Constitutional Emergency

tonight on another site i listened to a so called Patriot. state that the u.s,.government was the founder of the Islamic brotherhood,blew up the trade center towers, and was behind the deliberate poisonings of millions of americans with the use of flouride in the water and vaccinations. he also said it was unconstitutional to have a standing army. he feels that drivers licenses and such are an abridgment of our constitutional rights. when i engaged in a argument with him i was banned, so much for freedom of speech. yhe well regulated militia is full of people like this. i suggest that you read the declaration they have come up with. its scary. let me say this. i am for the rule of law. a smaller government and a truly representative government. in my opinion the government could shut down about 70 per cent of its operations. but to live in a well ordered society we need rules,laws and some bureaucracy to run the nation. in 1776 the smaller government that they referred to served 13 colonies whose total population  of those colonies wouldnt even come up to the size of your average middle sized city. the settlers were mainly farmers and very devout Christians. we had only 2  foreign enemies to worry about. this is a far cry from today. the beliefs of the well regulated militia is dangerous and its like throwing the baby out with the bath water. every department in the government has a valuable service to perform for our society the problem lies in that by our own laziness we have allowed the agencies to be hijacked by those who wish this country harm. these agencies do not need to be destroyed. they need to be reformed cleared of the agent provocateurs and made once again serve the needs of the citizens. the lunatic left and progressives are dangerous. but the danger also exists in the \ultra right in groups like the militia. there is a need for a militia. it acts as another check on the government but it cannot be an excuse for a gathering of zealots and misinformed and misguieded buffons either.  

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The size and power of the federal government needs to be cut down and brought back within the constitutional limits placed on it. The federal government is an a needed evil, this country was founded on the principals that everyone has the right to be free and reach for the sky, but on the flip side can fall pretty far. That is where individual morals and responsiblity are supposed to come into play. Somehow people have forgotten that and think that government is responsible for all there needs. Our founding fathers knew that we had to be moral and responsible to be free. It is all up to individuals and local communities. People that don't understand that the constitution IS NOT a document to be altered. The people that think we need a big government to monitor everything and everyone is probably scared of their own shadow and thinks that they are owed everything or stands to gain from it in some way.



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