed throughout the country.

          The program in Dallas and the VA facilities in Bonham, Waco, and Temple, Texas has parties, bingo games, and barbeques throughout the year, but their major effort occurs on Christmas each year when they provide 4,000 gifts to over 1,600 patients. They also collected food donations and cooked and delivered Christmas dinners to hundreds of patients. Spiritual comfort is also provided and if patients request a bible one will be given to them.

           For many veterans who have no family, this was the only Christmas they would get. Now, all of that is coming to an end. Several years ago VA officials began telling Jess and his organization that they could no longer give bibles to patients, wish them a Merry Christmas, or even use the word Christmas in the facilities, or mention Jesus Christ. Then a year later they told the group that they could no longer bring Christmas dinners to the facilities.

          This is more than political correctness run amok. This is the unconstitutional denial of the freedom of religion to the very men and women who put their lives on the line to defend that freedom, as well as the rest of the Constitution. This is not just happening in Texas, it is nationwide. VA hospitals are banning Christmas trees, Christmas cards, and national military cemeteries in places like Houston, Texas have attempted to ban Christian prayers at the funerals of veterans, and even any mention of God or religion.  

          Jess Johnson will be the guest on my radio show “Our Constitution” this Wednesday, Dec. 16th. We broadcast live at 3:00 pm Central time, but the show is archived so you can download it anytime. You can access the show at:

          While investigating this outrage we are also hearing from veterans around the country about how the VA has turned the “Veterans Choice Program” into another VA scam defrauding veterans and risking their health and their lives. The law was passed by Congress in response to numerous verified reports of veterans dying because they could not get treatment at VA hospitals.

          The law is supposed to allow veterans who live over 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic to get health care locally and have it paid for by the VA. However, the program is helping few veterans, particularly if they have serious health problems. For example, veterans who have cancer or serious heart conditions and live over 40 miles from a VA hospital are being denied local treatment because the VA will claim that there is a VA “facility” within 40 miles of the veteran’s home. These may include VA dental clinics, or VA clinics that have the primary responsibility of making appointments at VA hospitals.

          In neither case can a veteran get actual treatment for cancer, heart problems or other serious illnesses. These veterans are back where they started, having to travel long distances to VA hospitals where they still have problems even getting an appointment, much less actual treatment. Our government is not only dishonoring our veterans, but in some cases still killing them.

Michael Connelly,
Constitutional Lawyer
Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation. (
Personal website and blog: Michael Connelly blog

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 Without being registered with their site, I can't get access to their polls, though I will see if I can find one they mailed to me, scan it, and show some of its content. Even when I questioned some at the VA clinic, if they knew about them, they never heard of them, but I suspect they have a bit to do with any online access, that's given to vets, so they can review appointments, prescriptions, etc.

Here's a bit of "about" Ipsos, with graphs, and worldwide revenue,

  With this link, showing "Ipsos offers research expertise in executing research among a wide range of audiences:

I added this to that message : To that atheist organization : You don`t like my Christianity , You don`t like My GOD , JESUS and CHRISTMAS ; Simple : Make an About Face and BUZZ OFF , Because you atheists HAVE NO ROGHTS TO TELL US CHRISTIANS WHAT TO DO . JUST BUZZ OFF and WALK AWAY ; WE DID NOT INVITE YOU HERE .


The City of Orange, TX has announced it is removing a nativity scene displayed at City Hall after requests from an atheist organization. Orange City Manager Shawn Oubre’s office told the press that the display would be taken down in order to “avoid legal costs.” A spokesman for the atheist group has indicated the group is “glad” that the nativity display is coming down.

CLICK HERE to take action to protect the nativity scene.

Texas Values joins with Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other state leaders in calling on the City of Orange to keep and restore the nativity scene and reject the demands of those that seek to see God thrown out of the public square. As Gov. Abbott correctly highlighted in his press statement, the United States Supreme Court has continually held that the public acknowledgement of our religious heritage, including nativity scenes, is consistent with the Constitution. Our Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, expressly seeks to protect religious freedom and expression.

Further, a nativity scene was displayed at the Texas State Capitol just last December. Texas has been a leading state in protecting religious expression, including passing the Merry Christmas Law in 2013 that expressly protects the acknowledgment of Christmas, including nativity scenes, in our public schools.

We are being told that the City is meeting right now on this issue and a final decision could come as early as 2 PM TODAY. The legal and policy team at Texas Values stand ready to defend this nativity scene in any way necessary.

TAKE ACTION: CLICK HERE to contact the Orange City Manager, Shawn Oubre, and enc...y Scene!

In addition, please also call the Orange City Manager's office at 409-883-1055. 

It is not Christmas, but Jesus Christ and God, which they wish to cancel. I think that it, with them, is a out of sight out of mind mantra.
Atheists, and anti Judeo-Christians, do not believe that in the end, after their Physical death, that the new and eternal life begins. There are two choices, Heaven in perfection forever, or Hell with no chance of escape or repentance. Hell is a terrible place, according to God’s word. A place where you are burned, feel all the pain, but never consumes the body. A place where his demons are free to do whatever they choose with you, and there is no chance for you to stop them. They will have their way with you, male or female, for eternity.
Here is what I see. Too many believe that death is finality, one is buried in the ground, or their ashes scattered, and this is all there is, until the earth explodes in the last days, which I might add, are well upon us.
If a person is told they are going to be burned at the stake if they do not repent, and they do not believe it, it is not God’s fault, he gave us free will and forces no one to become saved. It is a free will choice of each individual, and one they must make, before they draw their final breath. Once one physically dies, their destiny is then set, and cannot be changed.
Let’s suppose for a moment that I am wrong in my belief of Heaven, and life for eternity in it’s perfection. Even if this is true, I have lost NOTHING for living a Christian life, and I would not know the difference.
On the other hand if, as I believe Heaven and Hell do exist, those who have lived their lives without God in it, Lose EVERYTHING, their very Soul.

