Constitutional Emergency

We need to kick George Soros out of this country as part of OAS

Ukrainian Protesters Encircle US Embassy: ‘Yankees Go Home!’

21st Century Wire says…

While the pro-EU Soros rent-a-mobs continue stage their pseudo upheavals in Kiev, a new faction of intelligent Ukrainian protesters has sprung up this week.

They see right through the covert western operation:

“The US is behind everything that is happening in Kiev’s downtown right now.”


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I will chip in my grocery money ! A week of fasting may do me good ! LOL !

We should have deported this slime long ago, but how about arresting him along with the usurper in chief and his Evil Empire cohorts?
Enemy lists are always endless in nature and usually lead to excess by tyrants that assume their implementation until the day you see your own name on the list, and then it's usually too late.

Perhaps a national "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" would do more to bring around a national consensus with broadly agreed upon solutions.

My prayers are with you my fellow patriot !

Silence do good, 

Perhaps a national "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" would do more to bring around a national consensus with broadly agreed upon solutions.

J Edgar Hoover's often repeated public mantra, was "Law and Order" A national Truth and Reconciliation Committee focus on matters as great or greater than Soros and Rockefeller, and does not preclude constitutional accountability. 

Constitution accountability that refuses to subjugate itself to the rule of law, and the US Supreme Court, would hardly be "Constitution accountability." but more a mob seeking lawless retribution that carries a euphemistic name belying it's actions. 

Our popular vision of the untouchables were that they operated within the rule of law. 


They were all good , moral men, doing what had to be done ! 

Obama picked Soros crony John Podesta (who founded Center for American Progress, with Soros money ) to lead the NSA review. Soros is a CANCER to the body of this country. But he is not the only one. Former New York mayor Bloomberg has promised to spend every dollar of his 30 plus billion dollars affecting local elections all across this nation. Another big money man who must be stopped is Bill Gates. He leans so far left he thinks he has two left feet.

Bill Gates has controlling shares in the Canadian National Railroad.

I read a lot on them just a few days ago , on the whole group and when it said they owned Debeers I got the drift ! How they have become world wide in their holdings and connections is amazing !

I hear everyone say now is the time .....each day the same thing ! I have even been told not to 'upset the apple cart' here , in a manner of speaking !I should think before speaking ! LOL ! All I do is think  ! !! 

Way to go Barbara....good info...thanks for taking the time.....

I am posting the following comment on every Patriot-oriented website I can find. Please help me get this out. Just copy and paste wherever you get the opportunity. Rewrite if you wish, but comments get read. Thanks.

What will it take to get ALL Patriot organizations to coalesce toward ONE concerted effort and make a statement to be heard around the world? I belong to many, and support even more with my dollars and my voice. Col Riley's OAS (Operation American Spring) is set for May 16 in DC. His goal is 10-20 million on the sixteenth with a force of 1-2 million to remain in non-violent, non-confrontational occupation of the city until our demands are met: immediate removal from office of all senior executives (starting with the POTUS) and representatives with a record of violating their oaths of office, betraying the trust of the People, and many other high crimes and misdemeanors. Can we all unite in this one push to save our Republic?



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