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Stop whining and remember: God has given you some ability so get started...If you know any Vets contact them. I believe most of the Vets I know are at least prepared to shoot back. You only have one life to live so don't be afraid to give it for your country. Better to die a hero than a serf.

Joann, whatever you do, don't be afraid, put your trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, and get ready to occupy until his return. in another words defend you ground. your home, your love ones.  well you know the rest of the his story.

JoAnn, I feel for you and know you are scared, as I am myself, my 85 year old mother and even my veteran husband said it is not going to be easy.   Just plan for the worse and pray for the best.   Try and keep very busy, and the more prepared you are for this the better it will be for you.   I am not saying it will be easy, in no way, but prepared.   Get some storable food and stock it.   Let me know if you need places to order from.   Get a ProPur Water filter or Berkey Water Filter, as you can get pond water and filter it to drink it.  I know a lot about surviving hard times.  Make sure you can survive without electric, because I know that will be coming soon.  You have to be able to cook and boil water without electric.  Have plenty of supplies on hand, it will make you feel less panicked.

Most of all pray every day for our nation.   We also feel the way you do and feel that something very nasty is coming.  Obama already tried to send this nation into hell once back on October 2013 and I would bet there is something coming again.   In 2013 though we still had good high end commanders in there, but he has since fired over 200 of them since office.   So I fear that we might be lacking in that department.   Keep praying there are enough ex-military and military with their heads on straight yet that will be able to help us, as well as militia.  Too bad these government entities like the police and sheriff's who don't want all those military tanks and vehicles that the government is giving them didn't give those vehicles to our militia, as I am sure they could use them.   Keep praying and let me know if you need any links for getting supplies.

If you cannot afford a water filter and have access to make a crude still....drinking water can be made that way as well.  Basic chemistry when water is boiled and the steam is cooled to condensation levels, that steam will only contain pure drinking water and virtually 0 TDS

Him and our worthless elected that enable him to ruin our country. I'm beyond sick and tired of these anti American self serving fools.

I am sorry to say .. we haven't done a damn thing .... I mean we the people in general.  I am not afraid ... not even to die, to save the country.  I do not see myself as a martyr, but am wondering on a daily basis when 'we' are going to do something.

Perhaps I am a hypocrite ... I did not march on DC ... in the name of Harry Riley.  Frankly, because I did not think it would 'do the trick' at the time.  However, I would still LOVE for there to be some kind of serious mass protest .. be it boycott, halting traffic on a given day, ... whatever.  I am not an expert on revolution .... I know how fed up people are, but like me, have no clue what to do about it ... except arm themselves with guns ... (for what, I don't know) and wait it out until the next election .. which is a pretty weak option ... I am sure.  We are not complacent .. we are puzzled as to what (more or less exactly) the hell to do.


sorry, but I was sick.. I was very disappointed by that very low turnout. I think I knew then we were in much worse trouble then even I knew. BY a Leader, I mean a man to take charge like George Washington, someone who can tell us how to be a effective at removing the slime in our government..

I thought it should have been a every state capital protest instead of everyone make it across the country to D.C. When there was that pro gun every state capital protest, more showed up than the D.C. march, I think. Financially, it would allow more people to go to their state capital than go cross country to D.C. Many are willing but are frustrated at not knowing what to do.

Or helpless due to finances

Funny how the illegals and muslims can come together at the drop of a hat, the blacks come together at the drop of a hat but we Americans sit back and say woe is me. Well ke ep sitting. I tried to form a NO AMNESTY rally on our overpass, put huge signs all over town, put an ad in Craig's list and guess who showed up me the 81 yr old lady. Was threatened by the police and told to take my flag down. Finally I got frightened because I was alone and did leave but had there been a few others I would have let them take me off in cuffs. Come on people when Glen Beck had the rally in DC he made a difference in that election but Oh wait that means moving off the couch, complaining how it is too expensive, complaining how your health won't let you. At 81 I go to Pease Air base to meet and send off troops, 4 hr ride, I go to Dallas to work on the huge Wounded Warrior project, at my expense from Connecticut. Had blisters on my feet, ached all over but stood side by side with veterans . This is something  we can do but will we hell no!!!!!! So complain and do nothing.

Yes, here was America, but now she turned into a null and void nation: 

See Platform, FAQ, and Strategy at the home page 



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