This "Discussion" is about "Doing".  

I desire anybody who has contacts, research, outreach options and ideas about how we promote, support and conclude our "Petition for a Redress of Grievances" to post their information here.

This discussion forum will be the initial gathering of these resources to finish what we have started:  The Restoration of our Constitution and the Subpoena, Trial, Conviction and Sentencing of the criminals who have pretended to overthrow our Republic.

A few of us are gathering soon to make sure the "next steps" are taken in the proper order to achieve the true "Rule of Constitutional Law" in our country.

This is not about revolution or war.  This is about Constitutional Law v. Criminals.  And I add a note to every State Militia:  be ready.  If the police or military will not honor their oath to support and defend this Lawful and Constitutionally Required action, we the people will.

For reference and focus of intent please read and remember what we are doing: 

"to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances” means the People, with evidence that the government is abusing its constitutionally limited power, have the Right to submit a Petition for a Redress (remedy) of the constitutional wrongdoing, that government has an obligation to honestly respond to the People’s Petition and, should the government ignore the People, the People have the Right to enforce the Right of Petition by retaining their money until their grievances are Redressed. 

Basically it means that if the federal government is exceeding the authority granted to it under the constitution (which it does regularly by the way) the people have a right to formally complain and the government must repond. 


Here is one idea below.  Please post yours also, and if you see something here that makes sense to you, just do it.  We need to work locally and nationally.
There are thousands of organizations that are protesting or petitioning or educating people concerning the terrible things going on.  The march against Monsanto was a huge success with many people showing up across the U.S and the world.  And what can they accomplish complaining to a government that appoints a "ex" CEO of Monsanto to be the head of our Agricultural Department?
We need to bring these people into the realm of "hey, let's put people representatives (Republic) in our government instead of corporate representatives (Fascist).
What groups are marching, petitioning, pleading with a criminal government for change?
Contact them and ask them to support a Petition for Redress of Grievances to remove the criminals that won't listen to us.  ONLY THEN WILL THEY GET ANY RESULTS.
My inclination is:  no more protests, no more requests, no more wasting our time "telling" the criminals "we mean business" or "look how many of us there are".
When Dick Cheney was told on national TV that 67% of the American people were against the war in Iraq, he said, "So what?"
The only meaningful and lasting action we can do is subpoena the criminals, put them on trial, and prosecute the ones guilty of Treason and/or a myriad of other crimes.
When the criminals go to jail, we can have a Representative Government.  Until then:  "so what?" is all we will get from them.
I Am in awe at the masterful plan our Forefathers put together.  They looked far enough into the future to see what might go wrong with our Republic and put in OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW  the remedy:  Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances.
And they created the Militia, of the people, to be ready if the petition was met with resistance.
Please post your information and ideas here.  
De Opresso Liber (We Liberate the Opressed)
PS:  The Police and Military are with us.  They just have to know we are with them.

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I agree that we must stop the bickering and unite as a people. We the people... We need to bring as many people on board that we can. For many many years now they (the  fed. govt.) has divided us in there great plan of things. White vs Black, Poor vs Rich, Republican vs Democrat. We have the power to take back our  Republic, we just need to unite as one. I for one am open for any good ideas. 

Ad Utrumque Paratus
prepared for either

being the book (study) and the sword (defending the country in war).

Larry D. McParland

We have to get more attention somehow. I'm bookmarking this page so I can come back to it. But first, petitions at, and other places?? Even left wing places. It will generate talk. People can rwad for themselves and they will join.
Twitter campaigns. Church congregations. And famous like minded individuals. Particularly, across the spectrum of race, religion ect. Derrick Grayson in Georgia and CL Bryant in Louisiana. These contacts should be made by leaders of the movement. Grayson challenged his opponents to promise to follow the Constitution. None of them would rise to the challenge. He was smeared in mainstream media bc of his support for Clive Bundy.
I have discussed this with my church family and we all are prayer warriors for the cause. We've called and emailed our Reps and Reps of other states.

Watch the Mark Connors show (in your browser type in OAS 2014 Mark Connors show) He started covering this by accident (actually God Incident) there are now almost 230,000 that have viewed the show, he now gets almost daily updates from the Col. last night when Mark closed his show, he spent the last ten minutes encouraging those that don't know God to get down on their knees and just try asking God into your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also is a 6th degree Black Belt. God is truly in this, Yeah! The Black pastor from Riverside Ca that led the prayer service at the Lincoln memorial we helped with Walkie Talkies and $ to assist him while he is there. never met him before in my life. Bottom line we need to get out of our comfort zone and DO what Our Lord and our country is asking us to do RIGHT NOW

Thank you.  These are the comments and references we need.

Everything is useful.  Your comments will be used and also contact everybody you are able.

Contacts and support is manifesting from around the world.

The +28 countries that the U.S. has Black Ops in, killing their population for corporate control, are anxious to have us have a government run by real people.

There are fewer criminals than we have been led to believe.

They tell us how strong they are and all they have is the strength they steal from others.

And "stealing" is no longer an option.

De Opresso Liber 

It might be useful to concentrate on the manufactured corporate wars...this is something I know the left especially far left could get behind. The 911truth ppl and the No wmd ppl.

We can help unravel that (911) lie, and it is coming apart as we speak.

Eyes are open.  Hearts are open.

Let's create our new reality with love of life as a foundation.

We have been living with the fear of death....and that's just not cool.

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