OK People! We have reps from Indiana who betrayed the American people and voted for the socialized, marxist healthcare bill. We need to make it our responsibility to vote them out in the next election. The following is a list of those who voted for the bill.

District 1- Peter Visclosky- D
District 2- Joe Donelly- D
District 7- Andre Carson- D
District 8- Brad Ellsworth- D
District 9- Baron Hill- D (this is my district, and this man voted for the healthcare bill and cap & trade! He absolutely will not listen to the people! He had the nerve to say at the townhall meeting that he would not let anyone tell him how to run 'his' townhall meeting, just as he would not let anyone tell him how to run 'his' congressional office. This man needs to remember who his boss is!!!! We need to put him in the market for a new job!) I will post a link to site for Reps and how they vote as soon as I can. If anyone else has that info, please post it.

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Hi Patricia. I am in District 9 also. As far as Hill is concerned, in my book, he is a traitor and a waist of skin. I am voting for Travis Hankins. Good man!
Hi Dwight. You are right about Hill. I am going to make sure everyone else in this district knows, too. He cares only about himself, not about the people. I will actively work to get him voted out this next time.
Baron Hill needs to go and next year is to late. I encourage all of you in District 9 to take a serious look at Travis Hankins. He is the real deal and untainted by the party or politics as usual.
I agree with you Mad Dog- Hill needs to go and next year is too late. And Travis Hankins must be a good man, As Dwight mentioned him too. I will definitely take a look at him, do some campaigning.
Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh need to be voted out next election cycle. Flip the House and Senate 2010.
Yes Bob, these senators/representatives who will not listen to the people need to go. They think they know what is best for the people. They have forgotten who they work for. Actually, I don't think they have forgotten anything. They think there is nothing We the People can or will do. We need to show them what we are capable of in the next election. It is important that we all actively work to get them out and good conservative candidates in who will listen to the people and be accountable. Hopefully, there will be a next election and we will make it there as a country. We need PRAYER!



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