Constitutional Emergency

WAR ON AMERICAS SOUTHWEST BORDER - Is the threat real to our Presidential Candidates?


                         LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.



Tuesday –

September the 20th, 2011

0945Hrs; m.s.t. (Arizona)                                                            

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Email Briefing Bulletin:                                                                       OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE//OSINT




                                                               OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE//OSINT


SUBJECT OF BRIEFING:                America’s 2,000 mile Southern Border Remains Unsecure




An official Congressional Report: “A Line in the Sand – Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border” reports that members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah have crossed the southwest border at multiple sites.  Not alone, OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, and even China and Russia have crossed into America illegally. 

Ample evidence demonstrates that Central and South America are now employed as staging areas for terrorist groups coming into America.

Venezuela is a major hub for terrorists operating in our region and then being launched into America.  

While a 2009 GAO Report to Congress supports these findings, a June 2011, Department of Homeland Security Official Report to Congress stated, “there is no credible evidence that terrorists have crossed the border.”  Texas Congressman Michael McCall seriously disagrees, as does Michael Cutler, Special Agent with the Border Patrol, and Dave Stoddard, 22-year member of the Border Patrol now retired.  Military insignias have been found stating, “Martyr…a way to eternal life,” along with Muslim Prayer Rugs, and a growing warehouse of other Middle East items. 

Even of greater concern are the weapons being found and/or seized by U.S. Border Patrol agents.  Assault rifles and explosives found along the Rio Grande in Texas.

Furthermore, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, C-4 explosives and sophisticated automatic weapons have been located.  There is credible evidence to show that Hezbollah has been supplying weapons of war, as well as training cartel members in exchange for large amounts of money; which money, helps continue the terrorist

activities of this heinous group. 


There clearly is a war taking place along the southern Borders of America.    


          LYLE -



Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

FBI InfraGard-Arizona

ASIS International

Association for Intelligence Officers


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Any and all PHYSICALLY ABLE American citizens who are NOT willing to fight to the death, if necessary, for Christianity/Judaism, the Constitution of the United States of America and the freedoms they've enjoyed are what I call, 'FAIR WEATHER PATRIOTS'! These 'FAIR WEATHER PATRIOTS' are UNDEPENDABLE, NOT TO BE TRUSTED FREELOADERS and, like the ENEMY and the TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT Washington DC & State government establishments, must be treated as such!

The evil fraudulent traitorous Muslim communist USURPER, Barry soetoro AKA Harrison j. Bounel AKA barack hussein obama & family, the Washington DC & State government establishments have TOPPED America's CRIMINAL LIST, becoming 'AMERICA'S MOST WANTED'!

It's beyond my comprehension ... How in the heck the American citizens can sit back and casually discuss the 2012 election as if 'it's business as usual', with their same old how it used to be, 'FAIR WEATHER' mind-set of 'we'll vote the b******S out'!

The evil FRAUDULENT TRAITOROUS Muslim USURPER Barry soetoro AKA Harrison j. Bounel AKA barack hussein obama and the TURNCOAT TRAITOROUS Washington DC & State government establishments, are handily getting away with controlling 'WE THE PEOPLE' with no meaningful interference whatsoever! These TRAITORS are not the least bit afraid of anything 'WE THE PEOPLE' have to say, the old worn out cliche, 'WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN' no longer has any meaning or serves as a threat to them & their NWO/666 communist world!

