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Vets For Freedom



We, the undersigned U.S. war veterans and patriotic Americans, petition you with one simple request:

Listen to the commander on the ground in Afghanistan—General Stanley A. McChrystal—and provide him with the troops he says he needs to win the war in Afghanistan.

By accepting the troop recommendations of General McChrystal—and his boss General David Petraeus—we have a chance to turn the war in Afghanistan around. This is a moment in history we must not miss.

Like General Petraeus in Iraq, General McChrystal is an outside-the-box thinker who thrives in the ambiguity of asymmetrical battlefields. Like General Petraeus in Iraq, General McChrystal has the right strategy—a comprehensive counterinsurgency plan.

In 2007, General Petraeus was given the troops he needed (the "Surge") to win, and Iraq has turned around—resulting in dramatically lower U.S. casualties, a more stable Iraq, and a drawdown of American forces.

General McChrystal—and all our brave Soldiers and Marines on the ground—deserve the same chance to win in Afghanistan. They deserve the additional troops needed to turn a winning strategy into a winning result.

We fully acknowledge that the war in Afghanistan has been tough, and is currently headed in the wrong direction. And as you have said, it has been under-resourced, under-funded, and under-manned for years. You have also said that it is a war we must win. We agree on all fronts.

Unlike Iraq, there was consensus at the beginning of the war in Afghanistan that America must be successful in toppling the Taliban and dismantling Al Qaeda, for the safety of our country. Eight years later, the consensus on the war in Afghanistan is fractured; however we believe—as do you—that the need for victory has not changed.

During this time of domestic uncertainty and global threats, winning the war will require steadfast Presidential leadership; a Commander-in-Chief who is unwilling to be swayed by lagging poll numbers or party leaders who want to block troop increases.

Now is the time for your leadership. If you listen to commanders on the ground, give them what they need, and stand behind our warriors in Afghanistan—we will stand with you. If you don't, and would rather fight the "war of necessity" with one hand tied behind our back, then we will loudly object.

Many—in fact a majority—said the war in Iraq was "unwinnable," yet our troops persevered and turned the tide. Despite the drumbeat of detractors—on both sides of the aisle—this is another war we can win. But we must act now.

We owe it to the Marines and Soldiers slogging it out with insurgents every day to get this right. If we do, they'll fight, they'll persevere, and they'll win. If we don't, we are setting them up for failure. No less than America's greatness—and the legacy of America's finest warriors—is at stake.

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Every day that O sits on His butt and does NOTHING he is endagering the lives of our troops on the ground. This reminds me of Vietnam when the govenment chickened out and our men were basically left to get out the best way they could. I was not a Hippie type and believed in the war so I didn't get along too well with the flower children who are NOW in the House and Senate. They don't want theM too die but they don't want them to fight either. WHAT THE h*** TYPE OF REASON IS THAT?

Amen!! No one who has not faced the challenge and discipline of the Armed Forces should be their Commander In Chief. They need someone who has been to see the elephant to guide them, not a 'failure to go' person.
DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amen! I agree! Only one with the discipline of the Armed Forces should be allowed to be Commander in Chief.
I'm a military retiree and a veteran of Korea and twice served in Vietnam. I cannot believe how incompetent this person is who has the nerve to call himself Commander-in-Chief.
I am a retiree also that spent 2 1/2 years in Nam, most with 1st Aviation Brigade. I don't really think we've had
a really decent president since Harry Truman. This one has broken the record set by Johnson in 67 when he stopped
the bombing in the north for stupidity, but at least Johnson didn't smile as he raped and pilaged our Nation.
Where can I sign
Do WHATEVER you can to get our troops help!
Amen - If we are not in this war to win - and it appears that Obama is tieing our military's hands, then we need to get out. There is not point of sacrificing our wonderful men and women if he's not serious about this war. He's too busy making arrangements for the olympics to be held in Chicago so that all his friends can make billions off that event. I sure wish we could impeach this guy. Pray for our troops and our country.
Signed, facebooked and tweeted, thanks!
I agree that any President should serve at least 2 years in the Armed Forces before they can be the Commander-in-Chief, but this one shouldn't be there for other reasons as well.
He is not a "natural born citizen" as called for in the Constitution and he has said it himself when he spoke of his dual citizenship because his father was a citizen of Kenya and when he spoke of how his father never became an American citizen, and to be a natural born citizen (which is only required of the President) you must be born of 2 American parents on American soil, which he isn't whether he was born in Hawaii or not. So, he would more correctly be called the "Usurper in Chief" and obviously he doesn't know what he's doing--or is this intention miscalculations being enacted because his divided loyalties (if he has any loyalty to American at all) demands it?



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