Constitutional Emergency

[Video] Marine Vet Told by Apartment Complex – Get Rid of All of Your Guns or Get Out!

What has happened to the people of Colorado?  A beautiful State under the control of those that oppose everything American..........

If there are friends in Colorado, try to wake them up.

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Do the rules of the complex clearly state that guns are not permitted?

Telephone number of the complex.........

Oakwood Apartments

559 Oakwood Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Tel: 303-688-5080  

 I called them got a lady that was their answering service. I  told her why I called she said she would have someone call me back from Oakwood Apartments ..Still waiting  ,doubt they ever call...

I had tried the "contact" feature I filled out the form but could never get past their little "Prove you are a human" game to send my E mail my guess they blocked out all  the contact via E mail .. 

   The apartments are under  Ross management company  

   Glad to hear they backed off ..

PFA,  Mr. Riley, My friend, Navy  Vet  outside  of  Denver,  IS  Well  aware.. including  the  Pot--grow;; the  rules  change  quickly  to  protect  WHO...??  You  know...I'm  trying  to  resist  vulgar  language..!!

You go Ron.........we haven't stifled free speech completely........we try to keep it civil............

BREAKING: Colorado Apartment Complex Backs Down on Gun Ban, Marine Vet Can Keep His Guns and His Home

Thanks Edd Forke!!  iI was about to use the # that Harry Riley just posted and call them and give them a piece of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the  update Edd....................great news....I suspect "a couple rogue managers(IRS) started the policy the pressure has gotten to management............

well can hold your mouth if you want to, but me...nah WTF. I am sorry the Vets of OUR Country deserve more respect than gave your "Blood, Sweat and Tears" for OUR Country. I know my Dad is turning over in his grave because of all this. I am truly sorry that the obamaism government has disrespected you all so much. I wished there is something I could do for this Vet but I can't. Thank you Sir for your service.

We have to get these idiots out of office, what ever it takes.

Chris,  Mr. Riley,  knows   how  `I've  talked  before, one  slap  on   the  wrist,  How  we  vets  speak  at  Freedom  rides  and  VFW's  continues  to  scorch  the  ears  of  many..!! I  learned  from  the  best  Marine Corp  SGT.  1965   he has  passed  God  bless  him..!!

Don't know what they did to the phone lines and email, but you couldn't get in.. I am so glad to read below the MGMT. CO has CAVED... this is wonderful... Watch all of the video.

Thank you Ed Forke....

BREAKING: Colorado Apartment Complex Backs Down on Gun Ban, Marine Vet Can Keep His Guns and His Home




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