Constitutional Emergency

Vets Needed With This One Too - "You hear BOOM........... Power is out no phones or internet... What Do You Do?????"


Think before answering this question. If you plan ahead you will not cower but will be able to think clearly and do what is needed and must be done.


Make many plans. Some will not work out. Practice this all the time in all surroundings you find you are in daily.



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Well I would check the local utility pole where the transformers hang to see if a transformer blew. First. I might ask neighbors to see if they are doing OK. Then maybe a drive by the local transfer station for a looky  look . If I saw any city kitty or State bull I might ask a civil question --other than that  I'd check my guns.

WOW!  Another good question.  Using cell phone -  check on family using a special call signal to meet at the prepared place.  


Again, now I will wait to be taught by a Vet. 

I have generator back up as well as solar panels and batteries.  I have amateur radio equipment that I can talk anywhere in the world.  I have a well with a generator back up for the pump.  If I run out of gas we have a spring. 

It seems that you're describing an EMP.  If motor vehicles all stop working at the same time, it's a sure thing.  The odds are that you won't hear anything.  There may be a flash, but not even that is certainty.  The first thing to do is make sure that you're not under any falling aircraft.  Grab as much water as you can carry, then start walking for home.

Set up lines of communication with friends and family members

expect the worst, think EMP and go to plan A, hold tight, assess the situation, recon the neighborhood and act accordingly depending on what I saw.....Worst case scenario, gear-up, head for pre-designated spot where others have agreed to meet if such a thing arose... 

 Evaluate the situation and go from there (at home or away from home )..

If the situation is bad go to your survival plan that you should have pre planed ,for at Home & away from home on the road or shopping ..

I would think most would have a survival ruck sack in your vehicle with enough supplies to last you for the walk home .. Atleast a  2 or 3 day supply with thought in mind of your environment & weather conditions.(proper clothing ) for your journey...

My thinking it doesnt have to be an EMP as the On-star in most cars can be used to shut your car down or at least shut enough down the roads will be blocked . Off road vehicles & others not affected  wont matter if all the bridges & overpasses are jammed & blocked,you still on foot..A sling shot is a nice companion..

Check cell phones & battery operated radios for signal(s)....go to back up devices in your "Faraday cage" for your emergency battery operated SW Radio, CB, hand held HAM, etc...Digital Scanner.. etc...Check to see if your vehicle(s) case of possible EMP....if there are any radio signals, implement your family/response team communication plan for meeting/etc....If there are no signals, except SW distance channels and modern vehicles don't work...hopefully you have an alternative plan (including at least one EMP proof vehicle, Older ATV, older motorcycle etc maybe even a bicycle) contact friends/response team....Listen for sirens (many emergency vehicles are diesel & may still operate)

You only have short time to implement plan(s) you have made to shelter in place or "bug Out"....24-48 hrs..

I hope you have a plan(s) advance....otherwise you may be in real trouble....

I'd probably grab my cell and head outside. Of course, if that boom sounded like a shot, I would arm myself first. I'd also be on the phone with 911 to clarify anything that I could find, or see if they know anything.

Ham operator or keep the landline.

Then again if you have a landline who can you call?

Everyone else just about has a cell phone only.

I have instructed my kids (adults) to get here with their children and together we will figure it out.

Get out the candles.

Everyone needs a HAND CRANK radio/short wave radio!  There are some with lights too.  At least this way you can get some sort of info even if it's only from overseas 



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