Dear Fellow Patriots 

Thanks for Being Our Friend and Partner in the Good Fight against the evils in our Nation.


On The Fourth of July, Join Millions of Us As We Will "Feed The Beast, NO MORE!"

On The Fourth of July

For Years we have been supporting folks with Billions of our hard earned Dollars, 

who in uses those fund to destroy The Moral Foundation of America.

The United Saints of America


“Taking A Stand!”

The Rich, The Famous and The Powerful 1.5% of The Nation, Controlling the rest of us! 


In Keeping with K.I.S.S. method - Keep It Simple Saints! 

For NOW! We are only Targeting 7 Major Corporations and Their Sponsors (Call for Our Official List)

Our Official Statement to be Mass Shared on Social Media Simultaneously! 

"We’re a Network of Judeo-Christians, Conservatives and Patriots Taking A Stand!

We Will Not Support (Financially) People or other Entities, Corporations or 

Sponsors of Media that Kills and Degrade LIFE and our Traditional Family Values. 

We uphold the tenets of The US Constitution in the spirit of The Founding Fathers"

WE NEED HELP with Your Prayers and Support! 




For More Information Join Our Weekly "BRAINSTORMING CALL!"

* * * OUR NATIONAL CONFERENCE CALL IS SUNDAYS @ Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern Time

* * * 712-432-3066 code 654397


Pastor Sylvester Bland


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Brian........Pastor Bland was one of the leaders a the OAS May 16, 2014 event in D.C.  He is a faithful servant of God and a patriot.

Then apparently YOU KNOW HIM AND HIS WORK PERSONALLY.  I AM NATURALLY CAUTIOUS AS SHOULD WE ALL BE AS EXHIBITED BY WHAT THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME OVER THE COURSE IN PARTICULAR OF THESE PAST 7 YEARS.. I served in the capacity of Chaplain Assistant to MOH awardee Charles Angelo Liteky with the 199th LIB in 1968. At the time, I never would have thought it possible that chaplains could EVER be threatened with courtmartials and dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits for HONORABLY discharging their duties and in total violation of the 1st amendment right to freedom of religion for themselves and the troops whose needs they service.. I also possessed a degree in  GOVERNMENT at that TIME AND WAS SUBSEQUENTLY ASSIGNED FOR MY LAST 18 MONTHS OF ACTIVE DUTY TO WRAMC IN WASHINGTON, D.C. WHERE IT WAS A REVELATION TO ME IN DEALING WITH CONGRESS  CRETINS OF THAT TIME, HOW CORRUPT OUR GOVERNMENT WAS THEN, IN JULY OF 1969; AND IT IS FAR WORSE, NOW. IT IS BEST TO TREAD WARILY AT ALL TIMES; BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ONE AS SINCERE AND DEDICATED AS APPARENTLY , IS PASTOR BLAND.I maintain still: it is better to err on the sides of caution than to be taken in and there is so much of that "taking in," going on at this point in our history, it is sickening. God bless and keep all those who stand in opposition to such evil as we are experiencing at the hands of those on our own government. I have seen such as is occurring coming for years as government expanded and tried to warn people who would not listen. Forgive me for being dubious but, there is excellent cause for such doubt.

Brian God works in the Spirit which is sometimes not in line with ours (unfortunately ) Last year Pastor Bland and I started our friendship. I was the AZ OAS traffic coordinator, routing the traffic from and through AZ to DC. Pastor visited my wife and I and he is a solid Patriot and man of God and deserves our support. He loves God and loves our country.

Matt & Pattie & (George) ;-) (our American Bulldog)

Thanks Brother

Dear Patriot

Please call me anytime 951-360-3399 or Sign into our Website for more information.

Our National Conference Call is This Sunday 3pm Eastern, Noon Time Pacific.

712-432-3066 code 654397

Pastor Sylvester Bland

The corporations are not the "Evil Beast" - the government is.

If you want to make an impact, don't target free enterprise -

stop feeding the real beast by refusing to file/pay income tax -

because Constitutionally, you never owed it, anyway.

The income tax (& piggybacked state income taxes) have been fraudulently misapplied

since the end of the Victory Tax in 1943.

THAT is the real "Evil Beast" - and you're doing ti to yourselves!

Wake up!

