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OK, never was in the military.....but my personal oath will not allow me to do less than anything that I can possibly do to keep raising the alarm.

Watchmen on the wall......11:10 pm and condition yellow remains.

You are right in the fear that we will not see odimwit leave office.  As for the numbers you are coming up with.....I have absolutely no clue.

Stay Frosty

Thank you for your service, I have twin grandsons in the US Marines and they do Not respect this muslim in Our White House. BUT  they tell me the blacks still stand by him. So there you have it.!!!

Dear John Wesley King:   I agree with what you said and wish you were wrong, but fear you are not.   You are right.  I just hope there are many veterans like you out there, a lot more than what the UN realizes.   The problem we have here in America is that they already have foreign troops on the ground here (totally against our Constitution) and our own military doing the drills practicing rounding up dissidents. (Americans that don't go alone with Obama's agenda).   I just hope that most of them have their heads on straight and when the real stuff starts they will turn and decide they want to take the side of Freedom and help us.  I am praying everyday we get some answers as to what to do.   I have been trying to let people know about what is happening, but most people are laughing and they don't see it, or don't care.

A true leader who lead by example and did not pretend to lead while hiding behind the troops.  Tears came to my eyes as I thought about what our troops are having to put up with today.  They are truly heroes!  God Bless them.  Thank you Harry.  Heaven help us if we have to face combat today.  Our pretend CIC is destroying our military and our country.  Why are so many people blind to the facts, the evidence, and reality????

We've been taken over and continue lack of resistance on all fronts. The Secret Service is standing aside to allow for a John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald to inflict justice. Tragically, no one seems to care. A heartbreak for this once-great nation. We were taken over without a whimper for fear of being called racist. How ignorant is that?

Cynthia, can you provide credible evidence to what you are saying here?

Cynthia is correct we are living in fear of being called racist.

What has happened to the rule of law in this country?  What has happened to the Constitution, the basis for all laws in this Country?  It has been shredded, spat upon, ignored, violated more times than one can count by the POS usurper sitting in Our House. 

Our Founders had a purpose in using the phrase, "Natural Born Citizen", in Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution which sets forth the eligibility requirements for serving as president of the United States.  They wanted to prohibit the kind of mongrel we now have occupying that position; someone such as he who has no allegiance to the United States of America whatsoever.  Over the last 200 years the SCOTUS has defined "Natural Born Citizen" in four (4) decisions as one who is born to two (2) parents who are both citizens of the United States; like a father AND a mother, the way it used to be in the not too distant past.  The POS does not meet that requirement by virtue of his alleged father being a British citizen at the time of his birth and the GOP knew it and did nothing whatsoever to challenge him.  This doesn't take into account his fraudulent birth certificate which is a whole other issue.

This opens up another can of worms.  Neither Cruz nor Rubio are eligible to be president by virtue of the Article cited above.  Yet they jump up, saying  "here I am, elect me", both knowing they are not eligible.  Cruz's father was a Canadian citizen at the time of his birth and Rubio's father and mother were both Cuban citizens at the time of his birth.  In fact, Cruz just recently just denounced his Canadian citizenship.  He may be an American citizen by virtue of his mother, but not a "Natural Born Citizen".  Rubio would be classified as an anchor baby citizen because he was born in the USA, but he is surely not a "Natural Born Citizen".

So now it makes sense why the GOP didn't challenge the POS over his eligibility; knowing full well they had a bunch of up-and-comers in the GOP who themselves were not eligible.  What a bunch of freaking hypocrites.  If we let them get away with it again we might as well just burn the Constitution because it will have no authority over any laws in this country.  We might as well all show the federal government the fickle finger of fate concerning the Constitution and the volumes of regulations derived therefrom and declare, we no longer will comply!  If outright violation of the law is good enough for the POS it's good enough for us.

So when in the h3ll are the politicians on both sides going to speak the truth and nothing but the truth?  They don't have to wonder why they are held in such very low esteem.  When are We the People going to hold them accountable?  Or does yesterday, 1775, need to be repeated in American history.


As bad as our corrupt gov is, we all know, 1775 has to be repeated. The parties protect themselves. There's no individuals with honor to stand up and do what's right in our elected bunch of self servers. We need individuals with honor to represent us, not what's there now. The corruption is too deep in D.C. and it needs a top to bottom cleaning. The states allowed Obama to be on the ballot, every state, red and blue so it isn't just D.C. that needs to be corrected.

I swear, the Cruzbots are just as blind as the Obamabots - they jump ALL over me on the comment threads and I am now officially a "Birther!"  Proud to wear the name!  Check out Dennis Michael Lynch DML2016.com.  Far past time, IMO, that we elect a regular American citizen rather than more from the political class, as the Founders intended.

PAP, ok so they cannot run due to article 2 section 1.  If they step back, would you rather have Hillary in?  She's even worse than ostupid.  What this nation needs more than anything is a God-driven leader who doesn't treat any branch of our military like toy soldiers.  One who respects them and the job that they do and who will not just throw them willy nilly to the wolves.

PLEASE note, I have not set my hat on any contender yet as tje situation is still pretty fluid.



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