Wanna see what your tax dollars are paying for? Thank the trojan horse in our whitehouse and those who support him!

SYRIA: Barack Hussein Obama is supporting, funding, and ordering the US military train the people in this video (WARNING: Very Graphic Images)

The U.S.-backed FSA (Free Syrian Army) now is comprised mainly of al-Qaeda and other terrorist-linked rebels, whom the UN says were likely behind the recent chemical attacks.  Obama doesn’t care. The missiles he is planning to launch will help them.

There are approx. 1,000 U.S. troops training these jihadist ‘rebels’ in Jordan. And the money he is using to fund and train them is coming from the American taxpayers. Send this video to your representatives and tell them to stop funding this Islamic savagery.

You can watch the video here

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Claim 15 kids.

And congress/senate is doing what about it?

With people like that maybe it would be better if we just got out of that part of the world and let them kill each other off.  If we spent the money drilling for our own oil we would have no need for the Middle East.


I agree they do need to be tried for treason this just show me we have people running our military without a pair they do anything oscumbags wants

For the last four years any one in the military that stands up against this administration is quietly retired or sent to some obscure posting and never heard from again.

I noticed that this article has 153 views. I am going to bet with anyone that less than 5 people watched the film all the way through. Most wussies watched the shootings that take place, but when it got to the BEHEADINGS they turned off the video and quit right there. I don't give a damn who or what you are: Democrat, Repbulican, Black, White, Asian, Male, Female,Gay,Straight, Rich, or Poor you need to see this film. I am sure that when the Obama Boyz find out that this film is being shown they will take it down. I tried to copy it for my files but can't get it copied. (not the site... the film)

I feel that every man and woman over the age of 18 yrs old should be forced to watch this film all the way through. I had to force myself to watch this film. I would stop it after each time and had to force myself to restart. The more of this film that you watch the madder that you get. This film beyond any doubt is the United States of America wake up film. Yes it is a gruesome film and will make you want to throwup in some places, but you must remember that these acts being shown  are real and are taking place on this Earth. You want to know what reality is....... WATCH THIS FILM ALL THE WAY THROUGH.!!!!! Force yourself....

This film needs to be sent to everyone on your mailing list with a please, please forward to everyone on their list. This film is the film that can bring down the entire Congress, Senate, and White House. This film needs to be played on every site on the WEB and world wide. If this film doesn't make you mad and make you want to kill all the people you elected in the last election and make you say, "This must stop now" then I feel very sorry for you.

Roy,  Your  damn  right,  yu  covered   the  list,  I'm  part  native  Indian,  not  by  choice,  My  children  WILL  watch  all  the  way  thru..  1/2  of  those  are  adopted ,  I'm  the  only  service-man  retired  in  my  background,  after  they  saw  the  pictures  of  Vietnam  and  the  scars  on  my  body,  there's   the  old  and  now  they  best  review  the  NEW..!!  My `way  of  presenting  material  begins  with  ,  kids  you  might  wish  to  stand  or  sit--down  as  what  I'm  going  to  say,  will  BE  the  education  for  my  Grand--children..!!



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