A member of your group calls you on your cell and says " 6 armed DHS officers just got out of there MRAP and are walking up my driveway, I will leave my phone on so you can hear whats happening" You live 3 blocks away, Explain How and What Would You Do?

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Awesome idea!  Best idea yet!

good idea.

i would have someone one the phone calling the trusted officers that we know  then call my like minded neighbors  and we would surround the the threat and and see what there motives are  we have a emergency  code  for such things

To address this, I must go back a bit.  First off, at the point when people choose to form a group, they must hold fixed, identical standards of action, enumerated triggers, and plans.  Six people in your group must form the equivalent of a "fire team", each with strengths and skills, and with commensurate duties.

     "Recon" is what must take place immediately, the means and capabilities of defense must be identified for each dwelling, and decisions of action to take should invasion take place.  Example; I have high ground, among those I am bound with, mine is the center because I control access to the mile long road between two highways, with swamp land severely limiting any other access.

     Every member must be equally understanding of the "lay of the land" surrounding each dwelling, and how it can be defended, and if it cannot be.  There can be no "telling how and what to do" if the areas are not completely considered, strategically.

     Those who don't have defensive posture must be prepared to slide out the back as DHS walks in the front.  There are most dwellings which must be abandoned if targeted.

     The purpose of the DHS officers must be established, open phones being necessities, while other comm must also be considered.  If there is no threat to the household calling, pre-planned strategic observation posts should have been established, and would be manned.

     The actions of the DHS personnel must be considered as determining response.  If they walk in, and walk out, because there is no good cause for action, those observing must disappear without leaving a trace of their having been present.  If the entry is by silent count, door knocked in, it is time for fire and maneuver, a shot fired means position must be changed, and without observation.

     We fought Vietnam on the notion the enemy would operate on our standards, wounded would be priority, and wounding is more effective than killing.  It didn't work for us, the communists have no concern for "useful idiots", however those in DHS will know they are the minority, and they will be concerned about their own wounded.  We must use that to advantage.  Taking out knees puts a DHS enemy out of action for the duration.

     We must start with the knowledge few of our homes are truly defensible.  Almost no one bought their home with the intent of waging war from it.  Those fortunate to have high ground, controllable territory must be considered the rally points, and when DHS arrives and you are not able to defend, it is time to "rally", fade out the back, planned and prepared evacuation, with a "load plan" for all actual necessities to be removed at that time.

    Those I've caucused with have made our plans, evaluated our respective positions, and established timing and cause for defense or for evacuation.  Our rally point is known only to us, and we are prepared to defend and fully control access to the best position.

    That position cannot allow entry except by permission.  Its perimeter is known only to us, but we must not allow it breached.  We are a group of retired Marines, with some civilians attaching, and training has taken place.  For those without military experience, some quick reads are Sun Tzu, "The Art of War", FMFM 1, "Warfighting" is the basic manual for the Corps from my day.  I haven't checked, but it should be a pdf file online.

   The most critical issue that must be determined is the intent of the intrusion.  We must allow the most odious intrusion we believe benign, while knowing every attempt will be made to initiate action from a "benign" looking initial act.  If we arrive at a point where it appears any home is subject to invasion, it is up to you, I will be installing traps, dead falls, entry to my home will be safe if knowing, deadly if invading.  If you lack imagination, watch Indiana Jones, lots of ideas, most millennia old, still viable.

    Remember we have several thousand things now on EPA lists as dangerous, deadly chemical threats, all can be used as weapons.  I hold my breath when a fluorescent light bulb breaks, I also consider the dozen or so bad ones in the corner, potential weapons.

    Bleach and Ammonia must never be mixed, it forms phosgene gas, also known as "mustard gas".  A jar of one in a plastic bag of the other is a gas grenade.  Napalm is gas, jellied with detergent.  Most of the armored vehicles of the DHS are aluminum bodied, armored against small arms fire, not true armor.  Aluminum burns, even under water.  Every chemical on the shelves of grocery stores are useful with imagination.

    First, last and always, the intent of DHS is to intimidate the population, with the hope of never having to confront force.  Their best possible outcome is hitting a few residences, and destroying morale with these, expecting the remainder to cow.  We have every ability to turn it upside down, and put them in the position of fear by complete and abject failure, and losing their first battles.

   I can't tell anyone what their situation is, but your group is not a group unless all of you have reconnoitered, and the full discussion had, and plans made, primary, secondary, and tertiary.  You have to know when to hold, when to fold and disappear, and what to do after each of these decisions are made.  Only if you are all on one page will you hold together.

    The single most important decision you make is establishing exactly what is defensible, and when fading must start, without a moment's regret.  This is the most significant factor in battles, wars are won by not losing them, not necessarily winning them.  We won a couple dozen battles in our war of independence, we cost the British Empire too much chasing our army, for them to continue any more.  We won the war, even having lost most battles.  When we weren't winning, we faded, dropped out, left pulling an army behind us, and with our wounded helping each other out off the field, as the enemy followed a disappearing army which dissolved into nothing.

     We stand on first principles, and we intend to take back Our Nation, as rightful Sovereign Citizens, throwing out a criminal, completely unconstitutional and outlaw government.  We are facing the exact war of our founders, we fight it as they did.

     There will be times to take stands even though it looks like a total wash.  Don't worry about those, intuition and faith in God will inform us of those, and we will know we have drawn the enemy into a hole they will die in.  For the rest, we must hit, fade, and hit again.

     Take everything you've seen of Iraq and Afghanistan, but this time, watch it as if you were an Afghani.  You will see lessons you didn't before, learn them.  IED's have been the weapon or choice since high explosives were invented.  Most used against us in Vietnam were our own "duds".  We must take that perspective.  If we need such explosives, it will be because they are being used against us.  We will find duds, and they are ours to use.

     Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun, he was right then, and remains correct today.  Every idea can be business and value, or a weapon of war.  We are "tool makers", there is only one weapon, it resides between our ears.  Everything else is just a tool.

John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC

My response to this situation is and must remain classified in the event the NSA is monitoring this web site as I suspect. Rest assured that if this situation should arise an appropriate response would ensue.

John W. I suppose you are right about the NSA and monitoring. But I consider the domesticated enemy to be little different than the Islamic enemy imported for the "cause" .I Refuse to live in fear of what might be used against me by the enemy and assume everything I say --even some stuff I believe manufactured against me WILL be used against me.That is the nature of the beast. for the most part like any POW I  have learned to live each day in the moment -remembering what I can of yesterday --living just to prove the enemy wrong in their perceived assumptions.



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