Constitutional Emergency

vBulletin Message Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.

I Am registered with Patriots for America and was requested on the OAS website to please register.

When I did, this 

"vBulletin Message

Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator."
Popped up.
I will look for the administrator and contact them asap also, and this is a quick "heads up" to collaborate with any body else having this problem.

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This guy Powell has flpped flopped back and fotth in do not know how many times now so i would not belive much  you  here..Richard hall is indeed with us i just verified that..And according to the higher ups if any militias show up they were to be unarmed..Way to much is being made out of this..We are going to be unarmed patroits...Im  would not make to much out of his scare tactics as you know his wife is very sick and he may not be thinking to clearly..I wish hiswife all the best,,,But we have to do what we have to do..We are not being guided into a trap by the Colonel   He IS NOT THAT KIND OF MAN

I wouldnt puit to much faithn in that story..The Colonel just advised me that all will be well as planned..Several,of then droputs haves since retutned..It was a mere disagreement that has been worked out  WAY TO MUCH HAS BEEN MADE OF THIS STORY...We will be fiine....THEIR is a lot of exxagerating going on

Did he say anything about the registration problem?

Still no word?

The remnants of the OAS forum are imploding:



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