Constitutional Emergency

Veterans needed for this - If somebody asks you what kind of weapon or how many you have what are you going to tell them?


Everyone think before answering this question online and to just any stranger or acquaintance. This is to get you to thinking and maybe some guidance from our Veterans.


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I do love this squirrel picture, it says it all. " don't ask, so I want have to give you my response".....

"I do not own guns, but I do gave a hearty meat cleaver!"

Don't ask, don't tell?

Geez, even a ballpoint pen could be used as a weapon so no one could answer that accurately.

 Why do you ask, is it any skin off of your ass?  Dale Crafts

Answer: How many bullets do you have?

Answer: What kind of guns do you like to shoot?

Twana, this will be interesting.  My answer: I would chew a pop tart in the shape of a gun and ask if that counted.  As Marta mentioned below....I have a ball point pen.  Does that count too?  


Now I will wait to be taught by a Vet.  Wait.........should we even has such info being publicly placed on any site?  We all know they are spying on us.  Or am I just paranoid?

HAHAHAHA!  I laughed out loud when I got to the last part!!  I needed that laugh!  And yes... the slim balls do do that.


Good question to ask yourself.  I will have to keep that in mind too! Makes sense when you put it that way. Nope...I ain't paranoid!

When it comes to muslim men - scissors!

Marta and Twana - love ya!!  

Twana I feel again IMHO we are right back to what comes 1st the chicken or the egg ? The last thing we need are a bunch of untrained and no leadership gung ho civilians with guns running allover . # 1 Is survival and reach a safe zone and then begin trainning ? What good is a bunch of ppl with everything from a22. to 30.06 if there is no battle plan no leadership and the weapons we finally use will come from the dead bodies of combatants we engauge in skirmishes with !

Battles are ot won win pur firearms and we will and cannot purchase the gear we need right not but at only a few slect stores and the amount of paper work thar goes with them is a trail to trak to take them !


IMHO the best firearm you can own is a off the record one and they are actually easier to purchase than a legal one $1000.00 will but you an MP 4 fully auto or $500.00 will buy you a AR-15 semi that converts very easy :) 18 year old boys can buy 12 gauged pump shotguns & amo is cheap in the beginning it will all be 20 feet away fire and return fire and past that it will be a good ole Wal - Mart Deer rifle and it works just as good as a ewl asault rifile ? So the kind of fire arn to own is one with on paper trail and plan on donating it to the common cause because if you think you and 5 of your neighbors can last over 6 hours in the best frotified compound ypou can build and you are under the false sense that you can make a difference you are sadly mistaken ! They to bad guys can take you out with a drown and use little if anyt effort :)

A bunch of fired up civilians is just what the bad guys are hoping for because they are nothong mote than a mob and are a danger to all !! Patriots and the Gstapo !


Organize , find leaders and have disipline and a chain of command . . . . . . . . this is not going to be a Red Dawn war movie there will be o do overs and even in that movie they chose when and where to fight and everytime they did not ppl got killed ? Well mabe you are ready to die ! But as for me I chose to live and make a difference If you want to be a Marter contact me and I will tell you how and go ahead and know we have one less soul to train :) 



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