VOLUNTEER Needed ASAP: who can write "SPIN READY TEXT"

The American Spring PR Team needs a Volunteer ASAP!

Can you write SPIN READY TEXT? 

If so, reply in Comments and you will be contacted by the PR Team


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This has nothing to do with "spinning" news or creating propaganda as you might think.  It's unfortunate that the term used for this type of html coding is called "spin text".  All it means is to write an article using coding that can be published repeatedly without advertising penalties, so that OAS can get its message out and spread it far and wide. The message is still truth.  For example, the message "Jesus is Lord" converted to spin text would look like this:  {Jesus|The Son of God|Our Savior|The Messiah} is {Lord|King of Kings|Lord of Lords|Almighty God}. The use of synonyms allows for search engines to spread the same message exponentially to a much wider audience. No worries!


Odd that they didn't cover any of that in my software engineering classes, especially when we were covering HTML.  Also odd that it doesn't come up on the web, or at http://www.w3schools.com/.

The only thing that even came close to to that was an HTML5 Template: http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/spin-responsive-html5-template/

Do you know of a site that speaks about this more?  What you are speaking of sounds more like SEO, search engine optimization functionality.

You are right, this is related to SEO.  Have a look at this wiki site.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_spinning.  Also see:  http://phillipjstone.com/article-spinning-what-is-article-spinning/ 

If we speak the truth why do we need to spin it?

Kraig Cummings

If we speak the truth why do we need to spin it?



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