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VOTER FRAUD ~ Have you ever wondered why we cannot vote the incumbents out? HOW TO FIX IT!

A few weeks ago I heard Mr Mac Sperry interviewed on a blog talk radio broadcast. The topic was Voter Fraud. Mr Sperry (mac) has been researching it for 16+yrs. He came up with Vva ~ Verified Voter Audit. It works like an "exit poll on steroids."

It is amazingly subtle, simple, & can be put into place in a fairly short time. For me to explain it all here would be like re-writing his website. Plus, he is the creator & explains it very well. The most important issue is that w/o it, we cannot get a fair vote. And, we MUST!! Americans have been victims of election fraud since the mid 1800's.

I have spent some time talking on the phone with Mr Sperry, & I believe he will be joining this site. Please take a look at his site. Let's turn this into a "working" discussion re: how to solve the massive voter fraud in our nation. I believe Twana tried to do this once before, but I cannot find that discussion or blog anywhere. It certainly will not hurt to re-visit the issue.

Mr Sperry's website:

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In order to address the issue of voter fraud, Mac Sperry, Manuel Lombas, & I have started a Facebook group. It is called How to Rescue America. This group will be entirely devoted to educating citizens about Vva. This stands for Voter Verified Audit, which is the brainchild of 16+yrs of research on Mr Sperry's part. We will discuss how to implement it in all 50 states by the November election. If you are interested, please join us.

I've been asked by the lady who made this post to drop in and say a few words, so, here goes:

I am mac Sperry and I have come up with a system by which ordinary citizens can come together in a rigidly structured, ad-hoc manner to verify their own vote. It is called "Vva" (pronounced: veevuh) and is an acronym for “Voter verified audit". Vva is the citizen-conducted equivalent of an “exit poll”, except this exit poll is on steroids!

What gives Vva its titanic power is that it answers the one big question no vote security system in use today can satisfactorily answer: “Who can best be trusted to incorruptibly verify the vote?" Vva's resounding answer is: “voters themselves”.

Think about it: Who counts your change when you buy something? You do! Who balances your checkbook? You do! And who verifies that the vote you cast is the vote that gets counted? Answer: Nobody! That's right, 'Nobody'! You see, the registrar only “certifies” the entire vote, it doesn't (and can't) “verify” your individual vote or even the entire vote.

Let's differentiate between the words certify and verify. “Certify” essentially means “We have a system and we 'certify'(i.e.-take our word for it) that that system operated as expected and has output a winner and a loser”. “Verify” on the other hand means essentially “we have counted the vote and another independent entity (you) has also counted the same vote separately and both of the counts agree. We therefore consider this vote to be irrefutable & beyond dispute”. See the difference? Which would you feel more comfortable with?

The “verifiable” nature of Vva makes it so robust as compared to the shabby, superficial nature of the “certifiable” vote count of the registrar, that in a fair court, a registrars count that disagrees with a Vva would most appropriately have to be set aside.

A Vva can be setup in less than 3 weeks (10 days if rushed), is simple to operate and in and of itself returns the U.S. into the hands of its rightful owners, its citizens, in 14 hours flat! And all without a shot being fired.

Yes, there will be resistance from some registrars but many, if not most, will actually welcome a Vva. They may well assist in any way they can, as most believe fully and are quite proud of, the good they do through their efforts in regard to the vote. No, Vva will completely end any question & any doubt as to the veracity of the vote and that is something most everyone will be quite happy to see.

Read the article: Why You Can't Vote Them Out: and see for yourself. Then see the protocols for conducting a Vva:

I guarantee, no matter what your particular issue is, when we finally get the vote back after some 140 years of its absence (it all started w/ the introduction of "secret" ballots just after the civil war), everything will just start to “happen”. Things will begin to just kinda' fall into place all by themselves, no marches, no shouting, no war, no sweat.

I'll will make myself available here if you have questions/mac

Hi Mac

How will the Vva work on electronice voting machines like the ones
Soros allegedly has stock in?


