Constitutional Emergency

The US Congress;
Congress versus We-The-People;

We The People of these United States of America created and ordained our Federal Government.
We granted this Government certain Limited powers and authority.
We also made it absolutely certain that this Government could NOT infringe upon, deny, or remove many of the rights and authorities reserved for the People.
Those rights and powers reserved to We-The-People are specifically stated and written down within what we now know as the “Bill of Rights”, these are the first ten amendments to our Constitution.
The People of the United States of America also reserved certain rights and liberties known as our “Inalienable” rights granted by our creator.
The Federal Government of these United States of America is very specifically and deliberately, purposefully, restricted and forbidden from infringing upon or attempting to delete, deny, or eliminate those rights which have been reserved to We-The-People.
The politicians in Washington D.C. seem to have forgotten these fundamental principals upon which the Government was created. And so have many of the people in this nation today.

The US Federal Government belongs to We-The-People.
The politicians that we send to Washington are our Representatives, they are NOT our leaders.
It's time for these “Representatives” and Also the people of these United States of America to be reminded of these fundamental principals by which and through which this nation was founded.

Those “Representatives” in Washington who knowingly and willfully attempt to eliminate, delete, or deny these “inalienable” rights, and any of those rights reserved to the people through the first ten amendments to our Constitution, are violating these fundamental principals of our Government.

By attempting to eliminate, delete, or deny any of the rights reserved to We-The-People these politicians are immediately guilty of abuses of authority and guilty of attempting to overthrow the Constitutional REPUBLIC of The United States of America.
It matters not one bit if the people of their specific voting states or districts have voted for their representatives to follow such a path or not. These “Representatives” are guilty of violations against the Constitutional Republic and against the Constitution. Even if the people of their districts agree or not.

It is time for these politicians and for the People to both learn these fundamental aspects and principals of our Constitutional REPUBLIC.

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People in this country, either haven't read or understood what they read in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, don't care or want this country to be something it was not setup to be, for example "Socialism, Communism, Islam, Markism, Progressives, etc. People have been dumbed down by the educational system starting in pre-school, all the way through a PH.D. educations. People have not been taught Civics, Economics and definately haven't been taught critical thinking which are the major areas for people to pull themselves up by the bootstrap to a better life. It is all about what the government can do for me, free, free, free.......people don't want to put in the Hard Work to be successful. They would rather sit a home, smoke their weed, collect welfare for them and their kids who get knocked up by some bum down the street and then they go on Welfare, food stamps and live better than I do, and I have worked all of my life since I was 15 years old....... the learning curve is about to start for these folks and it will not be pretty and many will not survive what is about to hit them and soon.

 Sometimes I just sound off with a reply, it may be off topic, but they do not care about America's Constitution. And I know a lot of you, have seen the stories about white genocide, as it turns out this may not be true.

Blacks and whites that are Christians and being genocide. 

More to share later.



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