Constitutional Emergency

Voter fraud and illegal voter registrations;

We have all heard of the numbers of illegals and dead people who are/were registered to vote in our National and State elections. We know that over the past 10-20 years there has been widespread voter fraud in nearly every State. Even the IRS has taken notice of this (from the wrong side) when they deliberately delayed the tax-exempt status of the group named “True The Vote”. A group of private citizen's that have been working to try to force States and elections officials to enact policies to help verify each ballot cast was entered by a legal and legitimately registered voter. Many of us have now seen the YouTube video of the Arizona man stuffing the Ballot box with thousands of ballots. Many States have now enacted voter ID laws. The story is not new, but the problem is widespread. And it is increasing in it's severity. The problems have grown so vast and so prevalent that many people now simply don't even bother to vote any more. They say “why bother – it's all fixed anyway”.

That propaganda in it self is all part of the voter and false election scheme, it's a piece of the propaganda program that is aimed at getting the opposition to stay at home, and don't bother to vote. Remember when the quote of the week was from Joesph Stalin, “ It doesn't matter how many vote, or who they vote for – it only matters who counts the votes”.

Well I'm here to tell you that voter fraud and voter registration fraud is NOT a political game. It IS in fact an attempt to alter the outcomes of our legal voter and election systems. Deliberately filing a voter registration of someone who is either deceased or who is illegal is a Felony. It is no less than an attempt to over throw our State and National elections and our Government through voter and election fraud. It is either Treason if perpetrated by an America citizen, or it is an attack against America if perpetrated by a non-citizen.

Here at Patriots For America, and Operation America Spring, our mission for the past eight years has been to restore our Constitution and to restore America to a Constitutional Republic.

Since our mission to Washington DC last May 16th, OAS has taken on a new focus and direction with the same goal in mind. OAS and now more in the past few months PFA, has joined in to the battle on trying to restore American Common Law. The legal systems and a judiciary system upon which this Nation was Founded.

The Common Law is not only the only system of justice mentioned in the Constitution, but it is the

system which the Constitution itself was based and written on.

Either way, which ever system of justice we employ, (Common Law or the De-Facto Federal Justice department) Voter Fraud and voter registration fraud is still a felony and it is treason.

One thing PFA and OAS people can do is help expose those individuals involved in this illegal voter registration scheme. We need names and identities of those involved.

And we need to make sure they stand trial. And if convicted they should spend the next 75-100 years in prison.

We should be seeking out and identifying those people who are working in the agencies and companies that replaced ACORN, the voter registration people.

Q? IS Barack Hussein Obama registered to vote anywhere? Has he voted anywhere?
Every election cycle we hear and see news clips about the president going to a ballot box and casting a vote for himself. Where did Barack Hussein Obama vote?

Illegally registering and casting a vote is a felony offence.

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