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We Must Stand Up For The Patriots Who Made A Stand For Liberty

We can not let this go away and do nothing. If we do, then we are nothing. Stand up and make a difference. You can stroke your keyboard but that does nothing to get things done.Keep engaged with the situation surrounding the Burns Stand off and the murder of Lavoy Finnicum. This is a time in history that We The People ,Have to be We The People...This video is long but interesting about things that are going on in Oregon.

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A six-count criminal complaint was filed Thursday in Las Vegas against Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy stemming from the April 2014 armed standoff with federal law enforcement officers.

Bundy, 69, who was arrested in Portland, Oregon, late Wednesday, was charged with leading a "massive armed assault" against authorities outside his ranch to force them to abandon roughly 400 Bundy cattle they had rounded up.

He had "trespassed his cattle" on federal public lands for more than 20 years, refusing to pay for required permits and thwarting federal court orders, the complaint alleges.

"Bundy was the leader, organizer and chief beneficiary of the conspiracy, possessing ultimate authority over the scope, manner and means of the conspiratorial operations and receiving economic benefits of the extortion," the complaint states.

Felony charges in the FBI complaint include conspiracy, extortion, assault on a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and carrying a firearm in a crime of violence.

The conspiracy to block the cattle roundup and to interfere with government operations is alleged to have continued even as the complaint was filed Thursday.

A federal magistrate in Portland on Thursday ordered that Bundy be held in custody. A detention hearing to determine if he will be allowed pretrial release is set for Tuesday. Bundy is expected to be returned to Las Vegas to face the charges.

The magistrate ordered that Bundy will be allowed a court-appointed attorney at taxpayer expense if he qualifies.

Nevada U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden declined comment, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Bundy was on his way to support the four remaining armed occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in southeastern Oregon when FBI agents arrested him at Portland International Airport. Before leaving for Oregon, Bundy left a telephone message for a Review-Journal reporter, saying the "FBI has supposedly surrounded those people. ... I'm headed there to see if I can save a life, I guess."

The protesters surrendered Thursday morning, ending the deadly standoff that began Jan. 2. Twenty-five people have been indicted for involvement in the refuge occupation, each facing at least one charge of conspiracy to impede a federal officer. On Jan. 26, protester Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, 54, of Cane Beds, Arizona, was shot and killed by Oregon state troopers who were trying to arrest him at a roadblock near Burns, Oregon.

Family to continue fighting

Under United States of America Common Law in order for something to be considered a crime there must first be a victim. If there is no victim then there can not be any crime. Also the federal Government can NOT be the victim. Neither the Federal Government NOR any State Government can be considered a victim of any crime. This does not say that The States and the Federal Government can not create laws, and it does not say that those laws created and enacted by State or Federal Governments can not be broken. Laws are created, enacted, and broken all the time. Any laws that violate the Constitution may not be followed or adhered too, but should be considered null and void. And thus such laws which violate the Constitutional rights and liberty of the People and are deemed null and void can not be considered broken if they are not followed and adhered too. There is no Victim and there is no crime. The Government can NOT be the victim.

Under these circumstances under which laws, State, local or Federal, was Arizona Rancher LaVoy Finicum shot to death and murdered?

The State of Oregon claims that during the occupation of the Malhaur Federal wild life reserve buildings that Mr. Finicum violated the laws by preventing federal agents from performing their duties. They are not claiming self defense here since Finicum never fired a single shot at any Federal or State officer.

So apparently occupying an unattended Wild Life reserve station is sufficient cause for the State and Federal Government to murder anyone they see fit to kill.

Can someone please tell me which laws Mr. Finicum broke that would justify his killing?

There was no victim here in the occupation of that Wild Life Reserve station. And thus there can be no crime.

Except in the case of Mr. LaVoy Finicum who is certainly a victim of the crime of murder, which was committed by The Oregon State Police and the Federal Government.

The Government of the United States of America has declared war against its own people.

This war against the American people actually started sometime around 1913, but under the administration and directions of President Barack Hussein Obama the war was officially set under way and became the all-out quest to finally destroy all vestiges of American culture and freedoms. Obama declared the war officially underway when he said “We are only Five days away from Fundamentally Transforming America” in his speech on Oct 28th 2007.

America has lived, prospered, and survived for over two hundred and thirty six years as a single Nation, One people united, E-Pluribus Unum, Out Of many one. One Nation United, United we Stand, Divided we fall.

The Obama administration and those who intend to destroy us know this phrase and philosophy very well. It is a thorn in their side, the nemesis of their goal, an obstruction that must be dealt with. It is their game plan to set up and establish divisions and stress and tensions between the masses of the people around the country. Racial divisions and tensions have been exploited and intensified between blacks, Hispanics, whites, and all racial cultures, ethnic groups, economic classes, and political beliefs and ideologies. Each group has been exploited and set against another.

