A member of your group calls you on your cell and says " 6 armed DHS officers just got out of there MRAP and are walking up my driveway, I will leave my phone on so you can hear whats happening" You live 3 blocks away, Explain How and What Would You Do?

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I would listen as I walked over to her house.

I would leave that phone on, have the wife call the Sheriff on her phone, while I would get my "urban warfare" weapon and sneak down the street and come up behind the goons. Then see what their next play would be.



Well, since MI is an open carry state, I'd probably throw my M1 over one shoulder and a couple bandoleers of ammo over the other. Have the wife call the Sheriff, and listen to her on my phone. Of course, for back-up, I'd probably have my 9 on my hip with 3 or 4 mags in my pocket.

Drive off with the MRAP.

Steve, you must have a good job to afford the fuel for that guzzler!

  I can tell you what needs to start happening. Alert all group members. Meet at a pre arranged meeting place fully armed, go to house and surprise the traitors.  Disarm them, make them remove their clothes and walk back to where they came from in their underwear. Collect their weapons, clothing, commo, and body armor for your own use. Drive off in their MRAP and prepare to be attacked.

Evaluate & do not over react ..

Evaluate and do not overreact---but never ever allow yourself to sit at home and do nothing! America has become  a tyranny  -still soft in the underbelly but tyranny none the less. US -'n Them--when our Govt. begins to treat US like equal partners in this and not slaves then I can think of JUS as one Nation Under God again.

Immediately head over to assist.

Chances are in the rural area I live in, they would try to breakdown my door in the middle of the night and try to rush in. I will come out with a 30 second warning to clear my house and then I would come out blasting, for anyone who stays behind to ambush me. I figure I would be dead anyway, might as well go out working to take evil out. It would sure be an awakening in the neighborhood when the bullets start flying. And if I somehow overcome all obsticles in the fire fight, then I will help the neighbors because they will probably be in the same situation as myself and family, Under attack and in need of help.

Be prepared, be able to barricade yourself in and if you are able to or fortunate enough to have a sheriff to call do so, report to the sheriff that strangers are trying to break in, and if you have a group willing to back your six and move in to deescalate there aggressions do it.

1. point talk with local Sherriff on there stance with this scenario.

I am not fortunate enough to have a Sherriff in Alaska we are at the mercy of ourselves as the State Troopers answer to the Governor, and he is on the federal bag for life. 

A lot of Sheriffs have banded together against unconstitutional gun grabber laws.

In the end what the brother or sister did was fight for there brother and sister next to them, that's what we did that's what we will do again. WHO'S GOT YOUR SIX?


A significant number of veterans in my area have created a phone tree calling system in the event that something like this happens.  That phone tree would cause a mobilization of a significant number of persons in less than 30 minutes to the site.  In addition, the local sheriff has stated he would not put up with unconstitutional behavior of the Feds, so I would suspect that a small force of DHS officers would be quickly overwhelmed.



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