WE KNOW WHAT WE HAVE TO DO ... (1) The evil fraudulent traitorous Muslim communist USURPER, Barry soetoro AKA Harrison j. Bounel AKA barack hussein obama & family must be arrested, jailed & sentenced according to the CONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL RESULTS conducted by Dr James David Manning in New York City May 14-19, 2010 (2) The TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT Washington DC & State government establishments must be next on the agenda to be dealt with for their TREASONOUS acts against the Constitution of the United States of America!
The Constitutional Citizens Arrest of Mr. Obama
Dr. James David Manning revisits a powerful statement made by Staff Sergeant Daryn John Moran USAF on 12 August 2011, Recorded 18 August 2011 and more. On the 18th of May, 2010 a trial at the Atlah World Missionary Church was held finding barack hussein obama guilty of 17 federal charges. For those who haven't seen this youtube video & those who have seen it, click on the following link for Pastor Mannings' "Morning Report" and the details ...
The CIA Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial Transcripts
This video is Reverend James David Manning's PhD summarization of the New York City May 14-19, 2010 trial and verdict rendered by the court against the USURPER barack hussein obama.
It's time for the 'FAIR WEATHER' Christian/Judaism believers and, the 'FAIR WEATHER' Constitution of the United States of America readers/believers to face reality ... THE ENEMY'S AT OUR FRONT DOOR & BACK DOOR , the news just keeps getting worse & worse and the COMPLACENT 'FAIR WEATHER' American citizens continue to do nothing about it except look for that fantasy land 'SILVER BULLET' that doesn't exist called the 2012 election!
I DO NOT TRUST anything this existing communist controlled government has its hand in! The 2012 prez election has already been determined by BIG BROTHER, their target is the weak 'FAIR WEATHER PATRIOTS! The election/voting will only be an exercise set up to fool the American people, just like they did in 2008!



There are always ...
Too many democratic congressmen,
Too many republican congressmen,
And NEVER enough U.S. Congressmen!
~Author Unknown~
Bob Pinkstaff
Gunnery Sergeant
United States Marine Corps Retired
I agree, all Patriotic Christians must stand up for God and country NOW!  We have no time to waste.  If you are committed to God and country, then share that with your fellow Patriots in support of our country.  
Chris......I agree with the thrust of your comment.....we don't sell or advertise products on PFA.  Thanks

Here's an extract from a recent STRATFOR

...The Hezbollah business empire also extends into the drug trade. The Bekaa Valley, Lebanon’s central agricultural heartland, is controlled by Hezbollah and serves as a major center for growing poppies and cannabis and for producing heroin from raw materials arriving from places like Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia. Indeed, Hezbollah controls a commanding percentage of the estimated $1 billion drug trade flowing out of the Bekaa. Much of the hashish and heroin emanating from there eventually arrives in Europe, where Hezbollah members also are involved in smuggling, car theft and the distribution of counterfeit goods and currency. Hezbollah operatives in the Western Hemisphere work with Latin American drug cartels to traffic cocaine into the lucrative markets of Europe, and there have been reports of Hezbollah members dealing drugs in the United States.

In recent years, Hezbollah also has become active in Central America and Mexico, the latter being an ideal place for the Iranians and Hezbollah to operate. Mexico has long been a favorite haunt for foreign intelligence officers from countries hostile to the United States, ranging from Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union, due to its close proximity to the United States and its very poor counterintelligence capability. Mexican government sources have told STRATFOR that the ability of the Mexican government to monitor an organization like Hezbollah is very limited. While Mexico has a domestic intelligence capability, it has historically oriented its efforts toward political opponents of the government and not toward foreign intelligence operatives operating on its soil. This is understandable, considering that the foreign intelligence officers are in Mexico because of its proximity to the United States and not necessarily to spy on Mexico. The Mexican government’s limited counterintelligence capacity has been further reduced by corruption and by the substantial amount of resources the Mexican government has been forced to dedicate to the cartel wars currently ravaging the country.

It is also convenient for Hezbollah that there is some degree of physical resemblance between some Lebanese and Mexican people. Mexican citizens of Lebanese heritage (like Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim) do not look out of place when they are on the street. STRATFOR sources say that Hezbollah members have married Mexican women in order to stay in Mexico, and some have reportedly even adopted Spanish names. A Hezbollah operative with a Spanish name who learns to speak Spanish well can be difficult for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent to spot. American officials often lack the Spanish skills required to differentiate between Spanish speakers with Mexican accents and those with foreign accents.