It Doesn't. Vva doesn't impinge upon, operate with or become a part of the system it is checking. It is completely "separate" from that system (the registrars vote). It becomes simply an "image" of what the registrar uses not at all unlike making a copy of this and pasting it some place else/mac

All you have to do is look at Nevada and the last election with Harry Reid... SEIU had full control of the electronic in the voting booths. A voter would pick Sharran Angle and before they hit the enter key the vote would change to Dirty Harry and the election board said it was because you rubbed your coat sleeve on the screen and changed the vote, when they were in short sleeve shirt... Pure voter fraud from the start....

Murkowski lost the primary then won the election??? Voter fraud had to happen for this to happen. Not only did she lie to the people she fraudulently stole the election!!!!!!!!!!!!!


W/Vva you can say "goodbye" to Murkowski and "hello" to good government/mac


The Reid fiasco could have never been pulled off had there been a Vva conducted there/mac

Mac, first thanks for joining us here on PFA forums. I've been complaining about voter (vote) fraud for about 40 years. There is absolutely no question there has been and still is a massive amount of fraud in our elections. This 2012 election is so critical to our survival as a free nation that I finally decided it was time for me to get involved. I signed up to be a delegate to the Texas Repbulican party convention in Forth Worth last month and I'm also signed up as the precinct chairman (no opposition) in my community.
Your Vva system is very interesting. (Thanks for doing all that work and research). The prospects of having a method of checks-and-balances dependant on the voter themselves makes a lot of sence. Some people may say it's akin to the Iraqi people sticking their thumbs in purple ink to signify they had voted. It is a system of varification, but unlike the Iraqi bottle of ink, this Vva system could tell us who they voter for.
I do however have more questions than I can possibly post here right now. If I'm interpreting it correctly the Vva system would require about 10,000 sheets of double sheet pages (carbon copy sheets) for a community with a 7,000 population.
If I have to I will pay for those sheets and pages myself in my community and precinct, but in general who do you typically envision paying for all this?
A county wide system would require far more copies than my little precinct, the county would have to foot the bill. And that could get involved. Now ask the State of Texas or California to print those pages and sheets. It sounds like this system could get expensive.
Also - - How can we get (convince) our local/county/state voter registrars to agree to using this system? My local county clerk even tried to tell me that the Electoral College system only came into effect during the PRIMARY elections, and NOT the general elections. She suggested I take a college course in the Constitution. (Maybe that can serve as an indication of the caliber of the officials we're dealing with here). That's when I decided to sign up as a delegate and the precinct chair.
I'm going to monitor this discussion and hope you are as well. Thanks for the efforts and I hope we can manage to figure out something to stop the fraud this November.


>>who do you typically envision paying for all this? - - If an "ordinary" Vva is conducted (probably your 1rst will be this) Then each precinct of say 1,000 citizens and 700 voters would require a 10% sample or 70 sheets. I'm on social Security. If you have trouble paying for it contact me. I'll find the money somewhere.

Other than the printing there's not much more; a couple of tables, pencils etc. and a website to serve-up the "statements" so Vva participants could "verify" their vote. Also, if a printer were to provide these carbon-sheets gratis then whenever I others needed printing he'd sure get my business.

>>and I hope we can manage to figure out something to stop the fraud this November. - - Vva can be setup and operational in less than 3 weeks (10 days if rushed). See the protocol for Vva named "Jefferson" on my website: - it's listed there just under the original article "Why You Can't vote Them Out"/mac

In my county, all elections are held by mail.  Since I don't know how to do Facebook, can you give me some idea if this would work or not.


Vva is a descendent of an idea of mine that was originally published in a think-tank in 2004 on The original idea (I called it "Verifier") was for the checking of absentee ballots using a "parallel" system similar to what ultimately became Vva. I'll publish it soon. It will work for you with little modification. Actually, I now believe the ideal system to be a mail system checked by Verifier

It was contained in my eBook Desiderata of the /citizen Vote in 2007. Don't try to buy the book though as I've received a report that there are some screwy things that occur with it. It takes the money but doesn't send the book. I'm working on that now/mac



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