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Americans stand around and say, Not in America.

He is a threat and with Jade Helm (exercises) already in progress, many UN vehicles being transported to out west, the fact that some of our most sensitive command centers that were not already in Cheyenne Mountain have now been moved into Cheyenne Mountain, I would say something is brewing in America.   I have heard many retired lieutenants and colonels even concerned about boots on the ground in America, (totally against our Constitution), even Sheriff Mack with CSPOA is concerned.   Don't forget all the military machines being given to our police and sheriff's.   I would say, Obama has plans to get his martial law, one way or another.   I have heard that with the flood of terrorists coming into our country because we have open border, that this is not going to be pretty at all.   I just hope that there are enough good people left in our military (but don't forget, he has purged over 200 high end officers in our military since he got into office.   Is there anyone left in our government that is good, I wonder.   If I were rich, I would be leaving this place.   I am too old to fight terrorists and a military who wants to kill me or put me away in a FEMA (re-education) camp.   There is a huge problem with America today and many Christians should be really upset, but most people I talk to don't even know what is happening in their Country.   They are too busy having fun.   Well, the fun is about to stop and it will be in an instant, day will turn to night and then look out!   Obama already tried to have martial law back in October 2013, when we had missing nukes and those high end officers got fired for diverting an EMP nuke over the US.   People don't know how lucky we were for those brave souls that diverted the nuke, but this time there will not be any one protecting us, because they have all been let go, or killed.  I am praying every day, that I am wrong about what is coming, but I am having very mix emotions that this time Obama will get his martial law and possibly the start of World War III right here on America's ground.

It is a SHAME that theses "lawyers" who are in leading positions in OUR United States Government have NO IDEA of what President Reagan talked about.  HONOR, LOYALTY and RESPECT for OUR COUNTRY - - - America.

I was talking with my son after watching this, and discussing the comments. He said, there are more moocher's of freedom than fighters and defender's of freedom in America. As sad as it sounds, I have to agree. There are so many people that have moved to this country for the free ride Obama is giving away in exchange for a vote to destroy our country. It's nice to hear there's still a few out there. God bless you!

Sad to say, Americans have gotten fat, lazy and complacent - when the SHTF, they will be the ones crying and wailing and wondering what hit them!  Also sad to say, most will accept the orders from the government moving them to the FEMA camps in the vain hope it will save them.  Rude awakening coming soon!  Pray, pray, pray and prepare to defend yourself and your family.

OK, folks....this thread is growing into a monster very quickly.  I cannot even begin to keep up.  Like I said, the old knoggin isn't what it used to be with me.  If anybody writes a post wanting my response, please put my name in the post.


and and the reasons the conservatives may have left the public school system... is because they were forced to
bend over---- and go against our constitution... our values,,, the american flag.. the pledge of allegiance, dumbing down the students,,, changing history books. lowering the bar for children to learn... instead of raising the bar and helping the children rise to a higher learning.
No one see's, this administration... is lowering all standards.. for everyone.,, slowly the wheel is turning... downwards.
Its not just christians.... being bashed.. its jewish people also.. protestants, catholics... everyone that has a belief that keeps them moral, and has dignity and value is trashed. our universitys have gone wild.. co ed dorms, pot smoking, drunken parties, gang rapes.. drugs.. , anything goes, sexual or other wise. What standards do we have ? None ! We walking in the shoes of the fall of the ROMAN EMPIRE- EUROPE- NAZI GERMANY.. ALL THAT HAS FALLEN BEFORE US. GOD HELP US.! And Thank you Harry Riley for doing everything you can to try and wake up SLEEPING AMERICA

The Bible tells us in the End Times, right will be wrong and wrong will be right!  I do believe we are there!

Col. you are spot on with your understanding of where we are today. 2 Years ago I watched "The Last Ounce of Courage" and learned that my service to this country is not yet done. My wife and I started "Bring God Back to America" right after seeing that movie. We teach America's true heritage. We are using David Barton"s "American Heritage" series. The participation is skimpy at best, but we will carry on.

Keep on keeping on Col. Don't give up. There are still many of us that believe as you. This country and it's ideals are worth fighting for. We didn't get this way overnight and it won't be corrected overnight. We will work with one person at a time. 

HI Judith, i do not know who you are.. but i would like to say to you..! You are so right...i see these dumbed down americans everywhere;.. fat... food stamps... lazy... not wanting to work.! My son works with alot of people in a trade...
and he asks.. " ohhh have you seen the news? answer is " ohh no man , i got my pot and thats all i need."! OMG !
He just about goes crazy inside.. dumb as a nail. Doesn't care. I think its because its to much work to care about something. And if they cannot care for their country. and hold standards.... what in the world do you think their kids are doing and thinking?? How did we get to this point.???? judith i am an elderly woman, a mother, and grand mother.
and I just do not know what to do to help. We have a criminal , communist , marxist in the oval office.. promoting this careless attitude... Where is he in a crisis like " ISIS " ohhh on the golf course , flying into someplace on air force one with our tax dollars. Should we start to get town meetings??? in every single town ? It starts with one person...???
any idea;s out there please put forth.. lets get,...." Behind Harry.." MOVEMENT OUT THERE

Hi Nancy - I am also a grandmother and live with the same frustrations as you.  I am not rich, well educated or influential in any way.  I am a veteran, having served in the US Army as a secretary at the Pentagon.  First and foremost, I am a Christian and have gotten to the point where I mostly isolate myself since the traits of honor and character are lacking in many nowadays.  Moral relativism has taken control and most people have become very self-involved and rationalize taking shortcuts in order to benefit themselves.  I believe right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter the situation - there IS no gray area in my life.  If that causes harm to myself, then so be it - I will ALWAYS do what is right, no matter what.  I choose to spend my time posting on comment threads, trying to wake people up to the destruction that is on-going, and am very involved with my grandchildren to guide them in God's way rather than the world's.  I have volunteered to work on-line in support of Dennis Michael Lynch's campaign, although I still need to get some answers as to his specific beliefs and policies on some issues, such as same-sex marriage.  I was told yesterday that he will be announcing his candidacy for the President soon.  I noted with interest that none of the MSM, including Fox, covered the fact that Dennis spoke at the recent NH gathering.  I am guessing they are ignoring him in the hopes that he will just go away.  It is far past time that we follow the Founders' intent that regular, every-day Americans serve in our Government and leave the professional politicians behind.  I have joined AmericaAgainNow and support their plans to deal with corrupt politicians via State courts and love their legislative agenda.  I write editorials to the newspapers.  I live in a very, very small town - 1200 people - and there are no groups with whom I can join nearby but I talk to the people with whom I interact as the manager of our local American Legion Club.  I keep track of my State legislative activity and communicate with them and NE federal reps on a regular basis.  Become a thorn in the side of YOUR reps and let them hear from you on a regular basis - make it clear that you ARE paying attention and WILL vote them out.  More than anything, I spend much time in prayer that God will guide me.  I have taken some prepper steps and have a weapon that I am not afraid to use when push comes to shove.  Because that time WILL come and I intend to be ready.  I joined OAS pretty early on but was unable to go to DC due to family issues with my daughter - she passed on Jan. 3 of this year and I will forever be saddened that I was unable to help her.  Now I focus on her son and daughter, since their father is a weak man, as well as my son and his daughter. 

It is difficult not to give in to despair - some days, it overwhelms me.  With prayer, and the support of good people like Michael Regan, I find my strength again and carry on.  Don't give in!  God Bless!



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