Most of the Lebanese residing in Mexico are Maronite Christians who fled Lebanon and who are now well assimilated and prosperous in Mexico. Many of the Lebanese Muslims living in Mexico are relatively recent immigrants, and only about half of them are Shia, so the community in Mexico is smaller than it is in other places. Still, Hezbollah will use it to hide operatives. Sources tell STRATFOR that Hezbollah and the Iranians are involved in several small Islamic centers in Mexican cities such as Torreon, Chihuahua City and Monterrey. They also have an active presence in Shiite Islamic centers in border towns on both sides of the border and use these centers to coordinate cross-border smuggling of contraband and operatives...

“Hezbollah, Radical but Rational is republished with permission of STRATFOR.”

Read more: Hezbollah, Radical but Rational | STRATFOR


And this from Congressional Representative Myrick


Semper Fi, Gunny.






Wow, this might be my last day on this page because many of you especially GySgt. Bob may not like what I have to say. I'm tired, I've been fighting hard for 3 years now in the hopes that I will never, ever have to see the kind of violence some of you are calling for in my lifetime again. I remember the 60's/70's and although it was a one way act of violence it frightened me.


Sgt. Bob, you talk as though no American is doing a single thing to change nearly a hundred years of this evil Progressive Movement. We are not going to fix things overnight but many Americans are doing their best to battle the horrific takeover of our government and our way of life. And they are doing it within the Constitution. The gift our founding fathers gave us.


It is cruel and obnoxious of you to assume that those not like you wouldn't be willing to fight if they have to. We do not deserve the names you call us. God knows we put up with enough names from the damned left. You point to David Manning, let me tell you a bit about David Manning. No, I've decided not to. If you haven't got the impetus to research him yourself, then so be it.


Anyway, for 3 years the struggle has been on to wake up the people. It's been slow, but it's happening faster as we speak and would probably happen even faster if not for people like yourself who scares everyone away. You've been a warrior your whole life. The common man knows nothing about that. They've lived in a world where the rules have been set in stone. They thought and many still think they are living life the way God meant for them to live. Not to jump up at the drop of a word, pick up a gun and roll without knowing which direction or who and what they are rolling against. Just the other night a new Patriot joined a group on facebook, knowing something is not right but not understanding any of it and wanting to learn more. Those people did to him what you are doing here. They frightened the crap out of him and he left. We can't afford to lose those who are just waking up damn it. I went to his page, I friended him and I got him back to the Patriot side. Not in that foolish group who think they know all and anyone else is a dumbass, but back to the belief that our way of life and our country is worth fighting for in many ways and that there are exceptionally few patriots who are loud-mouth hooligans just out to demean and destroy innocent thinking people. My dad fought in the XII Corps, the Spearhead of Patton's 3rd Army during WWII. His brothers served at the same time in the Marines, the Navy and the Air Force, so I am fully aware what it means to be a true warrior. I'm not a true warrior, but damn it, if it comes down to that, I guess I will have to be, but in the meantime I sure as hell would appreciate that instead of scaring people away, you help them see the light as you "silently" prepare to defend these same non-warriors if you have to.


I belong to many groups including this one and every night I go to each and every one and find info to share in my emails, on twitter and on my facebook pages and in bulletins that I pass out in my hometown. But when I see comments like yours, I have to omit good and sometimes wonderful information that I want Americans to see. This is going to have to be one of those posts because of your comments. And Sgt. that is the most unfortunate thing. Who knows who this information might have brought into the fold. I am as angry and frustrated as the rest of you. But I'm also aware that we cannot go off half-cocked, because that is exactly what they want us to do... they meaning the "powers that be at the moment".


So I beg you to tone it down. We who have been in this thing for several years now are more than aware how dangerous things are getting, but cool, calm heads is what is most important in order to succeed.


thnx :-)
Well said Marianne.  From time to time some of us may stray a bit, and I include myself in the mix.  The frustration of events and political characters creating chaos in our nation are patricularly sensitive to warriors that have given blood,  body parts, and other sacrifices...I understand Gunny Bob's passion for our nation, as do you, but also as you say there is need for moderation...there is also need for a relief valve.
The  Obama administration is not going to do any thing about the southern border except possibly install voting booths at the most convenient locations..



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