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The walls are closing in on the most corrupt anti-American administration in U.S. history. Reports of treasonous activities by this administration are piling up, so much so that even the left-leaning press corps is finally forced to begin reporting the countless evils within the Obama administration.

VDA focus has always been on veterans issues, National Security, Military Affairs, the War against Jihad, insane ROE and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

Working with USPU leadership, we are realizing the fruits of of our labor as news breaks minute to minute related to issues we brought out over the last few years. 
  • On 10-22-12 we released an Executive Brief on Benghazi, backed by over 100 pages of Unclassified Cables between Benghazi and the Obama Administration. Without this work and a sustained demand for truth, nobody would be discussing or investigating Benghazi today.
  • 36 hours before the final 2012 Presidential debate, we hand delivered our files on Benghazi to the Romney Campaign, which failed to use any of this damning information to take Obama apart and save America from a second Obama term.
  • In October 2012, we released massive evidence exposing blatant election fraud committed by the Obama Campaign and the DNC.  
  • In September 2012, we notified every state government via registered mail, advising every state to avoid placing any unconstitutional candidates on their state election ballots.
  • When the states failed to block ballot access to known unconstitutional candidates, we notified all members of congress, advising them to object to the 2012 election results on the basis of unconstitutional candidacy and evidence of massive election fraud. One objection from each chamber of congress would have been enough to stop the second Obama term and open a full investigation, but not a single member of congress objected.
  • Because our federal government has become destructive to the Constitutional Republic and the American people, we also worked for three years to establish Constitutional Balance of Powers Committees at the state level. At least five states have now established those state committees and numerous other state are working on it today.
  • In support of the Rule of Law and Constitutional government, we have also prepared an extensive Criminal Complaint against the Obama administration, which can now be updated for recent information evidencing additional criminal and unconstitutional acts of this administration.
  • We gathered and relayed information regarding the IRS targeting of "patriot groups" to numerous government officials and press organizations beginning in late 2009 and early 2010. This story is now threatening the Obama administration and we have additional information that should expand this investigation beyond just IRS targeting.

What does all of this have to do with veterans interests?  


ALL veterans have taken an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the American people against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and uphold the Constitutional Republic by any means necessary.


Everything we do is based on that oath... and every action is based upon "tangible peaceful solutions" to the many threats to freedom and liberty today.


We have only begin to fight.... We are in contact with the families of Benghazi and SEAL Team 6. We have offered our support and assets to assist with bringing the full unfettered TRUTH out regarding Obama administration actions that we believe rise to the level of treason and international war crimes.


What are YOU doing to help?








We are engaged in leadership meetings this week and will have new information on further strategies unfolding in the coming days.  


Be part of the solution.... lend your support any way you can....


Stay tuned for additional announcements! 

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Let the war begin.

It's getting difficult to know who the real enemy is. The media has been on the side of Obama since his first election. But now that his DOJ has collected the phone records of some 20+ phone to include privet phone numbers. Are these people turning on Obama? I am not sure. In the state dept. you have individuals that are interested in furthering their careers if you can still call it public service. It has become clear to this citizen that many of those trying to reposition them selves are not only looking out for their own ass but for those that help them along the way.

Remember what Obama said in a Univision interview, and in front of the press and the American people that he would reward his friends and punish his enemies. Does that have any thing to do with the IRS subjecting organizations to undue scrutiny because of a name or some political view. Those that were not subject to this scrutiny were simply processed and given their tax status what ever it was they were requesting.

Then comes a little known story, Kathleen Sibelius (director of HHS) has not gotten the money she requested to do political advertising about The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) she has started to solicit funds from health insurance and other medical related firms for this money. This was done with the threats of burden sum scrutiny on the business model and practices. This is called simply extortion and is used quite effectively in Chicago's political class on  a regular basis.

Last but most likely not the last scandal and in my mind besides the IRS issue one of the most dangerous, because people lost their lives, and this administration stood down and let it happen. This was to keep or at least suppress any information that could be conveyed by any of these individuals involved in the issues at the Benghazi consult. Weapons that were in the Libyan arsenal to avoid them from falling into the hands of any Al Quiata affiliated group needed to be moved. Obama could not get funding for arms for the rebel fighters from congress over the Libyan conflict. Now the civil war in Syria and the rebel fighters need weapons. So why fight congress just take something that you have in your position and ship them to the location needed. Benghazi was a gun running plan much like Fast and Furious, But on steroids.  

Well it would be a  an exercise in fantasy to think that anything is going to happen to this  administration!  Also the media will circle the wagons around Obama very shortly!   In fact, some have already started.  Next we have republicans who secretly agree with what Hussein is doing and also we have many who are more concerned with lining their own pockets and keeping their power than defending the folks!  They make a big show just like they did with fast and furious and then drop it.  Nothing will happen at all!  This is a nation of sheeple and stupids and leeches.  What needs to happen is a 5 million person march and occupy Washington until the death care bill is totally repealed!  Also the so called "immigration reform" bill needs to be defeated.  Did  you know that it gives Napolitano "unchallengable authority" to bring and grant citizenship to anyone she wants?  So far they want to legalize 11 million illegals, but my question is, WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 11 MILLION?  Do they get thrown out of the country?  Do they just disappear?  Next they say that these "newly legalized" illegal  aliens will not be able to get "benefits" from the govt.  Well 22 million already get all the benefits plus they give them our social security, more ss than a 30 year paying and working American citizen.  So are they going to take away  the benefits after they "legalize them"?  And still there are the other 11 million still here.  We the taxpayers already pay over 190 billion dollars every year to illegal aliens in benefits while many Americans can't get any help at all!  This bill has got to be defeated.  And while I'm on the subject, a conservative does NOT support amnesty,  in any form when we don't enforce the laws already on the books.  Then Rubio says we have to bring these people out of the shadows, well, 10 thousand illegals marching in our streets, waving Mexican flags and commie flags is not what I call being in the shadows and hiding!  THIS WHOLE THING IS A GIANT SHAM AND LIE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  Go to the web site.  www.theycometo America. com and order the video showing the truth of the border today!  They will send you 4 copies so you can get it spread around.  None of the liberal media, even HBO or SHO will show the video!



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