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Well posted, Harry.

Thank you.  And for all that you are doing, to awaken the great American that still lies somewhere in our hearts.  For, it is not dead 'only a generation away'.

It just sleeps.

I see no way this will end without an armed rebellion.

I pray that you are wrong.....but deep inside me I know that you are probably right on that one.

Colonel, thanks for all you do. I am ready to fight when given the word. We met at the Washinton Monument last May. If we meet again let it be with pitchforks. You take care. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Robert, our best bet is in our retired spec ops people.  They will have the know how to plan and execute the plan to get this done and hopefully with a minimum of blood shed.

In the meantime, folks, demand that your congressmen follow through on their oath of office....or ask them to give you a turn at the oath and in the chair.  If something drastic were to happen, remember WE sink WE swim, make sure your neighbors know that you have their back and make sure they have your back.  When you peel back the politics and the years.....that's how it all began.

Congressman hell they are all crooks and coming from a liberal state Connecticut I have no vote.

Thank you Robert for going to Col Riley's rally, I tried to get a ride but no one would go and I do not drive that far being 81. It was the few like you that made me proud.

Mr. Riley....I do care as not only a citizen of this nation but also as one who has had a family member put their life on the line for this country through 3 tours of duty in Iraq.  When our mom was laying on her deathbed my dad and I both prayed that she would stay alive long enough for my brother to get home.  He served in the National Guard....whom many put down and treat them like trash (yeah...I actually did listen to some of the stories of his experiences).  Later, on his last tour of duty he got deathly ill....problem is there was nobody in that stupid sandbox that knew for certain what was going on until his belly blew up like a beach ball.  He happened to be lucky enough that a specialist was traveling through the camp, otherwise he might not have made it to the base in Germany.  Meanwhile his dad and I were getting very little in the way of information.  Many may not remember the name Ronnie Schmidt, but my brother was with him in the humvee when it overturned.

Sir, I am very conscience of the fact that this nation is going down and down on my generation's watch.  It is the price we are paying for our arrogance in pushing God out of every aspect of government in this nation.  Sir, I am handicapped and wheelchair ridden when out of the house and basically bound to a chair (just not my wheelchair...house is too small) in the house.  I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, little to no cartiledge left in my spine, and a few other health conditions.  With all of that, I do what I know I can do....preach about how our gov't is in dire peril....even if it is only to the so called choir.  I keep hoping that our retired spec ops end up doing something....but I don't know if they even have the start of a plan.  One lone gunman walking into DC is foolish and a guaranteed death sentence.

If there is something else I can do.....I don't know what it is....if you know then please l will try to do it.  

Hear it from their own mouth; watch these 2 short videos on Jade Helm 15 – Texas Presentation and Collateral Murder.




                       #2 - Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq


Do we really want these guys in our Neighborhoods and/or Backyards? I think Not!


I don't think he waves the flag of surrender..... I think it's the white flag with the DOLLAR SIGN on it...... While he bends over....

There are many things that will need to take place to start putting the Republic FOR the United States of America back on the right track, However I know that this time the shooting war will continue for a full Generation, and then for 50-75 years after that to clean up the Carnage that will be found in large piles, and all too many will keep spreading illnesses until we have it dropped into the empty mine shafts that are then closed.

I agree that a march on each State Capital would be 100 times more effective, by ensuring that the 'States Rights' have been protected. After all it was a Collection of States that were to form them selves into the Republic, that is the reason we were to have any chance of becoming what we as a People Did form into, and for close to 100 years wed were Standing alone, Until the year of 1871 when the Great Treason took place, and England was given a chance to tell us what to do, even if it was in the form of some, Corporation, and that is just one of the many things that need to be put down,!.

As for the IMPOSTER-USURPER that has been squatting in the White House, I have the belief  We will not see the Election of 2016, or it will not be long after when events are put into place to ensure those elected will not be allowed to take their oaths and Start their terms of office,!. ( think the Boston marathon, 15-20 times over the U.S.A. ).

Now I am just one of the Veterans that understands that my Oath did not end when I was issued a DD-214, but lives even NOW! and will continue until I am Cold and Dead!.

I encourage that you all look up a link of, 'Red Skelton's Pledge to the Flag' I was reminded that I had seen it before, but Now I hold it that much more dear to my heart.

As always, I remain 'LOCKED LOADED & MOTIVATED!!!'

I agree, John Wesley - I also do not think we will be allowed to vote in 2016!  I also stand by my oath taken in 1976 and will until the day I die, whether that be sooner or later!  Sadly, the corruption is so deep and broad that many in the individual states are just as impaired and co-opted by TPTB.  God help us all!



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