Constitutional Emergency

WANT TO SEE BONA-FIDE SICK? DYSFUNCTIONAL? HORRIFIC? Young girl stoned somewhere in the Middle East

VERY, VERY GRAPHIC STONING... This is Sharia, a 7th century mode of life. Be advised this is GRAPHIC, so if you have a weak stomach, you may want to pass this one over; however, Americans need to know what this thrust toward Islam has in store if we allow it to continue.*itq3PNsDKEpjhA1RVzVll7q8h2AVuowuSKRp6fD4srHPLwf77YNbMx0dYrtewuKnc*...

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as we can all see this is a RELIGION OF PEACE. yeah right. these people are less then human and like the deadly plague that they are they are coming to a neighborhood near you. do not let anyone kid you the goal of islam is to spread their poison around the world.



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