Constitutional Emergency


Valerie Jarrett claims that Americans sleep a little better at night because Osama Bin Ladin is dead - thanks to Obama.

Let me tell you all a little secret, Obama and Valerie Jarret have caused more damage and destruction to this country
than Osama Bin Ladin, the Taliban, and Al-Quida combined and more than any of them could have ever dreamed of doing.

Before you go off thinking I'm just a radical hate-Obama nut case, think about it for a minute.

What did Bin Ladin and Al-quida actually do? They hijacked four airplanes, flew them into the World Trade towers, and killed 3,200 Americans. They are the cause of our TSA security measures at all our national airports today.


But what has Obama and Valerie Jarrett done?

They have destroyed 14 million American jobs; they have nationalized two of our Auto manufacturers. Along with the help of Barney Frank and Chris Dood they have caused the housing industry crash which caused several million Americans to loose their homes. Obama has driven our national debt to ever increasing levels formerly unheard of, our debt now stands at over 16-Trillion Dollars and climbing more every day. We have suffered our first ever down grading of our international credit rating. And our unemployment is still stuck at over 10%, (much higher if we actually counted those who have dropped off the unemployment rolls.) They have refused to allow Boeng aircraft manufacturing to build their facility and create jobs in South Carolina because SC is a “Right to work” state and that offends Obamas union buddies.

Obama has sided up with the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the Middle East, and he has turned his back on our closest allies Israel and England. He has refused to allow oil exploration and has refused to allow even the Canadian pipeline to be built so we can begin to develop our own energy resources.


The Obama administration along with Valerie Jarrett has pushed for and passed (by executive orders mostly) more laws and legislation that threatens our liberties and freedoms than has ever been done in this country before, (even during WW-II when our national security was at it's highest point).

The laws and regulations known under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 contains items that threaten ever American who disagrees with Obama. (Even the mere fact that I am writing this message has the potential of branding me as a potential terrorist let alone the fact that I am a US Veteran.). On the first day of January 2012 over 40,000 new laws went into effect and nobody in Congress even knows what most of those laws are. I wont even include Obamacare socialist healthcare and the destruction of our healthcare system.

The EPA under Obama has expanded its power and now claims the authorization to regulate where and in what part of America people should be allowed to live and which parts should be off-limits to everyone except UN officials, and United Nations forces if they decide to occupy those lands.) (See UN Agenda 21 and Obamas Agenda known as the Sustainable Rural Development Act which he signed into law by executive order).


And on this day, Martin Luther Kings day, when Dr. King prayed for equality and justice for all men, Dr King said “Judge man by the content of their character – not by the color of their skin, But Obama has created more racial tension and hatred than any person or group in history.


Not to make light of his record of destruction and death, but Osama Bin Ladin killed 3,200 Americans, Obamas and Valerie Jarretts record almost makes that sound trivial in comparison.


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