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It's not a case of, "if they step back".  We the People cannot let them continue their illegal, unconstitutional travels.  If any of us have any respect left for this country, we must uphold the Constitution; the basis for all law in  the USA.

I said nothing about the hilda beast, and no I absolutely do not want it or it's mate (or whatever the hell he is) anywhere near the White House.  They have tainted it way too much already.  I'm hoping and praying that Trey Gowdy takes her out big time. 

We on the right still have one declared contender who is eligible and I'm sure more will soon come forward whom are also eligible.  It is then up to US to select the candidate We the People feel is the most eligible and will do the best job for the country and restore our Republic under the Constitution and rule of law so help him/her God.  We cannot let the GOP elite select our candidate, or the MSM or the mules on the left as they have done in the past.  Of course, this also applies to those seeking election to Congress AND seeking offices within the various state and local government offices. 

We must be ever vigilant and take the offensive whenever we can.  Yesterday was a turning point in American and world history in 1775.  In honor of my ancestors who fought to free the Colonies from the tyrannical British rule, I will continue my battle against the tyrannical federal government in Washington.

God Bless America and America Bless God.


It's a sad day for America and we have no backing from the people.

150% correct no backing from the people that are being hurt. No one does a damn thing. You can take little steps as I think I do. I am having a new chimney put on my house and when the man came he was with a Spanish man. Yes I profiled and told the contractor that I DO NOT allow illegals on my property. How many of you do that. I have done it twice already. Every little bit helps, stop hiring them, stop using companies that hire them. Stop going to McDonalds or whoever it is that hires them. I have stopped going to the local nursery here, a few restaurants because they hire illegals. But I am only a flea but if this was done in mass maybe something could be done about illegals taking jobs. But oh wait you would rather go to the dollar store and think you save money but in the long run you pay through the nose because you finance all the freebies these illegals get. Wake Up and DO SOMETHING except complain

Jane, I did the same when I renovated my house 2 years ago - I made it quite clear to my contractor NOT to bring any illegals on my property!  You are correct - far more people need to do this.

It is a sad day simply because it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to run for office.  This can't be what our founders had in mind.

One of these days, when Americans finally wake up to the harsh reality of the "Final Destruction of the United States of America" and that those who are still alive will learn the lessons of liberty and freedom that the Bill of Rights and the Constitutional system provides, then may freedom ring from the bell towers once again. The Lord, thy God and son Jesus Christ will be running the world and evil will pass for a thousand years. In God I trust, all others can kiss my ass.....

 We must Vote Godly and NOT by Political Party ..

Both major political  parties ( Dem.& Rep )  have sold out the American people.

They are 2 parts of  the Party of ONE..

Chapter 13 book of Revelation :  the First beast is the Governmental Beast ( NWO). 

It gets its power from the Dragon..

God  Please help us lead others to you to be saved in Jesus name ..

We are in big trouble ; Pay attention ; Jade Helm - 15 . This could be the beginning of martial law . Veterans should look very closely at this .

Veterans should rally together but it is only the older ones that seem to understand they are getting shafted.

colonel Harry Riley... i want to thank you, from all of us out here., for working hard to keep our patriotism and our honor.
You have served our country well. and we are so proud of you. Keep our faith,, keep us strong.. there are not many of you left.. ! So we thank you humbly for your effort for us , yes we are americans. Yes where do we go from here.??????
i am an elderly American woman,, and i can see how we are revolving and changing, and how our children are being dumbed down. How our patriotism towards our country is changing and no respect for our flag.
I am afraid its going to take a horrific crisis , to turn people around and then it may be too late.
the mystery is why is everyone looking the other way... ? Heads are in the ground and they do not want to know. Is it fear.?
Now we have ISIS" sitting here in our country.. and outside of our border. just waiting for the right moment , while they increase in numbers. and where is our president and chief...? on the golf course.! We are ,"with out a leader ", i know it and you know it. Where are our GENERALS ??? I know there are provisions in the constitution to help the country.
There has to be help out there. But where ? We are sitting ducks .! Thank you for keeping us posted and updated.
thank you Harry Riley. sometimes one person " CAN" make a difference

Nancy........it appears to me the bulk of patriots that have "broken hearts" at the destruction of our nation fall into the 60, 70, 80 age group........not to say there are not many in younger ages.  It seems proven out at OAS last year.  Most that attended were well up in years, some in wheel chairs, canes, ailments of one sort or the other.  We had a sprinkling of younger patriots (two dozen) that carried flags, lead the marches, and stayed for the conclusion, etc.........

This speaks to the experience of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Soviet Union, Communist China threats that we know well about, but the younger generation seem oblivious to these type threats and generally seem to care less about the "head chopping" terrorists........in my opinion, these Islamic radical terrorist are the threat sneaking in broad daylight into our midst..........so shameful we are still losing American boys and girls supporting the Islamic nations that harbor and support these islamic butchers........

Those of us in the twilight of our lives simply can't mount the effort without a solid, credible, inspired of God leader...........if we had it, I would crawl to the point of attack/rally/gathering or whatever,  if that is what it would take.

Only an uprising, peaceful I hope, will change Obama's course of destruction.......we may be past the point of no return........

Right on!! But this will fall on deaf ears as usual.



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