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People need to wake up to the truth. 

The Government is behind ISIS, drug trafficking as well as  targeting citizens for crimes and murder inside the US...  Listen to the Recorded Archives of this Military Whistle Blower:


  (People who have been involved in torturing people in the Military and CIA black/torture sites, and Military Special Operations, have also been brought back to the US, and rewarded and promoted into positions in Homeland Security Agencies, Law Enforcement and other government agencies. Some of these people are involved in targeting US citizens for crimes now.    They will be used more in the future as things deteriorate in this country.   They are practicing on rounding up dissidents in Jade Helm....  Soon it will be real when everything collapses in the US, because the political parties and politicians have gutted the economy....... We are living in NAZI Germany all over again...... People don't matter, only profits.)

I sent the piece that I wrote titled Poke The Bear to some friends of mine in Europe. Here is what one friend said,,, This person is very knowledgeable and has some very strong connections within his country's government. He knows what he is talking about.

His reply; - - to Poke the Bear.....

>(Surprisingly LOOOOOOOL) I don't disagree about the fact there is something suspicious ongoing today in the US. Somebody is trying to trigger a huge armed response, be it by racist shootings in the police than by -- racist too, we're far of Charlie Hebdo, in there... -- provocations in the medias or arts.
In addition to this pre-insurrectional rumble, it is downright suspicious to try at the same time to disarm the citizen and increase the number (and the weaponry) of non-governmental "contractors" (FEMA, Homeland Security, ICE agents, and so on, I'm sure I forget to mention some LOOOOOOOL) while the FEMA is building since decades huge retention camps (for the moment empty, but actually, what's the purpose, eh?). Seen the amount of money this is costing, it is very difficult to admit that all this is done for nothing else than "emergency preparedness". IMO all this WILL be used sooner or later, and on the US citizen, not on some "insurgent aliens".
The only point where I disagree is all that crap has begun way before that the Obama administration comes to power, therefore in my opinion the responsibilities are to be found elsewhere. Actually all this has begun as soon as the Rex 84 drills, and has continued and escalated whatever the power, be it Democrat or Republican. It has, admittedly, attained a climax during the Bush-Cheney administration (and way before the 9/11 events) but there's an obvious continuity today. Therefore this machine which runs at full power is no more in the hands of the US government.
Since decades, some in the military-industrial complex want a Clash of Civilisations, they have even written books about this. These dudes live in another world than us, some kind of fat cat's wonderland where the world would be at war, and them on a beach at Barbados. They want downright a civilisation war with anybody doesn't share their views, and probably naively believe they are able to win it because they build more weapons -- and they make more money -- everytime the US finds itself a new enemy. But no question they participate themselves on the frontline -- a frontline that is closer to homeland every year because of their schemings -- the supposed savior of their civilisation, it's the US rookie, and collateral damage it's the US civilian, as usual.

A very perceptive response I think, especially since it comes from someone who does not even live in this country.

Judith, we cannot give up.. thats what they want. We have to be stead fast.
Although i think your right about many being in the tank with our enemy. Or this could not happen.
Are we saying our Generals that served this country proudly.. willing to give their life... have turned.??? I feel the Lord gave us all free will... and we should fight for whats right.. and honorable.
It is so depressing , i hate to watch news anymore. Every day.. more corruption.. more lies.. like the Hillary compaign all lies.
Judith we do have a few very good men to take on the country... but will it be too late.?
Ben Carson, Santorum, Ted cruz, etc.
and this" illegal" immigration makes me crazy . It is not for the good of the country , but the fall of the country as we know it.! Do not give up..! Lets hope we are in time !!

Ben Carson and Santorum, possibly, although I believe Ben Carson is in the amnesty crowd.  Ted Cruz - no way!  People are sooooo desperate that they are blinded by his smooth talk and staged actions.  First, he is NOT a natural born citizen and, therefore, ineligible to run.  He understands this quite well and, yet, is still running.  That is the first indication he cannot be trusted.  Second, he is in favor of amnesty and increasing the H-1B visas by 500%, thereby continuing the assault on American citizens unable to find jobs in their chosen fields.  There are many, many college graduates with hi-tech degrees who can only find work as servers and fast-food workers due to the visa programs.

Sadly, yes, many of those Generals have turned tail and run with their pensions.  They keep their mouths shut out of self-preservation.  Despicable, but human nature, after all. 

The fact is, unless this country returns to God, and fast, it is doomed and I believe time is fast running out!  All the signs are there that we are either already in the End Times or on the precipice.  Again, I say - get yourself right with God and watch the heavens!

Even the congressmen have gone quiet.  Ostupid just gave how many millions of dollars to Iran...and he said it would not end up in the hands of terrorists....yeah...sure.....  We ALL know where it will end up....filtered right through CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood.

Yesterday, I finally emailed all of the Kansas reps I could get and I said that as a natural born citizen in an established family two of which have known disabilities, that I feel that I should have the right to the same amount of money that was given to Iran...  Guess what my answers were....a big fat zero.

