If Democrats win big in November by holding the Senate and re-taking the House our Republic will die.

A sweeping Democrat victory in this November midterm elections can only spell doom for freedom loving people across this nation. If Democrats re-take the House of Representatives and hold on to the senate, then Barack Obama will have exactly what he needs to finish the "fundamental transformation" of this country.

A Democrat victory would also ensure "immigration reform" aka amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens and with that we would see the virtual end to any electoral chances in the future for Conservatives.
Ever since the 2010 elections, when Republicans won the House, we've seen a polarization of not just political parties, but ideology as well. The Democrat Party has gone so far to the left, they don't resemble the DNC of just 30 years ago. They've taken "liberalism" and blown it up into something that doesn't even resemble what true liberalism is anymore. In fact, the majority of Democrats want "government" to encompass every aspect of our lives. They want a virtual plethora of rules and regulations that govern the individual from the moment we wake, till the moment we close our eyes to go to sleep. It's truly scary just how much control the Democrats want over our lives.
Our government have caused the citizens of our country to become more divided than any other time in our history, citing racist and hate driven rhetoric and propaganda.
The nations economy is on the brink of collapse with an unsustainable deficit.
Our children are being educated under “Common Core” in our public school system, which was designed by our government as mind manipulation and taking away the rights of the parents. This is the reason “Home Schooling” is under attack.
High ranking military leadership have been retired, released or forced out of the ranks thus putting our soldiers at greater risk, without the wisdom, experience and knowledge those leaders could contribute. Thus reducing our military to its weakest point in history. This is no accident, it is their agenda of a U.N. take-over.
Right now, there are several law enforcement agencies that have solicited for and received arms, ammunition and, in some cases, armored vehicles that have no reason having hardware like that. The federal government is "bulking-up" and getting ready for some really big event. Do they know something we don't? That's kind of scary all by itself. It's like the government is getting ready for a hostile takeover.
Can you imagine what would happen if both the House and the Senate were under Democrat control? Obama would have carte blanche on whatever harebrained scheme he wanted to pull off. And if that were the case, there would be absolutely nothing you or I could do about it because it would all be tied together with legally because it was passed by both houses of Congress.
For instance, can you imagine what Dianne Feinstein would do if she knew she had the votes to pass a gun legislation bill? Or what about the left's obsession with man-made global warming? Or make changes within the “United States Constitution” and eliminate the “Bill of Rights”, thus taking away all of our rights!

All we have gotten from Barack Obama for six years is rhetoric and ideology, not solutions to the many problems that this nation faces. There are too many instances that have gone by, where he could have done something to actually fix some of the many problems we have right now. Instead, we got feigned outrage and too many promises to get to the bottom of things. Right now (once again) there are more problems outside the United States and our president just can't seem to make up his mind as to what he will do about it.
One thing is certain though, when Obama had both houses of Congress, he passed the single most un-popular piece of legislation in history next to prohibition, the Affordable Care Act. And since that law was passed he has made several illegal "fixes" to it. One of the most crucial parts of that law, the Employer Mandate that was delayed by executive action, will hit the American people right after the midterm elections. And if you thought the roll-out was a mess ....just wait. Millions more will lose their insurance and be dumped on to the government exchanges. And while all this is going on, democrats like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been enriching themselves with tax payer money. It's almost like they don't even care that we know they are robbing us blind.
A sweeping Democrat victory in November would be the final nail in the coffin for this nation and the Republic would be forever lost....We can't let that happen.

Vote for responsible Constitutional Leadership who will defend, protect and up hold the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights!


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