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Judith. I just read your post. It brought tears to
My eyes. I love you, and may God continue to bless you and your family, your are everything that is good about this country. Your sound reasoning and fortitude in the midst of all your trials should inspire others to "Fight the good fight". You are a treasure...

Right back at you, Michael - you have helped me tremendously more than once and I am grateful for you!  God Bless!

Dear Judith, I echo Michaels sentiments.  I never served, but my husband has, and lost a leg below the knee.


I too find myself isolated.. too many people have their heads in the sand,or just don't want to beleive what's happening to our country.  I am a devout Chrisitian, and know GOD will prevail.  I am not afraid!!


GOD Bless us all, and our Beautiful United States of America

What we need is to kick the lazy US Congress in the gutter and get new people in Washington DC. Call the mob again and tell them to finish their job with Harry

hi patricia bradish... i too am older.. and i am soooo upset.. no one around me , knows what is going on... in our country.
I think people that do know, are starting to fear the truth. We are on very fragile ground. Patricia what gets me is this is all of our faults... We let a muslim city organizer, bath house user,, into the white house.. with no record of who he is?
Where he came from ? What his " real " social security # is:? he is using a dead mans ss# now , from conn.
everyone knows that. Everything about this man is a lie. and he is being backed and shaped by some very deep underground people.
we all know that too. No one dares to take him on. Why ? Many have died for knowing to much.. like loretta fuddy from Hawaii. Its our fault , we did not do our home work on this man. So lets not let that happen again.! Ever ! If we even make it for the next 19 months... lets be vigil.
did you people out here.. know someone noticed obama did not wear his watch or wedding ring the whole month of Ramadan . a muslim month of prayer.. they are not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind. someone at his last press conference asked him where his jewelry was? ohh getting repaired. each year during ramadan. keep the faith

hi debrahjoe,, i agree with you 150 % as i am sure col Harry Reily does also... how do we do it ? that is the question.
i am on here daily... and i get so discouraged,,, ! I heard someone asked some high school grads.. what they thought july 4th was about... ? and they said.. " ohh firecrackers, barbecues and lots of music .! " its just sickening..
" they" know they have to get to our kids.. to already have usurped the next generation...!!!!!!
Parents out the grand parents out there. If you can possible afford to send your kids to private school,, do it. !!Even if it takes working two jobs.! They have already changed what our kids are learning.. changed out history books and dumbing down the kids ... and morals and values... so get them out of public schooling until we can get our country back...
that is something we have to pass far and wide// save the next generation... for sure.. keep the faith debrajoe

BHO and Co NEVER should have been in our W/H. I can not belief that STUPID people voted for that evil Muslum, put him back into office, BHO has done NOTHING but try to destroy America and Israel, He has his head so far up his A## that it supprises me he can breath.

you are right thomas... I think people are not getting out and going to the state house and etc. is because they think they will be alone in doing so. Here is where we need a leader... to step up.. will you Thomas ?
this administration has become so far from the constitution.. and also punishing people that are trying to make a difference, people fear the unknown. Look 200 generals were fired or let go ..because they were not under o 's thumb.
Its a shame , we have voted for people to stop this kind of conduct... but have not done thier jobs. Now we have
a marxist socialist muslim in the white house. He was elected to the most powerful position in the world , and his experience was a community organizer . Shame on us. We are more separated then we ever were. Everyone has a title now.. grouping together peoples identities..! Not like we should be AS AMERICANS. ALL OF US.
Working and having are families. ! Everything has been tossed in the air all over the world. Where is a leader to take care of this. ????? We better choose very wisely in 2016, if we make it that far.

hi david clark... yes i am totally with you..! I know some people .. my son grew up with... have not seen them for years.
they are now on face book.. calling all ob haters .... wack jobs.! crazy.. stupid... nut jobs. And these are white, Americans
40 yrs old .. and they are in the tank... college educated... some.. and others blue collar.
I do not understand.. how anyone with a pee brain. cannot understand, what this O , has done to America.
They love Harry Reid, who is also a lying evil man. and the others surrounding O . His top advisor is an Iranian. !!!!!!!!!!
What is the matter with everyone.. its like they have been vaccinated , into a brain washing. I see O , with his feet up on the Lincoln desk.. and i would like to knock them off..the desk.. just like you would your Kids. Muslims cannot show the bottom of their shoe to anyone... its an abomination to do so. So us, as nieve as we have turned out to be. do not know what that means... when he shows the bottom of his shoes while taking a photo op. But its a message to the muslims. Showing them he is in total disrespect of the oval office. and all it represents.
We must get a leader... strong and had validity. Must- Must. !!

Nancy, Most people do not know about the shoe thing, they are brain washed into thinking that Islam is a peasful religion, (CULT) and if anyone with a brain looks at the news and everybody that is boming and killing eveybody in the M/E is a muslum, Does that strike anyone as a peaceful CULT??????

i am so upset.. i read every day..one more sabotage is done to our country.! And EVERYONE just sits on their hands and allows it. What is everyone thinking? Where are the generals? Where are the pastors? Priests? Christians ?
Most important where is CONGRESS ? SENATORS? GOVERNORS ? THE Judicial dept..? . The legislature. ?
Every single day . Just yesterday.. may 6th , you hear " ohh how ISIS" is now in 15 states and counting.. what do we do?
ZERO ? And yesterday i hear . and backed up... how " THE WHITE HOUSE" is bringing in thousands of muslims, undocumented of course. He pockets them around our country.!
He is slamming medical for all our people. Now people won't be able to get treated at hospitals unless they have the proper obama care.!! We always took care of people no matter what in emergency rooms.
Only illegals get medical.. people that cannot read,, speak english, have no schooling.. this is what he wants ,,, to dumb us all down over time.. so we are all sheep... begging for food from " BIG GOVERNMENT " And we are the pawns.
What is going on in Ba;timore Maryland is example of the whole country.. and it is not about race. Its about hatred and
and how separated people feel now.. because we have a leader,, that does nothing.. As the way he does nothing to stop... ' ISIS ! That should be taken care of NOW !
We cannot wait two years.!!
I ask you " COLONEL HARRY RILEY WHAT CAN WE DO AS A COUNTRY NOW ? I heard Santorum last night and they asked him ... Since you are going to run for president starting may 27th , what will you do about " ISIS" ? He said .
no enemy should be allowed to confront AMERICA. I would take them back to the 7th century. Hooray for him .
Not afraid to say what needs to be said. The enemy in the white house has democrats bamboozled. they are like under a hypnotic trance.!! And what about the government setting up camps... in mid west.. with tons of weapons on trains being sent there. I think its about " HIS" way of handling " civil disobedience. !
Wake up Generals , wake up congress , wake up deomocrats, wake up republicans , governors ,or we are lost forever!!

Nancy, you must realize that democrats (and republicans) are not at all bamboozled - they are all-in with this evil but they fail to realize that their surrogate armed thugs will turn around and bite the hand that feeds them!  I would venture a guess that 99% of House Reps and Senators from both parties are ALL on-board with this evil transformation!  Pray, Nancy, and get yourself right with God because I believe the End is coming, and SOON!

I was very hopeful that Dennis Michael Lynch's candidacy would get some traction but he has now pulled out and will not be running, primarily due to serious health issues.  So, I will have to look elsewhere, possibly Ben Carson.  However, I have serious doubts that we will even make it to another election!



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