VOLUNTEER Needed ASAP: who can write "SPIN READY TEXT"

The American Spring PR Team needs a Volunteer ASAP!

Can you write SPIN READY TEXT? 

If so, reply in Comments and you will be contacted by the PR Team


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We will be responding to their words of lies,and they will not be for the faint of heart,but we will not use any profanity,-BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS IN THE RING...

http://publisheer.com/Pages/5/Article+Spinner/  this looks automatic.  If you need anything in the future.

That's it!

What a great site.

Thank You, Larry! re spin text....should have been defined as such from the very beginning and would have saved many, many back and forths....so time consuming!  THANK YOU....I now know I could do that very well!!!!  Blessings!

No problem, just here to help. I'm a geek with a gun that believes in God.

These links may be helpful: 

UBot Studio - $Spin is a Text Function:   




Text Re-Writer -- API:    


Looks like we got it....

I find in much that I write I do not spin, I tell it how it is and where my core and the truth lead me!  If you have to spin something then its not authentic or real and finally truthful.  To amp a subject but holding true to the value and truth of an issue with factual information is the key to being understood and shows great character.  If this an audition ok, but please only contact me if you want me to write the truth in an eloquent way!  Thank you!!

Oh yes, I can write,  Check out my comments on Front Page Magazine, or Tea Party or my blog Right Side of Left Coast.  Google my full name "Vladimir Val Cymbal".  Here is a short bio on me: 

I am a US citizen by choice and am passionate about my adopted country.  English is my third language as I lived in two countries in Europe before coming to America.  I also have working knowledge of several others.  Since coming to America I have lived (more than a year) in South East Asia and shorter times in Canada and Mexico.  NYC was the first location in America where I lived and then moved to Nebraska and finally in California.  I served in the US Army with an Military Intelligence  MOS (look it up).  I attended several Colleges and Universities including UCLA and University of Bangkok.  My first W2 job was as a glazer repairing hail damaged Airport Hangers in Grand Island Nebraska.  I worked on farms milking cows, irrigating crops, harvesting alfalfa and wheat.  I worked as computer manager for several companies and had several of my own companies.  The first was an outsourcing service while in High School.  My latest was a computer company selling computer hardware and software in several states.  I played in several bands and led my own band playing at several nightclubs in Los Angeles area including Hollywood.  We also played private parties, colleges, and universities. 


I like most types of music (country western to classical – opera & ballet - to jazz to folk).  Tennessee Walker is my favorite horse type.  I used to play tennis and skied but not so much lately.  I blog and write comments on the net.




HI, you know there is no need to know how to write in that spintax jargon anymore. I have access to the all time best (as far as I'm concerned) spin re-writer software that has ever been produced. This software actually learns as it goes and all the synonyms are correctly placed so that the sentences and paragraphs are so natural that you couldn't tell who wrote it.You can take one paragraph and spin it a 1000 times and have 1000 unique writings. It is that good!

May be e can let a computer do all the composing and writing.  Then we all can just put our buts on the couch and have a computer do all the work.  Oh wait, that is too much like what we have been doing and getting our buts kicked by the Marxist, Socialists, Globalists, Islamists, and others bent on destroying our Republic.  Maybe we just should try getting things done the old fashion way and work at rescuing this nation.



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