Victory In Iraq - Event to Honor and Show Appreciation for Our Troops and Veterans CHRIS HILL SHARES WHAT HAS TRANSPIRED TONIGHT on BTR


Monday 8:00 PM EST

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"Is it Scoundrel Time Yet?"

Join Chris Hill from Gathering of Eagles as he tells
The Dame Truth about the VI Rally and its cancellation,
future plans and veteran activisim in general!

As some of you may know, the June 13 rally for veterans had to be cancelled
when its backers suddenly withdrew, citing fear of "the current political climate."
This is sad commentary on our country, its government and the private sector
it appears to hold on a very short leash. Anyone who would withdraw funds previously
offered to veterans out of fear of repercussion from the current administration
is clearly in as sorry a state as the administration itself.


UPDATE IT'S ON: "Twana, we're going to move it to September 12th, Glen Beck's day to convene in DC!!!!
Trying to get Glen Beck on board too! We will have as many folks as Obama had on Inauguration Day!"

Beverly Perlson (Band of Mothers)


It's sad to learn of the postponement of the Victory Iraq celebration, but as discouraging as the turn of events is, perhaps there may be a blessing that will provide even greater honor to our warriors and America.

What better to combine recognition of our warriors, the gigantic outpouring of solidarity on 9-12-01 and the fact that our warriors have kept America safe safe since the tragic day of 9-11-01..... and to celebrate it all with a gigantic "massed force" on 9-12-09.......

Will Victory Iraq celebration now associated with the 912 TEA PARTY Washington, D.C. March start a landslide movement of all other patriotic organizations to participate and make the 912 Washington, D.C. event the largest patriotic, pro-America activity in our history?

We need prayer that the Victory Iraq event delay disappointment will be positively overshadowed exponentially by millions of Americans gathering in Washington, D.C. on September 12, 2009.........

God help us turn America back to Founding Father principles........

Harry Riley, COL USA Ret.


VI Rally Postponed
Posted on May 15, 2009 at 3:26 PM by Kathy

By Chris Hill 05/15/2009

It is with a heavy heart and more than a little anger that I must tell you all that the VI Rally scheduled for 13 June in D.C. has been cancelled. Our sponsors pulled out a couple weeks ago and though we
tried mightily to get others we have come up dry. It appears that the money guys on our side of the argument are running scared from the current political climate. The Park Service is going to pull our
permits for lack of resources; simply put, no portalets or EMT services means no rally. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but there's is simply nothing we can do.

We had commitments from Capt. Phillips of the Somali pirates event, Marcus Luttrell USN SEAL (Lone Survivor), former Congressman Duncan Hunter, Pat Dollard, various Blue and Gold Star family members, three separate musical acts, a potential video up link to Iraq, the 9/11 chopper, dragsters painted to represent the different services and an after party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Unfortunately, the hard work expended to put this together, by a number of people will now be for naught. Please don't let this discourage your efforts. It is all the more important that we redouble our efforts concerning our heroes in the desert. I hope you all understand how difficult it is for me to
send this message. Thank you for all your efforts. Manchu.

Chris Hill
Executive Director
Gathering of Eagles

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I feel that this is a blessing in disquise! 9-12 will be bigger and better, and a true celebration of patriotism. Let's push for that 1,000,000+ boots on the ground! Email everyone you can, ORielly, Levin, Rush, Hannity, Graham, etc, etc. We need flyers to start hanging around in shops, malls, race tracks, gun clubs. If we design one now, which we can download off this site, we can all start handing them out, faxing them. Let's get the word out!
I'm in and will be there. I've never been there and couldn't think of a better reason to go.
The tea bag parties on July 4 will dail. they will get no press. Go and lets encourage these people to go to DC . This is excellent!!
If we can get people on board and others; prolife goups, etc.. We can fill the Mall!!!
However this gathering happens it will be necessary for me to carpool up with people. Harry if you are taking ground transport I could tag along with you and your crew. If you are flying then I will catch a ride with some one else nearby who is driving.
God Bless America!
All permits have been rescinded by the Obama Park Nazis.
Bev with Band of Mothers will be working with Glenn Beck to combine forces with the 912 Rally on 9.12.09 in DC.
I have Facebook And MySpace accounts for business and I am sending info that way too:)
Well,I must admit that the feedback since My last post has been quite positive.Keep going,Y'all,
and even though My teeth are clenched in anger and frustration,My mind remains open.


We will be organizing from the Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Area for 9/12...we are going...
More info to come soon on the PA State portion of PFA.
Do not let this discourage us. Nothing would please obama more then to think that we were just people that gave up so easily. Things happen for a reason and we should just plow forward and be proud that we still have the freedom to do this. Gods love will shine through and does daily with people like you and those that support these efforts with what ever means they have. God bless you all. Frosty
I attended the first Gathering Of Eagles in DC I'm happy to say. Here ia a page on it I added to my troop support site
I met Move America Forward Rally in Richmond + we traveled together in a Convoy to DC.
The Red-White+Blue Cavalier was mine. Now I'm working on a Red-White+Blue van to support our brave men + women in uniform.



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