Constitutional Emergency

walid shoebat talking about MB strongman...MALIK OBAMA... michael savage talikng with walid shoebat talking about MALIK OBAMA...yes!!!!!


the us presidents half brother who's a big shot in the international muslim brotherhood,just listen to what he has to say.


This is very important to know and understand.

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This should NOT be a surprise to anyone here. And no matter how much proof they show, our Government Officials will never do sh** about it. I don't know what the people are to do at this point. I try to vote my heart and still these evil people manage to get relected to office. They want to (and are going to) destroy America. By 2016 we may NOT have an America left. So even though people are digging up this info we are screwed big time. We can only hope something is left come 2016 and then we have a true Conserative put in office that is willing to save the US.

There is but one way to remove this slime.. That is a coup or ???  I believe every single word Shoebat has said, it makes total sense.. Now what do you think about the IRS and his Brother, along with Lerner?

Carolyn - You are thinking the same thing MANY REAL American's are thinking!!!!! 

In 2014 start the house cleaning in the government.

Good!  When does Barack Husein Obama get onto that list?  He's earned it in my book.  He supports our enemies with money, ammo and arms, he promotes them to help run DHS, he also has six Muslim Brotherhood advisers in the White House. 

In Audacity of Hope, Obama says, "I will stand with the Muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction."  Page 261

As Commander-In-Chief he abandoned our diplomat and patriotic soldiers to the hands of the Radicals and allowed them to be brutalized and killed.

I'd say he should be at the top of the list!



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