If people learnt to do their own PRIVATE criminal prosecutions under CRIMINAL law (which still uphold Common Law) & prosecute these "thugs", then they wouldn't be so arrogant about doing as they pleased as they wouldn't be getting away with it.

Private criminal prosecutions are now being done very successfully by the people in the UK against corrupt so called (because they aren't any more) public servants, including police (many are being jailed as criminal law has hefty jail terms attached to it).

Forget about lawyers, they are a part of the corrupt system (it owns them). By running a private criminal prosecution YOU are the prosecutor & "run the show". The system has convinced people that only police or public prosecutors can bring a criminal prosecution but this is yet another lie to subdue the people into compliance.

Learn how to speak to the judge so that they do not try to interfere with the process of law & jury tampering (as they so often try to do, which in itself is a criminal offence). Then learn how to instruct juries on their rights & responsibilities as many people do not know that juries own the courtroom (not the judge) & that they have the power to nullify bad laws!!

Bundy Video

Learn how to instruct juries ~ Everyone needs to join & support this great work.

Jail4judges ~ Another very important movement which people need to support.

Take back the laws to the foundational Common Law where the people once again decide, under their Constitution & it fixes all other problems. "They" use bad laws & overzealous thugs to enforce their will upon the people so by taking this area back into the hands of the people, goes a long way to keeping them honest!

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