Today is National Prayer Day.....this is moving and maybe what we all should be doing right now....http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2015/May/Lord-Hear-Our-Cry-US-Marks-N...

hi judith green , yes we must pray and live our lives with the Lord. As the saying goes.. God help us!
I also know that Ted Cruz cannot run.. Everyone is in agreement.... Why didn't they know that about our "king" in the oval office right now. He has so many names , not even a true social security card, or draft card is all forged. And when i see this i say.. " Who are the dummies in congress, judicial, legislature, and etc.??? First the congressmen are so old.. made a career out of this job.. they are not doing. We need term limits for all people " serving " this country. #1 also they should have the same medical they vote for ,, for all of us. They are working for us ... not the other way around.
Who can make these changes.. " we the people " thats who. the squeeky wheel gets the oil.!
So we have Ben Carson who has the values we need now. Does he have knowledge of world affairs ? Foreign and domestic ? Does he have Economical business experience ? world economy.. bringing down the debt... bringing our jobs back into the U.S.A. cut the taxes.. so people can grown their business;s and put people back to work.. completely " fix" our education system for our kids,.. it has also been destroyed and dumbed down.
kids graduating today... do not even know who or what a vise president is? how to write a check ! how to open a bank account. what the three branches of government are. They think 4th of july means fire crackers and barbecues.
Our patriotism needs to be put back in the school.s our faith and practices needs to be brought back to families.
They are all smoking pot and in la la land !! So disgusting. i am just so disappointed...and distraught
We need so much to turn this around.. we truly do need Gods help Judith,, and what man can feel these shoes to lead the change of everything we need from my above words.??? Ben Carson? Santorum ? Huckabee ? or is someone very gifted going to come out that we are not aware of yet... and save us/????
This new president has to be " god chosen.", this person has to be strong minded, not listen to lobbyists,, liars,
does not fear threats. Needs to love " AMERICA " Be a Patroit." I do not know who that can be

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Captain Perry (he flew C-130's in the Air Force). Is the only one running (announcing around 1st Of June) with military experience. Texas is doing far better than most other States. When the president wouldn't secure the border Perry did.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/5tOhgtzlx50?rel=0

Oh, you mean the Rick Perry who said anyone who didn't want to give in-state tuition to illegals "didn't have a heart?"  No thanks!

I don't know right now either, Nancy.  As for Ben Carson's lack of pertinent experience, bear in mind that one man cannot do all things.  All Presidents have advisors who specialize in particular areas - one way to judge them is who they choose as advisors.  I like Rick Santorum - he recently wrote an article laying out some of his proposed policies and, so far, he is the only one who talks about actually deporting most of the illegals currently here, with the only exception being agricultural workers.  Now, if they would seriously restrict unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc., etc. for those physically capable of working, many Americans WOULD take those jobs and it would not be necessary to exempt the agricultural workers.  Personally, I also believe it is wrong for farms to be able to pay slave wages for very hard physical labor.  Now, I know, everyone will scream about that causing food prices to rise and yes, that would be a side-effect.  Some of that could be ameliorated, however, by getting rid of some of the horrendous regulations.  As for Huckabee, I don't feel he is trust-worthy - he was a very strong supporter of Common Core (even going so far as to advise that they simply change the name when so many parents objected to it) - now that he is running for President and has seen the fall-out from Common Core, he claims he was never a supporter.  Sorry - I will not vote for a liar!  Besides, IMO, he is just too "smarmy" and feels fake to me.  I have learned to trust my instincts and my gut.  I was very hopeful about Dennis Michael Lynch and even volunteered for his campaign but he has now withdrawn from the race.  So, at this point, we should all pray that God raises up a truly good and honorable person to step in and do the right thing.  It needs to be someone who is willing to completely do away with some of the alphabet soup agencies, such as the EPA, Department of Education, IRS.  With a flat tax, we would no longer need the IRS.  Hand education entirely back to the States, as well as environmental controls, where all of it belongs.  For that matter, do the same with the Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, etc., etc..  Stop all the foreign aid, particularly to countries that hate the US, and withdraw from the UN - kick it out of our country!!!  Do you have any idea how much taxpayer money those moves alone would save?  We could lower the tax rate to 10% and STILL have plenty of money!  The Federal government should only be responsible for those very limited duties listed in the Constitution.  Stop interfering in all these other countries and eliminate a standing Army, which was NEVER supported by the Founders.  Many of these ideas are supported by Rand Paul (although I think he is very naive about countries such as Iran) and many people will accuse me of being an "isolationist."  In all honesty, that thought doesn't bother me a bit.  It was also the advice of the Founders to avoid entanglements with other countries with the exception of trade. 

Well, I could go on for hours.  PRAY CONTINUOUSLY!!!

On my way to bed, but thought I would get one comment in.  I do believe that there would still be a reason for the EPA.  Sorry, but if manufacturers could they would run those extremely toxic chemicals right down into the drains or dump them where they could be a fire hazard (some do not play well with water), endanger our wildlife, or even children out playing around that would accidentally find it.  I would add one difference....every manufacturer would develop a shutdown code to be handed over to the EPA so that they would get shut down for non-compliance.  The EPA will always be needed....but it could stand to be scaled down by a good 50-75%.  As for the DOE, my husband would be better at answering that than I would.  He's a teacher.

Completely eliminate a standing military??  I do have to ask this.....are you crazy??  Especially with all the USA haters around these days.  The best defense is a good offense.  With that said, I do think there could be some changes that would make our military stronger and more moral.....but that is just me.  During peacetime they can restrict duty hours to part time and allow them to get off base jobs to fill in as well as making sure they are together enough for drill to keep their sense of teamwork.  I know....a standing military was not what the founders wanted, but there was one founder who did not want a two party political system and said that it would ruin the US.  We have a two party political system.....and look what kind of mess it has created.



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