Constitutional Emergency

Washington Post: Patriots at the Gate Preparing for Battle Against Government

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I think this article is biased against us- what do you think?

Yes it is.

But  Soper is not. Look at the source of this article, I don't know how Soper even got any of his story told.

They sure as hell wouldn't talk about OAS or anything we tried back in 2014.

Harry Reid to Make Federal Land Grab Near Bundy Ranch

Get ready folks, there will be Hell to pay sometime this summer. If not Harry Reid and the BLM it will be Obama and the banking systems. They NEED a martial law and they intend to impose it one way or another.

They will try and create the atmosphere needed for a huge uprising. The democratic convention in Philadelphia could make the list of igniters..We need to try and keep powder dry until we see what the election brings about. Militia`s gaining popularity of We The People is good. But we need to try and not use it. It`s size has value in other ways. The establishment knows we are serious and strong.Now when the call us crazy, they need to realize that they are pissing off many..Politicians understand big voting blocks...Militias will be viewed as special interest groups, instead of radicals. By having lots of members in the militias will change the narrative. It is in the hands of guys like Stewart Rhodes to use the new narrative to our advantage. Who ever takes the lead of the Liberty movement, better not take a pay off.

I agree that it is somewhat amazing that the WP quoted a lot of what Soper thinks, and points that he made.

We agree that despite that, it is biased. One trick that they use (that I learned about when I read a book called "Bias in the Media" by Goldberg, who used to work at CBS) is that they correctly label Soper as a patriot, but then they quote someone from the Southern Poverty Law Center, and they don't state that this is a far left group. Therefore, the reader thinks that the conservative Soper has his biased point of view, but the SPLC is objective (!).  They also state early in the article that law enforcement view the militia as "extremist", and a lot of people won't read much more than that, so they don't read a lot of what Soper has to say.

At any rate, I remember reading about the 2 people they write about at the end of the Bundy standoff, but I remember that those 2 were not really welcome in the protest, which the article does not state:

Shortly after the Bundy ranch confrontation, two of Bundy’s supporters who had been at the ranch, Jerad and Amanda Miller, killed two police officers and a civilian and also died in a Las Vegas shooting rampage. Police said the couple left a note on the body of one the officers they had shot point-blank.

It said: “This is the beginning of the revolution.”



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