~ clrariz

If any if you follow Karen Hudes (I think Col. Riley does), she is an attorney/economist with the World Bank who blew the whistle on corruption back in 2007. My understanding of her research (or those she works with) is that in 1861 there was the War Powers Act, and we have been under military rule (why we have a Postmaster General, Surgen Grneral, Inspector Generals) since then, as Congress renews this act every year, in secret. In DC a second, secret Constitution was created, as well. ALL gov agency's were listed on Dunn & Bradstreet (business listing - corporations) for some reason some started referring to Manta dot com (D&B affiliate) and there you can look up EPA, CIA, BLM your city, county and state -- ALL are incorporated! Now some (Umm Lavoca?) At ResurectTheRublic dot com states his research shows that it happened during Reconstruction, and he makes a good case for that too (I haven't read it all yet). This is how Obama can be POTUS, as he is the CEO of a major, for profit corporation! As for not paying taxes...nobody wants the IRS on his behind, so if you WANT to object and do it within the law (as its written today) stop paying your taxes out of your check! Fill out that you have 12 dependents and pay your taxes by April 15! I agree that taxes are illegal, based on what I have read. As for Pastor Bland, it seems to me, that Pastor Bland has been with the group since before Operation American Spring. If I recall correctly, he was in DC, saying morning prayer, though Col. Riley or someone there would need to validate that. As for "Evil Corporations", according to MANY trade agreements in the works, TPP being gives up our soverignty, allows more immigrants, changes chemical corporations to be in "charge" of their own safety policing, gives foreign investors the power to sue our government if they pass a bill that 'interferes' with their investment and if they win OUR TAXES will pay the fine! Our "regular judges" - corrupt as the day is long, would not be deciding...attorneys rotating as "judges" will be. Today it costs 8 Million to work one of these suits through a court! These trade agreements also screw with healthcare, workplace safety, inability to ban GMO? This is as I understand it! I believe that only the TPP is available to read on Wikileaks dot com. This does not count Deagel dot com that states our population in the US will be down to 68M by 2025 .. And avg income will be $13,xxx thousand per year! What happens to 280M people? No idea! What happens to our income? I'm guessing TPP and company! So yes, the big corporations Apple, Microsoft, Google (who now has put in their browser) turn microphone on, in Google Chrome and has been caught storing sound & photo shots on devices-their explanation - we can do that-- by WHOSE authority? They are NOBODY..not even NSA!), Amazon (is reportedly doing this too) and who knows who else! Yes, those evil corporations think that because you visit their site, they're entitled to your IP, Device Name, address, device phone number your CONTACTS and some, your camera and microphones? (see YouTube Dahboo77 or Dahboo777 it's labeled Google). I know their counter weapons are something else...I'd like to know what ALL of this military equipment is doing in non-Jade Helm15 states, like Oregon? This water crisis is being manufactured too..(GeoEngineeringWatch dot org) Cali has water, called Primary Water and this info is at stopthecrime dot net...GREAT info and backup documentation there! Silent Weapons, Quiet Wars a military doc from the 40s is scary, as it's what is happening currently! I included the above information for those that have not seen some of this's important..because I think if the masses really knew what was up, Soros wouldn't have had to pay the protesters in Ferguson, Baltimore etc.. And yes, he paid them to "agitate" the crowd...He ought to be in jail (along with Obama, Holder and Sharpton for inciting alone!). Frustrating times. I honestly have to wonder aloud if Congress isn't trying to pass ridiculous things to CAUSE a revolt...(since they ARE being paid for their Yes Votes for TPP and they all are so eager to please Obama) just saying! God Bless you all :)

Dear Sister

Please call me anytime 951-360-3399 or Sign into our Website for more information.

Our National Conference Call is This Sunday 3pm Eastern, Noon Time Pacific.

712-432-3066 code 654397

Pastor Sylvester Bland

SOUNDS good to me? a little late in the game? but it is past time someone did something other then talk about the problems.

Dear Brother

Please call me anytime 951-360-3399 or Sign into our Website for more information.

Our National Conference Call is This Sunday 3pm Eastern, Noon Time Pacific.

712-432-3066 code 654397

Pastor Sylvester Bland


                               "WE ARE MAD AT HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" 

                                                       {GOD HAS GIVEN US A PLAN!}"


     A plan, a mission, purpose of mission, complete with battle plan, supplies, route of supply, and solid ground, on which to stand, Live, 'n fight, of its Rock solid foundation. Be it the camp of a single battalion, or that of another, distance, time, and space, neither weakens, or limits the plan of attack, its purpose, or winning design, has it's all written, applied of One Word, its Truth, that the entire Creation knows by Heart.

Yes We Have All That!

Are you going to JOIN US?



Sylvester Bland



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