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Veterans needed for this - If somebody asks you what kind of weapon or how many you have what are you going to tell them?


Everyone think before answering this question online and to just any stranger or acquaintance. This is to get you to thinking and maybe some guidance from our Veterans.


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There is no obligation to answer your doctor's questions. Tell them that you consider it a private matter, and it is not related to any medical recommendations that you are seeking.

I was just caught off guard and taken aback by the question..I will am now more mindful of that question  and I hope I am more prepared the next time I go see the doctor. 

This is a great lesson in itself. Sorry this had to happen to you Sandra, but this is informative training you have provided. Below is what should be the answer...

1.) When anyone asks if there are weapons like Firearms in your home, without even a seconds hesitation you should always answer "NO". Especially if the person doing the questioning is your Doctor. It is your business ONLY so keep it that way.

2.) As soon as possible have this very same conversation with your family members. Of course your Spouse, but make sure your kids know exactly what to say. As a parent this may make you uncomfortable to tell your kids to lie (assuming you do have weapons) to any adult that asks that question, but we are talking about survival here, yours and theirs! You can practice this as an drill/exercise with the kids so they get used to it. Simply ask them the question about 'weapons in the house' at times where you can catch them off-guard. Then make sure you tell them you were just testing them. Ultimately the decision to teach your kids to lie will be yours and yours only. All I can say at this point is.... CHOOSE WISELY!

3.) The one time that you may be forced to answer 'Yes' (again assuming you do have weapons in the home) is if the question comes from a Law Enforcement Officer of any kind. My suggestion is to consult an Attorney. Anyone that belongs to the NRA can get these types of questions answered for free by going to one of the Forums. The NRA has their own page that talks specifically about Gun Laws in each state. This can be located by going to the NRA-ILA page and then go to the Map of the USA with the title 'GUN LAWS'. Click on your state and start there. For more direct answers on the question I suggest you go to some of the NRA Social sites like Facebook. Once again privacy is paramount so DO NOT use your real name on the Social sites even if they say they are a 'secure site'.

One last point I would like to share...

I have been to too many homes where the owner/s proudly show-off their long guns and sometimes even hand guns, in beautiful glass-front cabinets positioned in the Living-Room or Great-Room or whatever. Ten years ago I wouldn't see a problem with doing this, however this is NOT ten years ago. PUT AWAY ALL YOUR WEAPONS COMPLETELY OUT OF SIGHT (secured too). Remember there may be a day when your kid has a sleep-over or just friends over for a visit and any weapons in the room with them is going to attract their attention. The last thing you want is one of those kids going home, or even in school, start bragging about all the Cool Guns that so-and-so's Dad owns.

Also, if you happen to be a proud hunter and have a few trophies to show-off, this would be a good time to decide if showing-off is a smart move or not. If nobody ever comes to your house you have no need to worry, but if you live in a neighborhood and your house gets a lot of traffic, you may want to seriously think about who it is that you want knowing that you own weapons. If you decide to keep them in view for all to see, you had better come up with a good cover story for when that one person asks you... "you shoot all those yourself?"

Most of what I have written is common-sense stuff that most of you have already considered and/or already practice, so please keep in mind that this is for that one person that never stopped to think about it.

If they refuse to treat you, that may be better.

This situation reminds me that children sometimes ask this question in such perfect innocence. There is a benefit of taking the question as an opportunity. Ask them if they have ammo. Maybe you can trade a gun for ammo. ;-)

Consider that you can lie to the person, if you don't trust them. It is an intrusive question. Just don't lie to the police.

Why do you say don't lie to the police ? Are you under the impression that the police are your friensds ? Possibly there to protect you there re going to be the 1st to disrupt you lifr style and yes we maya a few mwmbwers that are policemen but as a run the police are not your friends ? Wwhere does this off the wall thinking come from? It would appear you are implying that we are to bear our sould the the police ? what are you smokin ?

Dwight this comes from the Federals.  It is Federal Law that you do not lie to a Federal Agent because to do so is tantamount to a jail sentence.  And believe me I know this because I am a retired Fed.  Now as far as the police are concerned, I have been stopped and they look at my driver's license and see it shows Concealed Carry permit. They ask am I carrying a weapon or have one in the car...if I lie and say no and they find one, I can lose my gun and my license and possibly go to jail.  If I do not have one on me and none in my car and say so it is not a lie to say no.  Some people who are not licensed to carry concealed are under no obligation to tell an officer they have a gun in the car but if they find it that is a problem.  If they simply ask you if you own a gun that is none of their business and you can tell them that or you can lie and there is nothing they can do even if they know you do own a gun.  It is not illegal to lie to a police officer but it is if he is a Federal Officer on duty and seeking answers from you....its that simple.

Not just feds. I think this may depend on where you live. If you lie to the police, and they discover a crime, then they have two crimes to charge you with instead of just one. Too much risk.

A jury may be less sympathetic, when they learn that you lied to the police.

I wrote that so each person can make their own decisions depending on their individual situations.

These are all things that everyone should think about if you don't trust our government. Being prepared means knowing what YOU will do in different situations. Plus people can completely forget what I wrote and go on living 'hoping' for a Captain America or Superman to show-up.

If you insist in pushing this issue, the only thing you will find out is that I may or may not have at LEAST one more than what you feel I need......but I guarantee it's far less than what I want.........


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis



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