Read/Study the Bible, the very word of God. See the Prophecies made thousands of years ago, which have been, and are being fulfilled with a 100% accuracy. This can be claimed by no other book, person, so called prophets of our times, or any publication. Is this not proof that the word of God is, not only real, but completely accurate.
God is real, and at a point in time chosen by him, every soul who has ever lived will go before him in final judgment, and the verdict will be swift and final, as each is sent to the place of their choice by their deeds, lives, decisions, and choices through their very short existence. All life has a expiration date, it just is not stamped on the package. When will yours be, a minute, or a year from now. Better be ready when your clock winds down, and ticks it’s last. God is, and cannot be erased, or deleted.
Robert I don't know where you've been but not only is there a war on Christmas there is a war on Christanity and not just overseas but right here in the America you were talking about. To say that there is not a forced suppression of our religious freedoms is utter foolishness. Let me give you just one instance because there's not enough room to list what I'd like. For our colleges (and it's more than one) to put in foot washing basins for Muslim students but not allow Christian students the same privliges, if that's not a suppression of my freedoms as a Christian I don't know what is.

Have you even read what Congress Titled The Jefferson Bible? The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth? -in 1940 Congress published the English language  portion of that wee little book  Jefferson appears to have desired be used to introduce Christianity (which he believed superior to any other religion) to the native Indians. Jefferson was opposed to a State church-- and very much opposed to Calvinism  -yet he was no enemy  of Christianity. He did not oppose the regular use of Federal Buildings(the US Capitol building, the Treasury etc.) as Christian churches. Even was regular in attendance at such. And he  requested the Presidents Own USMC  band play  for such divine service when not deployed  to other duties/ At the University of Virginia he  opposed  a regular  Department for Theology-- yet   he provided space on campus and times for  sectarian  religious activity. Jefferson  "did not like" the lack of a National bill of Rights ,providing clearly and without the aid of sophisms for freedom of religion,freedom of the press,...."Letter to James Madison  from Paris Dec.20,1787. And I do believe Jefferson  would find the modern myth of his  Deism  as repugnant as he  found charges made against him during his life. The so called "wall of separation " --loosely associated with Jefferson's letter to the Baptist Association in Danbury Conn. Jan.1,1802  is so poorly  represented since the Ku Klux Klansman and the  related transmission belts to Soviet Communist  rule  cited the mere fragment  from that letter to misdirect the ship of State in Everson v. Board of Education. Roger Sherman ,of Conn. Whom John Adams referred to as that Old Puritan , is a neglected Founding father  who  helped  draft  instruction for  our Ambassadors to Canada,1776, publishing "we hold sacred the rights of conscience,and may promise to the whole people ,solemnly ,and in our name,the free and undisturbed exercise of their religion.And ... that all  civil rights,and the right to hold office were to be extended to persons of any Christian denomination." The problem I have  with those who say there is NO  War on Christmas--is  I agree Jefferson  and his peers did not  rush about the Nation like the FFRF /ACLU  insisting that  communities may NOT display a Nativity at Christmas time--nor display a Christmas tree--nor host a local public school in singing traditional Christmas music..Anybody who can read English ought be able to  read the history of the First Amendment  --and the debates in Congress. - Ought be  able to read the Commentaries on the Constitution by Justice Joseph Story 1833--1858 or the textbook he  culled from and keyed to the larger Commentaries-A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution  of the United States  1840, and 1859 (commemorative edition)  Regnery Gateway 1997 from the original p.316 Sec.444. "when the Constitution  and (First Amendment ) was  adopted the  general if not universal  sentiment  in America was that Christianity should  receive encouragement form the state. ...An attempt to level all religions ,or to make it a matter of  state policy to hold all in utter indifference would have created  universal disapprobation ,if not universal indignation." Any American who can understand  English ought be able to read the  Judiciary Committee  reports  of Jan.19 1853 Mr.Badger for the US Senate-- and corresponding US House  Report  by Mr.Meacham 27, March ,1854  both discuss the meaning of the establishment clause. .Both affirm what Joseph Story had published in his Commentaries. These and Joseph story reflect the debates in Congress June-September,1789 . And they  affirm what President Washington  proclaimed Oct.3,1789 when he declared a National Day  of Prayer and  Thanksgiving Acknowledging the Providence of Almighty God. .None of it reconciles to the pitiful misguided  ignorance  of those who  insist there is No war on Christmas.

Robert.... Thank you for your very well written an informative history lesson on this subject. You Sir restore my faith that there are still people out there who are educated on our Nations history, well done.

I am a Veteran -trained by the US Army to consider the foundations when training to oppose ALL enemy foreign or domestic. My experience  has taught me a history we were not taught in high school. Sometime I write what others can verify-- and it galls me  to what America is being pressed into being..I am humbled by your response-but I am not  educated   as some may be--and more I learn-- the more I discover I have yet to learn.T'anks for your kind remarks.

duplicate reply.

Hmmm .. so the VA doesn't want to recognize Christmas.  Then ... there should be NO closed services during that period ... NONE.  ALL VA employees report to work ... all services are to remain available.  ALL OF 'EM.  That includes court houses, Motor Vehicle agencies, US government, ... any GOVERNMENT/SOCIAL agency that does not recognize CHRISTMAS for what it is.



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