The Government has set upon a course to transform America into a New World Order, Governed by only a few elite individuals and ruling class groups based both in Washington D.C. and at the headquarters of the United Nations. Under this new world order and system the people will no longer own property, all previously known freedoms and liberty will be regarded as subversive to the system. The rights of the people previously protected under the Constitution are all being transformed to appear as “privileges” rather than rights granted by some “Unknown” “Creator”. And thus can (and will), be taken away and abolished at the will of the Government.

Any attempt to oppose or resist this “Fundamental Transformation” will be met with brutal force whenever any Government agency decides it needs to declare or express it's authority and power over the people. Anyone who attempts to resist or who they deem may pose a threat to their transformation will and is being branded and targeted as a “potential Domestic terrorist”. Veterans and other organizations or groups and anyone who has sworn an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies, foreign or domestic have now been declared as potential threats to the Government. If you are opposed to the Transformation then you are a threat and a terrorist.

Immigration: Open borders and failure to protect America from outsiders and invasion is deemed and currently used as a means to transform the ethnic culture and demographics of the County. The previously free people who have grown up and lived in a free society with the liberties and rights of a free people guaranteed by the Constitution, are being replaced by those who the Government considers more easily managed and controlled due to their previous life styles and conditions under oppressive regimes. Little do these people know that they are stepping from a fry pan into the fire.

Our aging society and all those who the Government considers expendable or no longer needed, the useless, non-productive, or those who resist the Transformation will be exterminated and replaced by younger more productive workers, again who are more easily controlled and managed. Yes – even the Muslims are considered more easily controlled than any White American Veteran.

Seizure of all private property: For the past 30 to 40 years the Government has been on a quest to seize control and ownership of all lands and property within the United States. Under this Administration those efforts have been escalated and elevated to the extent that the Federal Government is now actively forcing land owners off their property. Using various Government agencies such as The Bureau of land Management, (BLM), Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), The Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), Internal Revenue Service, (IRS), and any one of over one hundred and twenty different Federal agencies, (all armed and equipped to the teeth with SWATT teams fully armed and ready to kill), Farmers, Ranchers, and the people are being forced off the land at all costs and through any means necessary. The land and especially the minerals buried beneath the surface are considered too valuable for the individual land or property owner, farmer, or Rancher to own. The minerals must be exploited, but not by the current property owners, not by individual Americans or small businesses. Instead large international resource management, and finance and banking cartels, or foreign Governments, those who will support the elites within the Government and the United Nations “New World Order” will be given the licenses and opportunity to exploit those minerals and resources.

Government OF the People, For the People, and BY the People is a thing of the past. The Constitution of The United States of America, and all of the rights, freedoms, liberties, and control over the Government are now relegated to the scrap piles of history, to be considered no more than a foot note in the passage of time.

Welcome to the “Fundamental Transformation of America”. Welcome to the New World Order.

There are a number of justice for LaVoy protests this Friday March 4 you can find more details about these protests on the Bundy Ranch facebook page ... one protest might be more proactive than the others though a protest planned in front of the courthouse in Tucson AZ will involve semi automatic military style assault rifles and aims " to hold federal officials employed at the U.S. District Court Tucson Arizona PERSONALLY liable for the execution of LaVoy Finicum " as well as to present an official petition for a Redress of Grievances . more info can be found on the organizers facebook page and he has uploaded a number of documents related to this heavily armed AZ protest on scribd so look at all of Mr. Wardens uploads for all details we might very well be watching this one on the news next weekend we shall see

ALSO ...  a Common Law Grand Jury is being formed in Oregon in order to prosecute those responsible for LaVoy Finicum's death... a posse of 2000 Patriots is being organized they will be duly and legally deputized by a Judge there and will help to enforce Constitutional law upon all members of government there who acted outside their authority


Lavoy`s wife gives first interview and of course it is not with MSM

Lisa Bundy interview at the refuge.Once again no MSM (government controlled news) is not around. Fox has showed that they belong to Bilderberg.

Sheriff`s convention in may. We all need to send our Sheriff`s to this convention. We have an obligation to get our own county sheriff`s on board with the Constitution. We need no more Sheriff Ward`s running around..I do believe this is one thing that could help get back on track.Starting with our own sheriff departments is a good foundation to build from. IMO.`

Powerful stuff Kevin, thank you for sharing these. We should all post these on our FB pages and keep them going. Do NOT allow the MSM to ignore this. The Oregon State Police and officials that ordered and committed this need to be brought to justice.

Rooster, I have been on the Burns Oregon event since the Bundy crew took up residence at the Refuge. I gave 10+ plus hrs. a day watching every live stream I could. I have much info. and every video on this saved. If you need anything posted here about it .Let me know. I was also glued to the Bundy Ranch stand off in 2014. I am well educated on the BLM and other agencies. The Harry Reid connection with his son. And the Clinton foundation involvement. The mineral rights are what it is mostly about.

yes and LAND the BLM and o/govt agencies are in violation of the 9th and 10th amendments of the 







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