VOLUNTEER Needed ASAP: who can write "SPIN READY TEXT"

The American Spring PR Team needs a Volunteer ASAP!

Can you write SPIN READY TEXT? 

If so, reply in Comments and you will be contacted by the PR Team


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Have you volunteered for anything, Mr CymbaL?

Just a little.  I am the vice president of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club for over a decade.  Board member of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans for many years. Tea Party member.  I have spoken on Islam at several club and group meetings.  Was a delegate to CRP. CCR, and CRA for several years.  I walked precincts door to door and placed lawn signs for many candidates and bills, volunteered as poll watcher for many elections, watched ballot counting in LA and Ventura counties, I traveled to out of my county campaign efforts, and served two terms on Assembly District Executive board.  I have traveled to Sacramento and Washington DC to deliver petitions more than once, and argued against Republicans against certain propositions on various bills in Sacramento.  I also have been attending various rallies for over ten years now.  In 1976 I was on the US bicentennial committee in Los Angeles.  I was also very active serving as president and vice president on several Los Angeles fraternal/gymnastic and arts and entertainment  organizations prior to that .  At the age of 6 I did several broadcasts for Radio Free Europe from Austria.  So to make it short, yes I have done some volunteer work in my life.

Doug, are you talking about The Best Spinner? If so, I tried it, and found it to be very difficult to learn and also inferior to the structures that I wrote without using it.  I found that it gave me synonyms that were irrelevant to what I was endeavoring to express, and therefore useless. If you know of a better spinner, I would like to give it a try.  Thanks!


Is there anyway you can provide a sample and accept an example of work?

Okay, let me get some things sqared around here and I'll get some examples put together and send them off.

Sounds good.

Sorry, sounds like you need a cross between Marc Morano and Optimus Prime.

I'm just a normal human who can type his thoughts.  

Good luck.

I have written numerous articles.  Give me a subject area and a time frame for completion and I will see what I can do.

Not only can I write what we need, I have a Daily National Christian Talk Show where we spin the News everyday.

Here is Today's Morning Preview. * A Perfect Oxymoron!
Putin, To Nuke Mecca, If Olympics Attacked. 
Obama Flew In Thousands of Illegal Muslims to America.
(Is It Just Me, or Is something going wrong Here?) 

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Yea, cause that is what Jesus taught right?  To lie and confuse the People?  Screw "Truth setting us free"?

How do you even have the audacity to call yourself a Christian?

I may possibly be able to accomplish this, more than willing to give it a try!
I was recently tested by Vocational Rehab, and scored in the highest for my ability to communicate verbally and written with the English language.
Shove that shoe this way, and let's see if it's the glass slipper!

Why would you want "Spin" on it?  Are you just trying to spread propaganda?  Shouldn't the goal be just to give the facts and real information without bias?



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