Constitutional Emergency

Dear Fellow Patriots 

Thanks for Being Our Friend and Partner in the Good Fight against the evils in our Nation.


On The Fourth of July, Join Millions of Us As We Will "Feed The Beast, NO MORE!"

On The Fourth of July

For Years we have been supporting folks with Billions of our hard earned Dollars, 

who in uses those fund to destroy The Moral Foundation of America.

The United Saints of America


“Taking A Stand!”

The Rich, The Famous and The Powerful 1.5% of The Nation, Controlling the rest of us! 


In Keeping with K.I.S.S. method - Keep It Simple Saints! 

For NOW! We are only Targeting 7 Major Corporations and Their Sponsors (Call for Our Official List)

Our Official Statement to be Mass Shared on Social Media Simultaneously! 

"We’re a Network of Judeo-Christians, Conservatives and Patriots Taking A Stand!

We Will Not Support (Financially) People or other Entities, Corporations or 

Sponsors of Media that Kills and Degrade LIFE and our Traditional Family Values. 

We uphold the tenets of The US Constitution in the spirit of The Founding Fathers"

WE NEED HELP with Your Prayers and Support! 




For More Information Join Our Weekly "BRAINSTORMING CALL!"

* * * OUR NATIONAL CONFERENCE CALL IS SUNDAYS @ Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern Time

* * * 712-432-3066 code 654397


Pastor Sylvester Bland


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   Have been joined, and boycotting, probably many more, than the 7 you have in mind, while too, confronting, and fighting, the established con-federation, taking advantage of my permanently disabled condition, for their own opportunities, and that of its bankers, businesses, and special interest affiliations. For more than 30 years, the fed, and its states associations of social humanity, and services, they've insured I lost all I'd earned, and worked for, just like millions, upon millions, of other elderly, or disabled. A system, and process, they've set up to insure proportions of the public boycott that, which they cannot afford, while subsidizing, and providing tax exemptions, to business, and service providers, they've insured to be in their pocket.


Sounds like a good plan. Hit the money and destroy the Beast !!!!

Hello Sister

Would you like the information?

We've Chosen 7 Corporations to launch our National BOYCOTT.

We could sure use your help to get this info in the Right hands for The Fourth of July.

It can only work If Millions of us Focus an Attack on a Few to get their Attention.

Blessings my Sister

 Ok, where is the plan, in this post ? I did read it twice, so, I would like to see it. And as for calling or email, it would seem after what 10 years or so, your government is not paying attention to you.

 You are going up against a system that is interfaced in the United Nations agenda of Occupation Of Sovereignty Of Constitutional Laws.

28th Amendment & The Boycott:

  28th Amendment & The Boycott, Boycotting The 28th Amendment,TPP,NAFTA,TPA and CFR.

It is simple in the why of thought, until they, Corporate are voted out of office, the Amendment forum can be destructive.

Boycotting The 28th Amendment:

 The media forum by diversity of many different issues at one time will keep people from tracking all that is needed to be known. A simple media trick, and to be able to connect the dots is as simple as what Obama stated, "Yes We Can" -track the events,connect the dots.

Who started the TPP Agenda ? De Lombaerde:

Who is De Lombaerde- 3rd key word, Members Of Parliament for TPP Legislators For Transparency

Associate Director

Institute: UNU-CRIS
Office: UNU-CRIS Potterierei 72, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
E-mail: pdelombaerde (@)
Nationality: Belgium

PROFILE & Research Interests

Regional economic integration, international trade
Latin American and comparative regionalism
Globalization and regionalization indicators:

TPP Legislators For Transparency- Members Of Parliament

Member of Parliament. Marc-Andrew Morin. Member of the Standing Committee on International Trade. New Democratic Party. Member of Parliament.

They are not elite. They are financial parasites.

I am sorry Debrajoe,

 They have become elite by the twisting of your Constitutional Laws and must be voted out !

Barbara, I am very interested! Thank You :)

Just sent you a FB Friend Request

Ok Great 

Please Sign Into website and or Call into Conference Call in An Hour. In is Above.

I commend those whom are correctly pointing to the money system as the source of our troubles, and the Achilles Heel of the Beast. We must starve the Beast of oxygen. It will take some time, but each of us can do something to educate others of this issue.

If we want to be free peoples, we must learn how money manipulation and compounding debt have been the best tools to eat out our substance and gradually enslave mankind. The solution is to switch to currencies not invented by bankers who do the Devil's work.

Remind yourself that every time you use a US Dollar to pay for something, you're helping do the Devil's work to maintain his empire.

Find ways to start using gold, silver and bitcoin for at least some of your financial needs. Start somewhere. Offer your services for bitcoin. Buy some bitcoin. Spend it for goods and services. Invest in gold and silver for tougher times ahead. Just STOP USING THE MONETARY TOOLS THEY USE TO ENSLAVE US!

Consider using unbacked currency and easy credit to be a BAD ADDICTION, that must be broken so you can get back to health.

The reason I'm pointing out Bitcoin is that many people here, quite appropriately, cry out for ACTION POINTS, instead of suggestions for more reading and discussion. The time to talk is over.

Changing your financial habits is an effective, non violent method of disobedience. You can start doing it RIGHT NOW. You're boycotting the ENTIRE BEAST SYSTEM! Not just a few rather insignificant corporations.

As the other Moses would say, "Come out of that slavery system, my people. For there is found only confusion and gnashing of teeth. Come out of Babylon into freedom as God intended."

Jesus recommended giving all Ceasar's money back to Ceasar. So use US Dollars to pay US taxes and NOTHING MORE. The only time Jesus got physically mad was against the money changers being everywhere they shouldn't be. We should be paying closer attention to Jesus.

Let's all stop endlessly discussing it and start DOING IT. The Bitcoin system is here. Let's build our new economy there, and upon this new economy restore the Republic.



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