We need to be careful to not to play into their schemes.

This was originally published on 16 October 2013, post 13 October Million Man March on D.C.

Ex-Navy SEAL Drops Bombshell On FOX: Says Government Is CREATING Conditions To Impose Martial Law

I believe we won a battle on 13 October 2014 when we deposited the Barrycaides at O's doorstep (government capitulated and passed a budget ending the shutdown); however, the Democrats AND Republicans countered with an attack on Veteran's benefits just a few weeks ago to make sure we knew our place. Silly boys and girls.

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They do want a war, that is why they are pushing us into a corner.  I believe they will regret it one day soon.  Prepare, Prepare,  PREPARE!!! 


They want it. T
This gov. Has been out of control for some time now. I'll be in DC. I have been waiting for this... The time has come!!!!!


I received this link in reply to questions to a FB friend about joining OAS . . .Does anyone have info on this?


It is in regards to Major Valelly and mind control being used on May 16th event participants

So whats this guy trying to get...OAS ...or Gen Vallely???  He sarcastically calls him a BIRTHER...so what..a lot of  that is actually true!!! He does have a phony BC and he has been using more than one SS #'s over the yrs..the latest one from Conn. ...he never lived in Conn.   So who is this guy POWELL....all we know he's been a journalist for 25yrs....and what are most journalist??? LIBERALS... He's   runs some youtube show...I never heard of.... so excuse me...what has this JOURNALIST  ever done for America..was he ever in the military? .....where is his proof? .....He claims the Gen was with Michael Aquino...a SATANIST... Vallely wrote a report with Aquino In 1980....?  so how does this mean the Gen is a Satanist too?  Has he got any statements from the GEN..any replies to any acusations....Bottom line here...DON'T TRUST THIS GUY POWELL!!!!! ...There are a lot of Obama's tentacles out there....people that are out to defuse us ...before we get going..... HELLO POWELL!!!....He has no answers just a lot of accusations and insinuations....If he is a patriot he's an ARMCHAIR  one at that!!!

Ok ...I listened to this kook  one more time... He;s taking the word of a one KATHY RUBIO...google her up !!! then read some about her....He's taking her story as if it's etched in stone!!!  BOTH of them are KOOKS....He's calling OAS a trap...and she's just out to get the Gen..because he wrote a paper in 1980  with some lieut colonel (Mike Aquino) about mind warfare...so Produce the paper! 

OK the other woman is ZEEDA ANDREWS...she's one of the people that supported AND promoted the TRUCKERS  rally for the CONSTITUTION.    This POWELL character is saying that the GEN. is a schill for the MK NWO bunch and they are planning to use microwave tech on us and we will turn on each other...WE DON'T NEED MICRO-WAVES...WE GOT POWELL AND NITWITS LIKE HIM

As the guy in the video said he is facing the courts for him getting arrested, I think he was cohered into making this video in some kind of a deal,so to discourage a protest of millions to show up for all their resignations. It's a scare tactic by the leftest and as we all know, all to well how they manipulate things to get what they want. They sure don't want "Millions of Us at their door".

  The video and micro-wave, mind control bs, is pure, unadulterated propaganda intentional being spread has rumor, without any factual substance, except that of past rumors being expressed has actual fact. The only microwaves being used to alter the brain process, were the microwaves being spread from his radio transmission, saved on boobtube, and regenerated when clicking on it.

The bill the criminals in DC passed against the Veterans proves they're traitors, and deserve to have their " political clocks cleaned ".......Along with other things I won't mention here...Time for them to go.



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