VOLUNTEER Needed ASAP: who can write "SPIN READY TEXT"

The American Spring PR Team needs a Volunteer ASAP!

Can you write SPIN READY TEXT? 

If so, reply in Comments and you will be contacted by the PR Team


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I would be happy to help and I am an experienced writer. Currently write articles for The American Journal and have written for political associations during the last two presidential campaigns.  I tell it like it is kind of O'Reilly style and will not post anything that can't stand up to scrutiny.  Let me know.

Chester (Chet) Hale



I can do it not a problem, let me know when and where you want it... I am ready on the PC all day

I could do this but it appears you already have some very good offers.....blessings on all of you.

I've written many articles published in local newspaper and edited and shadow co-authored a book on the public school disasters.

Don't know what Spin Text is...But I will try to help if you guide me.

rdhopa@aol.com Inverness FL.

I'd be happy to volunteer... I'm a smart alec with a B.S. in BS!

I'd love to volunteer but I lack the technical skills to do as you wish. Too bad as I can write as eloquently and articulately as the best of them, because I am one of them! Tough to be older and lacking in what is currently necessary for success.

I am pretty busy at times with my business but I can write. I am fairly well versed on the political turmoil we now stand. I do and have realized for some time now that our country is in deep trouble. I would like an example of what you might like to see written and about so I can better answer your request. Also so it is known, I have not one problem putting my real name on any thing I write as I have nothing to hide. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

I do on most days read a ton of what is going on, sometimes up to near 10k words and have written up to 3k a day.



There are entities that want us to MASS ASSEMBLE where radicals can stir violence and we get swept up in the media portrayal and get hauled off to jail or worse with no benefits to us. People talk of getting President Obama and administration out of office, but don’t say who they will put in, just like Arab Spring. 

Unless we turn back to the land as God guides in all holy books, we will continue to be enslaved for a lifetime to pay salaries of government employees to do what we should do ourselves. We could quickly have a garden paradise lifestyle that
heals our air, water, land, food and our bodies with our families enjoying thanksgiving daily for God’s goodness. Cry out for God’s wisdom as written in the Bible to rule our nation and establish the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven. 
The way is prepared. Divine-Way.com has information showing Communist activities is our nation that we can only overcome by wanting God’s wisdom and commandments to rule our nation.

Stay in peace, it gives the government no authority to use military or police against us. Our freedom of religion and our US Constitution guarantee our rights. Non-violent, non-compliance is the strength our enemies cannot overcome.


Would the text or or article already be written or would it need to be wrote?

What software is to be used?

Full word, sentence, paragraph and even full article spinning?

Who picks the keywords, key phase, or key paragraph. There are many options. I understand what you are looking for. Depending on what you are looking for, this could get very time consuming. 10 min. to six hours.

Stay in peace, it gives the government no authority to use military or police against us. Our freedom of religion and our US Constitution guarantee our rights. Non-violent, non-compliance is the strength our enemies cannot overcome.  Use social media often and respectfully giving our lawful reasons for disapproval.  We are seeking change, not confrontation like Arab Springs.

Would you use our words ?

We will not use profanity,or any cutting words,

We will use the words that the democrate communists use, against them.

if our talking points make the grade would they make it to the national microphone?

We are right now having doctor appointments for the next ten days,but we are interested.

contact email only-----sclasson@bellsouth.net

skip and denise classon

In writing, PLEASE be aware that the Marxist/Socialist/Communist Teachers and Professors Unions have had complete control of our public schools K-16+ for 40+ years!!!!  They have completely changed some of our most important words....and replaced them with their own....to be used in the classrooms as they brainwashed/mind-controlled our captive audience children.....turning them into lifelong (2 generations) of either thinking Liberal Socialist Democat  VOTERS..(or)  dumbed down, drop-outs-- 50% of our kids, into government dependent entitlement young people/young adults--ALSO VOTERS!! LOW INFORMATION ONES...THE MASSES!  THE OCCUPIERS!.  Because we have not been able to awaken pastors/Christians to this fact....they didn't want to hear any of it for40+ years, we have what we have today.

When writing, we have to let them know THATWE KNOW what they did...because they still think we are stupidly unaware of this huge tactic....changing our language.  E.g., they replace VIRTUES, which our country was founded on, and are immutable--unchangeable right and wrong absolutes, to VALUES--and values are completely changeable....Homosexuals value their lifestyle and fight for their rights under values; Abortionists value killing babies and fight for it; Women led into Radical feminism which  destroys the white and all males--emasculates them....and so on.....they changed our LOVE MAKING ACT to SEX ACT....instinctual do it anywhere, anytime, anyplace.,,,10-11-12 year old children...EVOLUTION THEORY (NOT FACT--BUT TAUGHT AS FACT TO OUR KIDS) creates in the child's mind by mind-control, that they are nothing more than animals....with instincts...SEX...just do it safely...yeah!!  LOVE-MAKING created for human beings made in God's image for a couple expressing LOVE for each others righteousness character traits and for marriage, is not taught at all. 

So I write this so that the words that the Liberals use......Forward!  Hope and Change!  Inequalities!  Racism!  Pro-Homosexual Lifestyles of which there are 33!  Pre-marital Sex...no men needed as Fathers!  Abortion!  Environmentalism!  Global Warming/Climate Change!  Globalism--New World Order!  Redistribution of wealth and Mandatory Volunteerism----these are ALL SPOKES IN THE WHEEL OF COMMUNISM...AND ARE ALL ACTIVELY TAUGHT TO OUR CHILDREN FOR 40+ YEARS....PLUS MANY, MANY MORE----AND THE FATHER OF IT IN THE USA IS GEORGE SOROS, VALERIE JARRETT, (THE SHADOW PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT),  OBAMA AND ALL HIS UNELECTED CZARS APPOINTED BY SOROS AND JARRETT VIA THEIR PUPPET.....WE HAVE TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST.

THANKS dear ones for all you are doing.



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