Family, Friends, fellow Vets,
This idea came to me last evening and I believe it will work.
I would like to propose in front every voting location Nationwide a Veteran along with the American Flag be present and silently stand watch.
I also propose a placard be present stating…
”I am a United States Military Veteran. I swore an Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I remain Faithfull to my Oath to Uphold and Defend our Constitution”.
If you are a Veteran please vote and then stand watch for 10 minutes.
I have been voting since 1976 in every presidential election and all of the general election while assigned in the US and assigned in my state of residence. In all that time I have never seen a… let’s call it a static display with Veterans and our American Flag at any voting location. I believe this small static display will get some voters thinking about their vote prior to casting it. I believe this subtle reminder will in fact help win this most important election of our lifetimes if not our Nations life. Our Nation’s Life as a Constitutional Republic hedges on this election.
How to get the word out:
Veteran Service Organizations: VFW, DVA, American Legion, Friends of Special Operations, Special Forces Association, AFSPA, MC League, there are many. 
Pro Constitution Organizations:
Oath Takers,
Other Orgs:
Police One,
Together We Served, 
I am going to pitch it locally to the VFW and also touch base with other Vets nationally whom I served with to get them on board in their local area. Thursday, I will present this idea ato the Indian Trails VFW monthly meeting, they are one of the strongest, most active VFW’s around... rom initial feedback there is interest.
What this really needs is a National Sponsor... maybe.
Are there any laws which would cause conflict?
Will this prevent any shenanigans, I don't know; I do know other Vets as well as Citizens would come to the aid of any Vet who was improperly approached while Stand Static Watch with our National Colors.  
So what do you think?
Like I mentioned... I have started the process and my contacting you is part of it. Let me know what is running through your mind... about this idea.
Robert Leffler, Msg, USAF, Ret.
Rush if you got this far...

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I'm with you Robert...........

Colonel Riley,

I am with you on this issue, however with the electronic voting system how does one know who votes for who and "IF" a vote cast for candidate "A" actually goes to candidate "A"?

On our voting machines ,Marion County Ohio, our vote is printed on a roll of paper that I am not allowed a copy. There is a window that allows me to view my selections on the roll of paper after actually casting my ballot . I have ask for a copy,no can do! These rolls are only to be used/viewed in case of a problem.

Where the electronic vote goes and what the printer says may be at odds with eack other, how can we tell?

In my opinion, Marion County Ohio is too small a fish for a large organization to rig an election.

They DO  require a photo "ID" to vote in this county.

Franklin,(Columbus) Cuyahoga(Cleveland) and Hamilton(Cincinnati) counties would be the counties to watch.

Dayton and the Akron/Youngstown  area may be a place to watch also.

I do know from past experience that standing too close to a polling place with political candidates placards will get you an invitation to move!


Only the computer programmers can answer your count question John........all we can do is trust it's records accurately.  I think Robert Leffler is suggesting a veteran presence at voting precincts as a symbol of honor, dedication to freedom, etc........  Veterans standing a lawful distance from polls with a flag sounds like an American thing to do..........


As a show of unity and patriotism, I think it would be nice.

As a deterent too corruption, I am not too sure.

Can't hurt!

As for getting the VFW and American Legion involved. I don't want to speak illl of these organizations but I tried a number of years ago to get my local VFW and American Legion involved in a National issue on a local level. It seems as if they have there hands full of Budwieser and did not want to be bothered. I even went so far as to write the national headquarters leaders of said organizations,.. not even a refusal note,... local or national.

I talked with a member of a local VFW back then and he said that they would not be interested.

These are social clubs not service clubs.

I was at a VFW in Fort Scott, Kansas many years ago.

Let me just say this, a few non members, that would receive a section eight in the 60's ask the WRONG guy to dance! The dance that insued was a thing of beauty.

A night to remember! I cannot imagine what they were thinking,... there are easier ways to kill yourself, but it was funny.This was a blanket party without the blanket!

Actually no one was harmed, just a few bruises and a little damage to the club and they were escorted to the door and it was suggested they not return! NOW that was a service club!

To those of you having not been in the Army in the late 60's and early 70's you don't know what you missed,... other than a bad war!

I concur with your assessment of the VFW and Legion.........I've also tried to involve them in issues that touch their pocket books but booze and bingo is the priority.

The Black Panthers did it with a "club" in the little guy's hand.  If you want to be a pole watcher (inside) there would need to be permission from each State election board.  But, I wonder about outside of the door.

Robert, I sure like this approach, might get some attention at the polling places...

It's a great idea, and a great message to send!

   I will do it.I vote at a police substation.I will ask someone in charge if it would be ok.

Take it a step further and volunter as I did to work the polls. Not only did I get trained I am now the clerk of the poll I worked in the primaries as an assistant clerk. If you want to change the direction of this Republic then get off your ass and get in the game. Remember politics is a contact sport we cannot win if we don't play and they count on our lethargy to win. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

I will volunteer to do so if someone else can organize such a movement because I am a disabled Vietnam vet who has too long watched the country I love and defended be assaulted by domestic enemies; most of whom are members of our own government who have violated THEIR oaths, the same one I took, with the difference being I AND MILLIONS LIKE ME, HONORED OURS! Without freedom and the choice to live based on decisions we make for ourselves, and the human RIGHT to do so, life is NOT worth living. I was prepared to die in defense of my country and all those principles for which it once stood. I am willing to do so again as MY oath is still, binding and STILL to be honored.; unlike a government which has indeed and in fact become an unconstitutonal breeding ground for domestic enemies against whom we MUST, as Citizens, oppose. I will , to the death if necessary. Within my  limitations, I am STILL a weapon to be used and I will be used willingly, provided the opportunity; for the sake of my children and THEIRS! This is NOT a game. This is deadly serious and getting more so with every passing day.

I have always questioned the electronic counting method, I am not aware of any official, referee, athlete, lotto supervisor or most folks handeling large sums of money or making decisions as to the money who cannot be bribed to fix a particular event for an agreed price. I feel that the firm writing the program needs to provide four sealed copies of the program, one for supervisor of elections, one for each major party and one to be secured with a chain of custody by the Sheriff. If a corrupt program was written to produce a majority of one candidate, party or issue and then destroy that portion of the program upon completeion of tabulation, then the other ones could be screened and then used to verify initial results.


I would also volunteer to serve at polling stations on election day.



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