Constitutional Emergency

vBulletin Message Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.

I Am registered with Patriots for America and was requested on the OAS website to please register.

When I did, this 

"vBulletin Message

Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator."
Popped up.
I will look for the administrator and contact them asap also, and this is a quick "heads up" to collaborate with any body else having this problem.

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I was registered and then my computer wouldn't let me off the website unless I logged out...not sure what I did to let that happen.  Anyway, forgot my password and now unable to get back on.  Sent request for a new password and haven't heard back.  Can get on and will just watch for any news.

Need to get the hang of this format.  Sorry if this shows up twice.  I have the same problem with the OAS site as well.  I think it has to do with the large number of socialist trolls they were getting over there.  Thankfully it sounds as though some of the senior members are actively tracking down the trolls and are reporting them to the FBI or other authorities.

In the mean time just in case the same thing happens here one of my group has setup an OAS thread over at since there is going to be quite a few folks from there coming.

Yes iam one of those senior members..The trolls were getting so bad that new registrations had to be shut down..They know who they are and i hope they do not sleep well..They have all been removed from the OAS site so i think it is pretty clean now..It takes a real peice of garbage to do what they were doing..When they realize that they were used as pawns they will come running for help..And because we are good people we will reach out to them..


That should get Obummers attention!!!  LOL


Keep it up, brother!

I am trying to register on the OAS page also, and they are not allowing registrations.  How can this get coordinated effectively in such a manner? 

I can't post anything over there!

If there are fake registrations, there should be someone that knows how to set up screening of members via vBulletin tools - you can't simply cut off registrations and hope for the best.  Whoever is making decisions over there needs to reassess.

The decision to stop new registrations was made due to trolls..I have not been given authority to turn it back on..To be honest i agreed with the decision..The event is only two days from now most planning should have already been done..If you need further planning then send out Personal Messages..I cannot turn registartions back on unless iam ordered to do so by the Colonel....The trolls were getting so bad on the site that we could not even tell who was who anymore..

There are easy ways to screen people using the tools provided in vBulletin (I think that's the OAS software).  Is no one there familiar with intermediate VB?


Getting there is organized, yes - but how will things be coordinated with supporters on May 17th and beyond?  Is there another easy platform upon which when people in the field need support - it can get passed on to the forum?  There are a lot of people on there that can't go, but are willing to help via whatever means they can.  How will that assistance be used if there is a lockdown, and no one is looking proactively to T plus one and beyond?

There is going to be live stream of the event..There is going to be outstanding security..There will be communications throughout..But that being said i will look into your concerns..As i said i do not have authority to turn anything back on..I have a pretty good feeling that the site will be back up shortly..

I understand your position, GM.

Appreciate it.

Good Job everybody.

I was simply checking to see that we weren't hacked.

I haven't been privy to even what "trolls" means.

A friend pointed me to this - maybe there's a bigger problem than simple "trolls". LINK

Don't believe the "disinformation" being put out to scare and to scatter patriots.  We will prevail in this effort, there is just too much propaganda out there right now.  Keep your eye on the prize :)



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