Constitutional Emergency

A message we should view and share again and again and again..........never tiring in our resolve to oppose the tyranny of the Obama destruction..............

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our source is coming with the new sun The light will bring our strength Look to the sky people and keep watching Their symbols and magic are coming unveiled Pray and believe  Thanks for the boost with this vid

Perhaps I am brain dead or just plain stupid. This ad started floating around early in Obama's first term. Can somebody explain to me how the creators of this ad can be so ill informed historically as well as politically to cite a Presidential quote from of all people,WOODROW WILSON the un abashed, Father of the Progressive Movement in American Government. No wonder, we can't effectively articulate our position against the left, when we can't even vette our own propaganda. C'mon folks! Do your homework!

I'm reminded of the Scripture that admonishes us to "remove the plank from our own eyes, then consider the speck in another eye"...  If one can get past the Wilson attribution and consider the words the video used, it rings well.

some say even a broke watch tells the right time at least twice a day.I do not judge any man on a strict pass/fail system Even the father of the  modern progressive system had to have said something of value somewhere? That his record is one only a Democrat could love--I still quote from his speech in Denver where he said if we don't know where we came from--we cannot know where we are headed --or what they(we) are trying to do today.I prefer to use the good and reject the bad.

My thoughts went there as well Kevin McGinty!  I did however love that background music!

Because a Patriot -then several Patriots once said "Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God" I can say the same is true today. Because I took as my own a Code of conduct back in 1969 Because I chose Military discipline when others of my generation chose the mud and  wasteland called Woodstock I can understand more perfectly the terms used in that Code "I will trust in My God--and in the United States of America."and because my training taught us to consider well the founding principles  of Religion, Morality, and Knowledge being necessary to good government ,and the happiness of mankind. I have tested and Know that the Religion of our men lie General George Washington , John  and Sam Adams,Patrick Henry and the rest was NOT Islam, Nor Judaism, Nor any of the then known religions --but Christianity.That first structure erected on soil that would become the United States of America was a token to Jesus Christ Our Savior -and the religion that bears His Holy Name.My God is NOT Allah. The Morality of America was that Christian Morality that springs from and rests upon the Sacred Writings of the Holy Bible.The first duty of American education was to train up men as worthy of the Ministry of Jesus Christ as they could be found worthy of leading men for knowledge of the Sacred Writ  Knowledge of Mans duty to obey God and to then follow the wisdom that begins with fear of the Lord to benefit fellow man is what fundamental law twice passed requires.Because I have neglected my duty --and seen the fruits of my labor -- I know how precious it is to honor that duty A Code once taken as ones own can never be  taken back--it can only be neglected--or denied. I cannot deny myself. For I Know that OUR Constitution begins with--WE THE PEOPLE OF The United States of America.Not We the President, Nor We the court ,Nor we the Congress--but We the People.It is not my personal opinion /nor interpretation --but what is written.As it has been written so let it be.

Well stated brother, I can not add anything that could improve on that one. Thank you.

This is exactly who we are and damn all those who do not agree!

I listen to this over and over, I always cry..  I do not recognize this county and longer, I also do not understand why the American people are just letting this President destroy this great nation..We all need to do more, pray harder, gather and shout. I like that noise better than hearing guns, but so afraid this will happen and soon...

Amen to this!!  Anyone who isn't willing to stand up for freedom, doesn't deserve freedom.  I will never forget those who died for me to have freedom and I will NEVER let tyranny make a mockery of their blood sacrificed.  Shame on anyone who isn't willing to protect it.  Anyone who isn't a patriot is despicable to me.   

Agreed, the video is a few years older now, but the message continues to ring true and strong.

Perhaps even more so now that these few years have since it was first published have shown more and more of what Obama meant when they said they were going to "Fundamentally Transform America".

Be aware my friends - the time for true action is rapidly approaching now. The time for all true American patriots to stand up and honor the lives, dedications, and the sacrifices, of all those who have gone before us.



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